PRESS-RELASE: NEVS acquire main part of Saab and the Saab brand name!

September 3, 2012 in News

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) has finalized its acquisition of the main assets of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB, effective August 31, 2012. The prerequisites for implementing the NEVS business plan are now in place. The acquisition includes IP rights for the Saab 9-3, IP rights for the Phoenix platform, tools, the manufacturing plant, and test and laboratory facilities. The acquisition also comprises all outstanding shares in the property company which owned the Saab facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden.

NEVS has signed a licensing agreement with Saab AB regarding the rights to use the Saab brand name for its future vehicles. The vehicle manufacturing company is named National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, “NEVS”. The vehicles and related products and services will be named SAAB. The present logotype will not be used.

Recruitment to the management team and key positions is in progress. As of today, about 75 people have received employment offers.

NEVS is wholly owned by National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd., whose founder and principal owner is Kai Johan Jiang.

NEVS is an international consortium formed by Swedish and Chinese stakeholders. Based on existing resources and with the addition of Japanese leading edge technology, the company is establishing a new venture in Trollhättan, solely dedicated to development and manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs). NEVS aims to become a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles.

Kai Johan Jiang, founder and main owner of National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd, the majority shareholder of NEVS:
“China is investing heavily in developing the EV market, which is a key driver for the ongoing technology shift to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The Chinese can increasingly afford cars; however, the global oil supply would not suffice if they all buy petroleum-fueled vehicles. Chinese customers demand a premium electric vehicle, which we will be able to offer by acquiring Saab Automobile in Trollhättan. Engineering and development of our first electric vehicle has been underway for an extended period in China and Japan, and now, with the manufacturing facilities in our possession, we are able to continue development work on site at Trollhättan.”

Karl-Erling Trogen, Chairman, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB:
“I am delighted that we can build on Saab Automobile’s skills in vehicle design and production to start a new future-oriented venture in Trollhättan, where world class manufacturing facilities are available. We will match Swedish automobile design and manufacturing experience with Japanese EV technology and a strong presence in China. Electric vehicles powered by clean electricity are the future, and the electric car of the future will be produced in Trollhättan.”

“The efforts to implement our business plan can now be multiplied, focused on the development of a world-class electric vehicle in Trollhättan. In approximately 18 months, we plan to introduce our first electric vehicle based on Saab 9-3 technologies and a new technology electric powertrain.”

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  1. Yes!

  2. Great news! This will be an interesting chapter in the Saab story.

    • Great news for sweden to have people getting there jobs back, But for me I was hoping that another company would buy SAAB, or even the name and start building cars for Europe, look like the end of saab cars for sale in Europe, It’s a sad day knowing that no more new saab will ever be seen on our roads, unless you live in China.

  3. Right then NEVS. Let’s see what you got!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

    • Too bad the Griffin didn’t make it. So then, Saab up 😉

      sed -i ‘s/griffin/saab/g’

      • Does that mean, yes to SAAB but no to the Griffin? Have I understood correctly?

        • it means replace all instances of ‘griffin’ with ‘saab’.

          I think he is a Unix guy.


        • It means no to this specific griffin. NEVS may choose to design another griffin in other colours, but I don’t think it will happen.

      • Until I see what comes out of the factory (if anything) with the SAAB name on it, it will remain ‘Griffin Up!’ for me. 😉

  4. Excellent news but I dread to see AngeloV response! (said in a very light hearted manner)

    • Actually, my response is that if the train is leaving the station, I guess I have to jump on board—-even if the conductor wasn’t clear about where we are going. I guess I have to take my chances that we’ll end up someplace better than the station—–and if I don’t jump on board, I’m stuck at the station. It’s not reassurinig to board a train without knowing where it’s going—-but at least there’s a chance it’s going someplace we’ll like.

  5. Okay,sounds positive! Still very curious about their unique selling point. Meaning in what way is their tech different from other ev ‘s? I hope Saab makes the same jump like they did when introducing the turbo in to family cars. By the way, I think the name Saab is more important than the griffin logo. So no worries about that.

  6. Now they should team up with Spyker / Youngman and share the development cost (and time) to finalize the Phoenix platfrom and eventually also produce the spyker luxury car in the Throlhattan plant to fill up the production line. This should be a Win-Win situation.

  7. Good SAAB lives!

  8. So no Gripen and a new font for the “Saab” logo?

    • New font? Where did you read that?

      • I too assumed from the news story that not only the Griffin, but the current SAAB font set, would be unavailable to NEVS.
        These things are surprisingly significant in the market. I hope they come up with a good suitable font. (cue torrent of obvious comments saying “that’s the lowest priority at the moment…”)

        • The Press-release says: “The vehicles and related products and services will be named SAAB. The present logotype will not be used.”

          I think you can interpret that as being the font also, but as I see it, it is only a remark concerning the “bird”.

          We will just have to Keep Calm and Carry On. And then we will see… 😉

        • The new logotype (and maybe new font), in short the new Corporate Identity should not be at the lowest priority but at the highest. When they move in they have to be able to show the new NEVS colours.

      • I think he is assuming that a new logotype also implies the SAAB word branding.

    • The font used is Helvetica so I don’t think that should be a problem.

  9. OK NEVS. Show us what you can do.
    I really, really want to hit back at the naysayers. Give me arguments so I can do just that.

    • Hans: I’m one of the naysayers and I hope you really can be equipped soon—-with the arguments to hit back hard, show us how wrong we are. My objective has always been, and remains, the robust, steady and permanent growth of the Saab brand of automobiles. If NEVS can accomplish it—-I will be in their corner, buying their cars. Let’s see how soon you can be armed with these strong arguments. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of good ammunition provided to the NEVS backers.

