SAAB Of The Week

This week our SAAB Of The Week is also the find of the week. Pierre says he had been looking for a convertible for some time that he liked and could afford. His search is over now that he has found this amazing 93 in Vermont with only 48,000 miles and no rust. It really pays to not settle and to search for your perfect car if you are in no hurry, I am sure that Pierre will have a very fun and exciting spring and summer now that he has his convertible. Thanks for sharing with us and as always, keep those photos coming in to [email protected].

Saab of the week

No 9
3 years 5 months ago

Cool. I’am on SAABSunited! Looking forward to pick up this little gem which will complement our 01 9-5 that’s still purring. I’ve also owned a 99 and a 9000T. Both incredible automobiles for their time.

3 years 5 months ago

What a pose!