NEVS hires Key Account Manager

September 26, 2012 in News

The former Key Account Manager Saab Engineering Services at Saab Automobile AB, Frank Smit, has now been hired by NEVS.

Frank has a long history within Saab and the auto-industry, he started as After Sales Manager at Saab Janse BV in May 1990 and has since worked as:

  • Vehicle Quality Engineer at Nissan Europe,
  • Fleet Manager at Saab Financial Services Netherlands,
  • Application engineer & Design System Engineer – Base Engine Hardware at GM Powertrain Europe,
  • Assistant Chief Engineer Fam-3, Ecotec & HFV6 Engines also at GM Powertrain Europe,
  • Technical Leader Advanced Engineering Engines and later on Chief Engineer Gasoline Engines at Saab Automobile AB.

His last position at Saab was as Key Account Manager Saab Engineering Services.

We congratulate Frank on his new position!

15 responses to NEVS hires Key Account Manager

  1. Welcome aboard, Frank! Congratulations on your position and keep ‘em in line there at NEVS : )

  2. Welcome back Frank!
    Griffin Up!!!

  3. Wow, what is that 3 former Saab staff back in 3 days? This is great to see and welcome back Frank.

    • Jason, they said that they had sent job offers to 75 persons, till now we know from 3 that have accepted their offers.
      I hope it doesn’t take 75 days till all 75 accept. 8-)

      • LOL, maybe Tim knows of more but is spreading them out….. Either way, if all 75 accepted in the first day, that would be a very impressive statement too.

      • The 75 you think about is mostly bluecollar maintenance people that have been working all the time and now have been asked to work for NEVS. These three new is something else even that both Stig Runesson and Kjell ac Bergström also have been working all the time.

  4. Keep them coming!

  5. This is a very good week—showing serious intentions by NEVS.

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