2012 Saab 9-5 SportCombi in the United States UPDATED

April 25, 2013 in Fan Stuff

A photo was widely shared on Facebook this morning of a 2012 Saab 9-5 SportsCombi in the United States. The car has been sold by KVD and exported to the United States, if anyone know more about this car please inform us on saabsunitedcrew@gmail.com

** Mystery solved. Very shortly after this post was made we received this update from Christopher Wiseman at SPNA which gives a clear picture of just what this car was and is. In short, it appears there are two more special Saabs that will be available for sale at an auction in Sweden soon.-Jason

This car has been here in the U.S. and with us at SPNA.  The vehicle was not a show car, but rather an engineering test vehicle.  The show car that was in NY at the auto show was sent back to Sweden immediately at the show’s conclusion in 2011.  We’ve been storing this vehicle in Royal Oak, MI and then at our new offices in Troy, MI until a decision was made as to what to do with it.

Just yesterday the vehicle was picked up from us and will be shipped back to Sweden where it will undergo the necessary prep and “federalization” to then be sold at auction.  The car has a saleable VIN and thus can be driven on the road once it goes through the required process.

One other vehicle that remained here, on the East Coast in New Jersey, and was a European spec’d car was an Independence Convertible.  This was a press vehicle that was on display at the NY Auto Show and participated in a number of other events here in the states.  It too has a saleable VIN and will be picked up and shipped back to Sweden for similar processing and then set-up for auction.

Saab 9-5 SC 2012 USA

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  1. This looks exactly like the car that was here in the states on the auto show circuit. I have pictures of the car with manufacturer plates in 2010/11. I would be surprised if that car was sent back to Sweden.

    • That car was actually shipped back to Sweden as far as we know. It was present at the SU Octoberfest in Trollhättan in 2011.

      • The one, that was on octoberfest 2011 was VIN #4, the one on the picture is VIN# 12. The cars are completely same specced. Only difference when you check the pictures from Octoberfest you’ll see that # 4 is missing its roofrails and #12 has them.

  2. Words cannot convey how much I want this car …

  3. After a little checkup through both auctions this one hasn’t been on one of them. There was one car sold that is completely to the same spec. That was #4 and is mine now!

  4. I wonder how they can even bring this car into the U.S. because it more than likely is European specifications. Customs has told me that I am not allowed to bring a non U.S. spec car into the country unless it is older than 25 years, or the car has been modified to meet the U.S. spec safety standards. Perhaps this car is just for show and wont be registered, but how customs let it in is interesting to say the least.

  5. The background looks like the old Royal Oak, Michigan SCNA location. I believe that Saab Parts NA are still located there.

  6. Don’t fall in love..she’s a beauty, a 1 in a million girl…

  7. Maybe it is going to show up at the 2013 Saab Owners in New York this summer.

  8. Both this 9-5 SportCombi as well as the 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible mentioned in this article were at the Saab Club of North America’s annual convention which took place in Parsippany, NJ August 2011. It’s the only ones of these two I have ever seen in person.

    • Ah, so I did see them then when I was there at the 2011 SOC! :-) I knew I had seen one of the 9-5 sportcombi and the Independence Edition convertible, but not sure if it was these specific ones.

  9. That show one was sent back after the NY show. The Indy (diesel) and the other were still in MI.

  10. Seeing this makes me think about the risks associated with owning and driving such a rare vehicle. Given that they were headed for series production, but then they weren’t produced, I’d imagine that some pieces, such as body panels and what not, might well exist in inventory somewhere (Saab Parts AB?).

    Anyone have any ideas? I’d hate to see someone get one of these and then have to write it off because of a minor collision, just for lack of parts.

  11. Of all the words of mouth and pen, the saddest are these, “It could have been.”

  12. Some of this extra rarities can still be found on the market, for sale, EU-approved: http://saab.skuo.cz/bazar/?detail=245

    (the pricing is cca. 40K USD, VAT excl.)

    If I had one, I would be so afraid to drive it on the roads to avoid accidents… tail lights or other parts for the combi, who could repair it or deliver a spare part?

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