Victor Muller goes public!

May 23, 2013 in News

victor_250wideFor the first time Victor Muller talks to the press regarding the case on Jan Åke Jonsson, K G Lindstörm and Kristina Geers.  I had a chance to talk to Victor on the phone today and in that conversation he told me the following:

How do you feel about the things that have happened?
– Its absolutely horrible what happened to Jan Åke and Kristina. They are among the finest people I know and personify integrity.

Media claim that you are next on the list for the DA?
– Nobody from the Swedish Authorities has ever tried to get in touch with me and I am sure they have my number so if they had wanted to, they would have certainly been able to do so.

Kristina stated that your contract which is the basis for the legal action was approved by the NDO.
– The contract was approved by the NDO in 2010 and it was discussed with The Swedish Tax Authorities by our Tax Advisors and legal department. The Tax Authorities in 2012 decided to consider the fees paid ‘salary’ and charged me 236’000 Euro in taxes which i paid in full back in November 2012. Subsequently I started a legal proceeding to have the court rule on the Tax Authorities decision to which I did not agree for many reasons.

– The most disturbing thing is that NO decision has been taken by the court on this matter as yet. Still the DA searched the Spyker offices with no less than 30 officials and detained Jan Åke and Kristina. I fail to understand how that is even possible.

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  1. If Muller had made electrics, they wouldn’t be after him, right?

    • No, he would only have been left alone if he had made windmills. 😉

    • Well, well…maybe NEVS is onto something after all. Maybe they know how to play this game. Hopefully the rules of the game are that you talk electric, design electric, produce electric concepts and have a production run of the battery powered cars—-but make profits on the ICE cars that 98% (or more) of us want. Pacify the greenies to stay out of the red, right? GM seems to have mastered it. The homely Volt hasn’t caught on—-but they’re selling a whole lot of pick-up trucks. Plenty of billions from the government—-and those government officials sure like to talk about the Volt. Go NEVS!

      • Oh, and I trust Mr. Muller more than I trust those tax officials.

      • I don’t think this is the first positive thing you have said about NEVS but it is definitely at the top of the list for your most supportive comment. Good point on making the “greenies” happy with the electric cars.

  2. Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine introduced me to SaabsUnited a while back and I’ve been ‘lurking’ ever since. However, the events that have taken place over the course of the last few days have compelled me to join and pass on my support to Jan, Karl, Kristina and VM, who I’m sure gets constant abuse about this. As an outsider looking in, I believe this is one of the most absurd and disgusting acts I have ever witnessed. I know what it’s like to be ruined by someone with a personal vendetta wielding a lot of power. I believe this is something similar. Especially Kristina being told her children will be collected by Social Services….really nice stuff. Scare tactics at their worst.

    In my book, Sweden has taken a real beating out of all of this and I for one will not be visiting anytime soon. I’m furious.


    • It says a lot that this…I’ll say it, this SCANDAL is the thing that got you off the sidelines and motivated to write. Solid post too. Except, I wouldn’t hold it against all of Sweden—-this uncalled for behavior on the part of their Tax Authority. If you’re able to visit—-go enjoy the things Sweden has to offer and the people, who are not representative of their leaders crassness.

      • Well, what can I say, I watched a bit of the Eurovision over the weekend and saw a side to Sweden I didn’t like…this drove it home.

        No, in all seriousness, of course I’m not going to hold it against Sweden. It’s just that I’m from Ireland and the corruption in our government is impressive. I’ve always thought (wrongly apparently) that Sweden was some kind of great upstanding place – the kind of place I wished Ireland was. I know Norway has high tax but great healthcare, I thought all of Scandinavia did things ‘right’. But with all this Saab / Volvo business, my opinion has taken a sharp u-turn. Something is terribly, terribly wrong in Sweden right now – I hope they get it sorted out.

        The reason I’m saying this is because it’s such a terrible advertisement for Sweden – all of this has been.

        • Sweden is having other issues now, that go way beyond the courts and car manufacturers—certainly not peaceful times there. I felt the same way you did about Sweden—-largely based on the Swedes I’ve met and known, I just assumed their government officials were the same as the people—-as I wrote in a different thread, very ethical people, honest, trustworthy. So this has rattled me too. And I too hope they get it sorted out, before it’s too late.

        • What side of sweden is wrong and you don’t like? Why the u-turn?

  3. “and it was discussed with The Swedish Tax Authorities by our Tax Advisors and legal department.”

    It is my understanding that they can say one thing one moment and then practice something completely different the next. The Norwegian pensioners living in Sweden have been told that they should pay taxes to Norway, and after a couple of years they’ve had to pay back what the Swedish tax authorities demanded once they had a rethink about the situation. No apologies, no gentleness, just “show us the money!”.

    • I’m beginning to see a pattern with how government corruption progresses:

      1.) Rules that apply to the citizens and government officials are equivalent
      2.) Rules that apply to the citizens may not apply to government officials
      3.) Rules that apply to one set of citizens may not be the same as rules applied to another set of citizens.
      4.) Rules that apply to one set of citizens at one moment in time may not apply at a different time.
      5.) ???

      The way I see it: the US has advanced from #2 to #3 very recently and Sweden has advanced from #3 to #4.

  4. Since I am abroad I begun to doubt if Sweden actually is my native country or if I confused it with Belarus. Therefore I looked on a map and found with certain surprise that some confusion not come about.

  5. Based on the above, VM appears to think its just about his consulting agreement, that led to the 236K eur taxes that he has paid , but is legally disputing.

    It may be something entirely different, with multiple consulting agreements, with multiple persons or entities that they are probing into. I don’t suppose he has had any contact to any of those 3 since they were questioned, so at this stage, as he said the authorities haven’t called him, then he’s as much in the dark as everyone else.

  6. How utterly incredible. They jailed 3 people and interrogated them over taxes he paid but is disputing claiming that he hadn’t paid them at all. Pathetic on the tax agencies part.

    • Honestly, it’s either criminality or incompentency on the part of the tax agency. People won’t be fired or go to jail—-but they probably should. This type of invasion with no substance should not be tolerated by free people anywhere.

  7. Just wondering, why didn’t Victor mention Mr. Lindström?

    • I dont know if they worked that much together and know each other very well..

  8. How much tax is NEVS paying?

    • I would assume the standard taxes in Sweden, the people who work there are employed with the company…