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Phoenix 9-3 4-Door

February 1, 2013

Phoenix 9-3 4-Door

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  1. This looks different and that’s why this exemple, in my opinion looks like a SAAB!
    At he rear and the mostly the angle of te rear window and the trunk, at this moment i don’know this is a sedan or hatchback, in SAABtermes a Combi-CoupĂ©, but also the rear lights and thenhow they come around the coner, remembers me at the good old SAAB 900 2 and 4 door sedan and the SAAB 90.

  2. The side profile somewhat resembles the NG9-5. I like the flat roofline. I look forward to seing some front and rear views.

  3. I like it, this design has a lot of potential. The write up also mentioned that this wasn’t the final design, I’m still very interested to see the final product. The bad part, China will get their hands on this beauty and we might never have a chance to purchase in the US or Europe. :( I’m hoping that SAAB makes a strong comeback and we’ll all be able to enjoy the SAAB brand once again! Nice work Jason C, thanks again for putting your heart and soul into the SAAB brand!

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! A modern take on the 900. They were going to call it the 900 too, no? I hope NEVS can build this and sell it in the US so I can buy one!

  5. I want to love it but I cant… I am just being honest guys… Looks like a cross between a mid-2000’s Chrysler Sebring sedan and a pre 2006 VW Passat. This was SAAB’s savior?

    Oye vey (yiddush)/

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