  10. Congrats to Nevs for completing the acquisition.

    What is wrong with the Saab e-Power since they will not use it?

    • Wow!! Saab still lives! hahaha. I can hardly believe it. We are going to get cars named Saab in the future!!

      If they build EVs, they got to beat the Tesla Model S. Then they stand a chance.
      If they aim to build something that tops 130 km/h and has a 150 km range (like the standard big manufacturer EVs of today). They are dead, I’m afraid.
      However, being a Saabist always means being an optimist as well!

    • I think the e-power had to many parts from third part suppliers, like Boston Power.
      It may very well be that they use the e-Power and put their own batteries and e-engine inside.

  11. Good news! I still hope for a Hybrid-Phoenix- Saab… !

  12. Let us hope for a great future with SAAB!

  13. Hello
    Ivan from Slovenia here. Few minutes ago Slovenian biggest and national radio station VAL 202 in news reported an article about gasoline prices rising up again. On the end of an article he says, that now maybe it is time to thing about electrical cars and that this is obviusly reality how to think in future, we can take Swedish Saab, who had just announced this news above we are talking about and that they are planning to make electric cars, producing cars in Sweden and first selling in China. All I want to say is that this are first positive news about Saab for a long long time in Slovenia and Saab was taken as a good example (like many time in the past). Obviusly Saab is still a big name and in this article Saab was presented as a big name, as example how to work and how to be. Lets give NEVS support and think positive. Sorry for my language.

    • Ivan: I’ll say it again, your English is perfectly fine—much better than any second language I try to write/speak!!! Regarding your post—-gas prices are a matter of politics, supply and demand. There’s plenty of oil in the ground and offshore—-millions of gallons—-enough to meet our transportation needs for generations. Let’s not allow kooks to force us away from a technology that is very good—–old, yes, but also proven and improving contantly—-the internal cumbustion engine. Let’s not be pushed to something that is inferior in many ways, just because people with a self-serving agenda speak louder and behave as hooligans toward everyone else. Variety is the spice of life. The best chance at success for NEVS is to offer IC engine cars, hybrids AND EVs. By placing their focus squarely on EVs—-in my opinion, their risk of failure quadrooples.

      • Well if it’s not Mr Negative at it again!!!!

        • I tend to like his realism when it comes to all of this.

        • A pollyanna I’m not, I guess. If that means I’m Mr. Negative, I’ll wear it as a badge of honor. Instead, I’m just trying to be a realist. If a small town was about to be leveled by a tornado, would you prefer delivering good news to your friend that the street he lives on won’t be affected—-just to make him feel good—-even if the information is bad? Or would you want to deliver the news of the likely scenario—-his house might be leveled—-and to offer to help him move his cherished belongings and evacuate immediately to save himself? Sometimes being a realist beats being an eternal optimist.

  14. Great news!

    What about a new company brand mark that shows a red charging connector (as viewed from its front) before a blue background, with a golden crown? :-)

  15. Excellent; just good to know that this project finally can start.
    Hope a lot of former employees do find a good, solid and bright working future there again.
    And last but not least; hope it all happens under the name Saab.

  16. Use of the name without the logo is just fine. SAAB lettering for the logo/instead of the logo works very well—-keep it simple. I would not move toward designing anything else at this time.

  17. According to SvD’s Jonas Fröberg the business plan is not to intially build SAABs in Trollhättan, rather produce pre-assemblied cars without powertrain. Then ship to China for final assembly by China Auto Technology Company including battery pack and electric motor. Thus avoiding some of the import duties.

    I guess it makes sense in a way.

    The intresting question is, will NEVS do something with the Trollhättan plant? Are there any plans for other manufactoring there – i.e. SAABs for European; North American markets? Possibly subcontractor for other brands? (BMW, Mini etc.)

  18. Good news.

  19. Hi Guy’s,

    I thought that V.M owned the Phoenix platform and is doing something with youngman to develop a new Spyker or something like that!? So how can it be from Spyker and NEVS?

  20. A relief and I guess good news. At least the body of SAAB is not dismembered and tossed to the griffins (get it ? hehe) in pieces but remain in one piece to NEVS.

    Griffin/SAAB Up !!

  21. I had a Meg Ryan moment when I read this news. NEVS buys Saab. Done. Dusted. Complete. New e-Saabs from Trollhattan on sale in Europe in 18 months or so. Yay!

    Just think, at last we can start talking about new Saabs again instead of being imprisoned like Patrick McGoohan in some strange little world where nothing is as it seems and everything keeps repeating itself.

    Even Angelo is getting in on the act. Well, almost.

    • Allan: It would be nice if those new Saabs are on sale in Europe in 18 months and especially if I could buy one in the U.S. in two years or so. I am getting into the act. I’m excited too. But it’s measured optimisim—-I’m still being cautious.

  22. Fantastic news!
    Seems that NEVS needs a new logo, wonder if there´s some sort of a forum, where lot´s of talented Saab lovers meet, where they can have a competition to create the best new logo? :-) Sure, I´d love the old aeroplane logo, but perhaps that sends out the wrong signals. The only thing I wan´t to dismiss already at this point is some sort of a electricity logo, that would be uncool. Maybe the turbo logo from the old 99s, but hmm

    • The wrong signals? You mean because there are no electric airplanes except childrens toys?

      • I said perhaps, because I´m not sure. I´d love if they´d used it but I´m not sure they and the general future customer thinks the same.

  23. well….
    You better prove me wrong, NEVS !

  24. This makes me very pleased to hear that the Saab name will find its way on cars produced in the future. I look forward to hearing more details about NEVS’ plans.