The Story of the Phoenix, coming soon on SaabsUnited

January 31, 2013 in Jason Castriota Design

Teaser Saab 9-3 Phoenix from Jason Castriota Design

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  1. Anticipation!

  2. But does this story have an ending yet?

  3. Looks like Castriota got to continue on with Nevs.
    That ain’t the same Phoenix that was shown before under Spyker.

    Pic ref:

    Besides ,this is the first time the tag “Saab 9-3 Phoenix” have been used.
    Come on Tim, your just being a tease right now!

    • This is the 9-3 from the Spyker-era. Maybe NEVS will use it. Fingers crossed!

    • Don’t confuse the production ready third generation 9-3 based on the Phoenix platform (which I believe this post is referring to and which has not been shown hitherto) with the Saab PhoeniX concept car shown at the Geneva Auto Show in March-April 2011.

  4. Looking forward…

  5. You have my attention! Cant wait.

  6. My take on this:
    Copyright of jc “2013” according to the text in the pic.
    Rumours that former saab employee have leaked pic of the jc designed 9-3 replacer
    In my mind, jc is better of giving green light to SU now, before other media does a bad story of it.
    If NEVS is in on it, that could be fun!

    • If Nevs goes through with the JC design of the new 9-3… I think it would be insanely cool, even though I have no clue of how it looks. But I’ve just got a very good feeling!

      • Agree! The feeling of it all just got better.

        But I still think this a damage controll avtivity by jc because of the said leakage of pictures of the unshown jc 9-3.

        But that is in no way an opposing that nevs hired jc to finish it!

  7. Oh my god. The suspense!!! I’ve been on the edge of my seat to see this design since the very first rumours of it and now it’s almost here :O

    Can’t wait! :)

  8. Looks like the story of the Phoenix concept car not the platform or NG9-3.

    • Could be, but it sure isn’t the PhoeniX Concept on the picture above…

      • Since the NG9-3 wasn’t intended to be called “PhoeniX”, it’s confusing.

        • No.. true, but the Phoenix was the concept (and platform) that was going to evolve into the new 9-3, amongst many other versions. So it is a story… that we didn’t see the end of due to what happend to Saab. But perhaps we’ll see the real deal now when Nevs took over.

          I cross my fingers! :)

          • What ever comes out of this, it is an interesting story. A story that I really wanted to hear about. At the same time, I feel bad about jc if all his unpaid work isn’t going to benefit him and his team.

            Tim, in my world “soon” has now passed….B-)

            • We’re at now now, everything that happens now, is happening now. What happened to then?, we’ve passed it. When? Just now… we’re at now, now. When will then be now? Soon! 😉

              I hope you’ve all seen the movie Spaceballs, about 45 sec in to this clip you’ll understand! =)

              • I’m then, now and soon. I think you understand. 100%Saab

                Just a thought for SaabsUnited.

              • NOW is always to late, it was before …. give us more! :)

              • Well, just as every ‘soon’ passes by every moment, the same number of ‘now’ is also passing by. We, on the other hand, is just standing still while an infinite amount of time is rushed passes us.

                No wonder the keep calm theory is present at all times….

  9. Remember, the English word “phoenix” has far many more definitions than simply a concept car. I think this is going to be a great story. Griffin up, Phoenix up, whatever….let’s just go!

  10. Well, even if the story has an ending, there’s always the chance for a great sequel!

    • I would love to do a U.S. ad campaign for NEVS/SAAB along the lines of: One of those rare times when the sequel is better than the original: The New Saab.

      • Thats a pretty good line! =)

        • Yes; love that one: forward this to NEVS.

          • Good copywriters could work with it. If I thought about it longer than a minute—-I’d probably come up with something to replace “is better than” but would give the same message. And I might say “occasions” instead of “times.” Little changes after a few people in a room went back and forth with it—-but I think the basic idea is pretty good. “One of Those Rare Occasions When the Sequel Tops the Original. The New Saab.”

        • They could expand on it by using music and movie clips from sequels we like better than originals—-not that there are many to be found! Godfather II? Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through The Grapevine?”

  11. Now we’re talkin’…..

  12. No clamshell?

  13. Do not tease us too long……..

  14. This is the facelift of the last 93!

    • No, its something else 😉

      • Well since it is tagged with 9-3 Phoenix it has to be just that:)

        Interesting to say the least, but if this another “Fantastic looking Saab that could have been” -I´m not sure that I can bare to watch or read.. It hurts too much..

        Hav a GREAT weekend all:)

  15. Looks good :-), you have my attention Tim….

  16. It’s been a long time since there were such a suspense around Saab. This ought to be good…

  17. Come on Tim…this just is not fair…is JC conncted to NEVS or not?

  18. When is soooon? :^)