Saab festival video: ANA used parts

May 30, 2013 in News, SAAB Festival 2013

Tim recorded this video earlier today at the ANA Used Parts

3 responses to Saab festival video: ANA used parts

  1. Ah-ha now I know why Andreas of ANA is so busy 😉

  2. Sigh. I can’t make it to THN before the evening. I wonder what they will charge for those red DI casettes…

  3. Have they ever thought of getting a web site together to get rid of some of that stuff? I know that they have some on their main site, however, they do not ship to many places like north america!

    If anyone see’s a set of hirsch 3 spoke 19 inch wheels please let me know.

    Or put some of those rim and tire combo’s up for sale online at good prices, they will go so fast.