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May 30, 2013 in News

ZEEWOLDE, 28 MAY 2013 — Spyker announces that, following a week of vilifying media rumors concerning its CEO Mr. Victor Muller and an investigation relating to alleged tax evasion in 2010 – 2011 involving Saab Automobile AB, the Gothenburg district attorney has confirmed that Mr. Muller is not a suspect and may be invited for an interview after summer, possibly in October 2013.

It was also confirmed that Spyker is in no way involved in this matter. No additional comments will be provided at this time.


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  1. Always had faith in VM. Glad that’s over!

    • Technically speaking, no one is currently a suspect; its still an ongoing investigation, otherwise, why would he be ‘invited for an interview’?

      Don’t think it’s over by a long shot . They are still sifting through the financial forensics, and need various international court approvals even to see the stuff taken from spykers office.

      Who knows who the ‘suspects’ ultimately will be? (Or what the alleged crime is) When they announce that, they have to charge them, do they not?

      So far, it doesn’t sound like they are ready to do that.

  2. I do believe VM as well but that makes it even harder to believe that Swedisch justice puts two former co-workers in prison for facts which were discussed with the tax authorities before (dixit VM).
    So for me the whole Saab saga becomes a blame for the Swedisch authorities; I would have guessed they were more proud and consistent and now they just show the world how tricky things are over there. If they had saved Saab in the first place they had not have to go this way.

  3. i doubt if Mr. Muller will hold that interview, being fed-up with swedish maf…eh…media as he is…. 😉

  4. Joe said on May 31, 2013

    One thing for sure..the cockroaches,(whomever they are) will run as the light is shown, as will the vultures that feasted on decaying flesh left on SAAB’s bones!