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May 31, 2013 in ANA, SAAB Festival 2013, Saab Museum

IT IS FESTIVAL TIME here in Trollhättan today and yesterday preparations where finalized long in to the night in some places! Tents were set up, parts were labeled and people were working hard on getting things organized.

Meanwhile, WE, the fans were having a drink in many of the different pubs around the city, I know, I was there! =)

The shows starts today at 10:00 and you need to be in two places at once ANA and the Museum, that is if you want parts for both your old cars or your new one. ANA features parts mostly from the Saab 9000 1990 and newer while the museum offer parts for the Saab 9000 1990 and older. If you want both types, you’ll have to make a tough choice.

We expect people to arrive at minimum one hour before opening time in order to get a good spot in the line leading to the gates of parts-paradice!

For you guys who are aiming for ANA, you need to be at used parts section on Grafitvägen 4 in Trollhättan, and to help you prepare a bit SU was given a sneak peak of whats offered so check out the video below to help you find what you’re looking for!

For you guys who want to visit SAABSUNITED, you’ll find us next to the entrance of the museum in a big white tent with a beautiful white SAAB 9-3 Griffin (DJA880) parked outside of it. For once the car will be completely open to everyone to have a sit in and if you are very lucky we’ll take you for a spin! =) We also have some great new products for you, 12 different types of posters, key rings, frames, wrapping paper etc etc etc all offered by our new friend CARDYOURCAR.EU

This morning the German invasion sailed from Kiel and expect to arrive in Gothenburg where no less than 40!!! cars are driving in a convoy up to Trollhättan! They will first go to the SAAB MAIN GATE for a group photo and then later on head for the museum!

Thats it for me, the clock is 07:00 and I’m off to cover the preparations at ANA.




  1. Great, se you all tomorrow!

  2. Good morning, and have a great time.

    Share some news and pics to all absents :)

  3. So sad I could not make it this time.
    So as Miko asked already; we like to see pictures and video’s.
    Enjoy the days there.

  4. I wish I was in Trolland this weekend ….. have fun!!!

    Griffin Up!

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