What A Passionate Bunch

Most of us have encountered people that shake their heads at us when we get started in talking about Saab’s and why we love them. People think we’re a little, I don’t know, crazy. They don’t see why we are so passionate about a brand that has had so many struggles, yet they themselves have most likely never driven a Saab nor have they ever been a part of a community that is so welcoming to everyone, where it matters not if you are driving a brand new 9-3 or an older 900.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people through Saab and I have never seen a group of car owners like this. I have in 16 years in the car business, worked for three brands. In my days working in a GM store, for the most part the customers were a revolving door and we very rarely had long term customers. When I came to work for Saturn, we had a ton of repeat price point customers who loved us but their car was mainly just a mode of transportation. Now with Saab, yes there have been issues with sales and of coarse the bankruptcy but the customer and fan smile when talking of their car and they are often eager to show me what they have done or added.

With not a lot of news coming lately as we wait for the deal to be completed somewhere in the middle of next month, I have found myself starved for everything Saab. I am constantly searching Facebook for different groups to see what they are up to.

In one of my last posts, I had mentioned the Saab Club of San Diego. I have been following this club for a while now and they are very active online and through that, I have seen they interact quite well with Saab Club of LA which is another very active club on Facebook.

One of the members of they LA Club said to me that she would like to see a thread or post on Saab tattoos. I know I had seen a thread at one point on Saab Central on Saab tattoos. Probably the most popular Saab tattoo is the one below of the Griffin head.

Photo from Saab Central

I have seen this one on arms, legs, backs, basically everywhere. Very classic if you ask me and looks good even in just the black outline. Of coarse tattoos are not just for the guys and Dayna from the Saab Club of LA has one of her own. What’s a little pain for something you love?

SaabGirl Dayna

How many other Saab Girls are out there? How many of you out there have Saab tattoos? Maybe you have the Phoenix, maybe the Griffin, whatever it is we’d like to see them.

To the many of you like Dayna that wear their heart on their chest, their back, their shoulder or forearm, I salute you and your dedication. If you have some Saab tattoos you would like to share with us, email them to me at [email protected] I will do a follow up post to this one.

8 thoughts on “What A Passionate Bunch

  1. The thing about the Griffin-tattoo is, that if you have one, being in the Nordic Countries, people will think that you’re a (semi)truckdriver, as the Griffin is mostly linked to Scania…


  2. We like Saabs because of the iconic Swedish design. The Scandinavian flair and because they’re unique. They stand out in a crowd. How do you like your Oriental 2nd car? A South Korean Hyundai Sonata is made or designed in the Orient by Orientals. That’s the plain truth and not derogatory or anything. A Saab is designed by Scandinavians and that’s fine by me.

    • Well, your typical car is just that – a typical car. When I’ve had to rent in the past, I’ve had trouble losing the rental in a parking lot because it, and all of the other cars, look exactly the same!

      ..But a Saab is different. The appearance of a classic 9-3 is hard to describe, but my red and black one just feels…sleek, intelligent, and almost gothic – performance, comfort, and advanced technology styled to appeal to a sense of danger and just a little darkness. It would be perfectly at home parked in one of these: http://soultemple.webs.com/photos/Videogame-Backrounds/Temple%20of%20Nod.jpg

      ..And that’s mind-blowing to me. It’s a production automobile that was designed, developed, and approved by a world-class automaker – and it has its own, /really/ cool character. That, specifically, was what originally pulled me into Saab. 🙂

  3. Well said, William! +900
    : )

  4. Jason:
    I almost never disagree with you, but this time I will, if only a little.
    Agreed, Saab fans are some of the most loyal on the world. However, are they ready to see Saab become a historic brand such as MG and Triumph and Healy? Or are our young people, which you and I are not, going to jump ship and steer towards BMWland?
    I think a lot of them ,which we no longer hear from, have already done just than.The only problem with being young is that complete lack of loyality to anything, which is a good thing, most times, but a bad thing for the historically minded amoung us.
    We are now asking the young buyer to embrace a dead car company. Which most of them will not do.
    This is the reason I have raced to embrace any type of Saab company, including NEVS. Why, because without young buyers a marque is dead on arrival, as GM is about to find out, and as they did find out with Caddie 15 years ago. When the average age of your customer is 57, you got big problems.
    Ok, at 62 I don’t have a problem going to car shows and looking at Saab’s great products for the 1980s. As time pasts, each generation will become more disconneted from the former glory days. Don’t count on them owning Saabs the rest of their life( yes a few will) but most will move on. New car production is the only thing that will keep this marque alive. That is why we pray that NEVS works.
    Once more, into the breach my freinds!

    • Chris, other than the fact that at 38 I still feel that I could be part of the younger generation, I don’t see much in where we disagree. The one thing too with the younger people is that with the 2011 leftover new cars being blown out, we have more younger people able to afford Saabs. I don’t want to see Saab go into the history books and fully support a restart to Saab but I do think that the history is rich and worth celebrating. I’m still confused as to where we disagreed but that might be because it’s 3am and I should be sleeping.

  5. Ha ha!
    No, I guess we don’t disagree Jason. I think the problem was I wrote that note at 2 a.m. myself. You have a point about the last 2000 Saabs or so that were just sold off at low, low prices. They will still be fairly new in 5 years, and by then NEVS will be back selling cars, Saabs I hope, and the break in company history will be looked at as a short roadbump. I think that is the best case scenario. Take care, Chris

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