Huy Saab Model Competition

“Guess which Saab models Atlas will begin the Saab Car Museum Collection”

Atlas Editions are launching a new series of 1:43rd scale Saab models called “The Saab Car Museum Collection”. This collection will be launched in January 2014 in Scandinavia and will arrive in other European countries during the year.

Dimitri will Premiere the first five models in Huy this weekend and they will be on display at the “Saab Farm” booth.

So the competition is,,,,, Can you name the five Saabs in the photograph? (Not just the model, for example 9000 but 9000 CS Aero). The prizes will be awarded at the show. The first good answer will receive a nice Saab scale model ! All other will have a nice surprise. The competition will end on Saturday 9.11.2013 at midnight. Please send your answers to [email protected] .

There is a larger picture here


2 years 10 months ago

That’s a difficult one…
Ursaab 92001
96 DeLuxe
99 turbo
900 t16s convertible
9-3 Viggen

2 years 10 months ago

Very difficult.
Ur Saab
900 Turbo
9-5 NG
But I will certainly have a look on Sunday in Huy so I can see what it should have been 🙂

2 years 10 months ago

Here is the answer !

Saab 96 2-stroke, sport
Saab 99 Turbo (combi-coupé)
Saab 900 Convertible Monte-Carlo
Saab 9-3 Viggen

The prices were given at the meeting, thanks to all for your participation !