German invasion of Trollhättan

May 31, 2013 in SAAB Festival 2013

Here is a short video of the german convoy coming into Trollhättan! =)

7 responses to German invasion of Trollhättan

  1. Loving it…I’m there in spirit.

  2. Fantastic ….. they are so many!

  3. Beautiful! Each one of the many different SAAB-models looks immediately so very superior to every car of other marks seen on the video…
    Remarkable!! :-)

  4. Watching the 2-cycle Saab 93 and the red 96 later makes me dream of days gone by. I know NEVS won’t do retro, and I understand, but I sure wish they would.

  5. I recommend Nokia Lumia 920 which are having OIS for a little bit not so shaky videos… Ng9-5s are awesome cars…

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