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Former CEO VM congratulates New CEO MB

December 2, 2013 in News

This morning I talked with the former owner and CEO of SAAB Automobile AB, Victor Muller, who earlier that morning had sent an e-mail to the current CEO of “SAAB Cars” NEVS Mattias Bergman to congratulate him on his efforts to hire back the former employees of Saab Automobile AB and getting the production started once again.

In an interview with Mattias Bergman he told SU that he replied back and expressed his gratitude for Victors consideration.

11 responses to Former CEO VM congratulates New CEO MB

  1. Nice of VM to do that. Congratulations certainly are in order. Here’s wishing VM well in his ventures.

  2. Nice gesture by Mr. Muller, indeed. This has been a very nice day overall – Saab is not really back just yet, but today’s start of production is a huge leap in the right direction. :)

  3. A Big thank you to Victor for giving us the greatest Saab 9-5 ever built!! I own the new one and as far as I’m concerned it is the pinnacle of all Saab cars ever. I hope NEVS considers the Edwardo Gray design for a future 9-8 once they get going and start making some serious cash!!

    One last thing “bring the new Saab back to the United States” we love them here!!

  4. Bravo Mr. Muller. Always a touch of class. Perhaps one day SPYKER and SAAB will work together some how. That would not shock me at all.

  5. A true Saab hero! Thanks for all your hard work VM.

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