SAAB Of The Week

February 2, 2013 in Sotw

This weeks SAAB Of The Week is from Valentin out of Romania. Thanks for sharing, this is a great shot of a SAAB in its natural environment. These snow shots are awesome.


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  1. Right now the sun is shining and all the snow has melted away here in southern Sweden, it really feels like spring. But this photo actually made me long for a last batch of snow =P

  2. I love this picture and to think we had a foot of snow on the top of Ham Hill just over a week ago, like Tim, all the snow has gone.

  3. great picture!

  4. For new readers; this is not the first time Valentin’s 9-3 has been mentioned on SU. 🙂 ( I hope to see Valentin again some day — maybe at the festival?

    • Hi Rune,
      Thanks for mentioning !

      All the best,

      • No, it is I who should thank you, Valentin.

        But nevermind that, just show up on one of the meets here in Sweden, will ya? 🙂 I trust you’ve seen the Saab Festival 2013 announcement?

  5. Makes me wish it was snowing so I could take my Viggen out in it!