Special special at IntSaab 2012

A very special limited edition of a Playsam Saab roadster evocation has been made to celebrate this years International in Belgium.
This limited edition is in a special colour, the famous Saab 900 Monte-Carlo yellow with 2 red figures and black details to remind you of the Belgium flag.
Each model has his own rally plate on the front and numbers on the doors, a cerfiticate with the number is on the bottom of the car.

The price will be €45.-  which is a special price for the IntSaab participants, the regular price of such a usual model at Playsam is €52.-
Some numbers are already resereved…,
A few more pictures can be found here of the special model made ​​for IntSaab. Only 125 numbered pieces will be made.
Dimitri is happy to take pre-orders on their site dimini.ch