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Museum gets the first NEVS 9-3

December 5, 2013 in News

SAAB Cars museum DJA880There has been a lot of debate on what the plan is for the first series built 9-3 from NEVS, some private customers have placed bids on the car and rumors also floated that the car was going to a close relative to one of the managers of the company.

But today Mattias Bergman, CEO, confirmed to SaabsUnited that NEVS plans to follow the long tradition of Saab Automobile AB to put the first car of each series in the Saab Cars Museum in Trollhättan, where it will join DJA880 (the last car Saab Automobile AB built) and the rest of the collection.

However before this happens the car will take place in a certification process in China. Most of the cars in the museum has a significant amount of km’s on the meeter so this is nothing unusual.

We at SU are very happy about this decision since it is something that we have been pushing for a lot with the current management.

For information about the museum please visit: www.saabcarmuseum.se


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  1. I think the fact that it’s going to China for certification duties enhances it all the more for eventual placement in the museum. It makes the car all the more important—-serving as the vehicle that really kickstarts this company again. That piece of history should be noted somehow at the museum—-this car will serve honorably in bring Saab back from the dead—not just because it was produced—-but because of how it was used after production and what that means.

  2. And thanks to NEVS for keeping the tradition.

  3. A very good decision from the Nevs company!

  4. Will it have a chinese numberplate? That could be interesting. :-)

  5. Really great news, I hope to be able to see it and DJA880 in person some day. At least we didn’t have to purchase this one, right? :-)

  6. This is great to hear. Glad NEVS realized the significance, not only to the museum but to the fan base, of keeping this tradition going. It shows to me that they really are interested in keeping the spirit of Saab and not just the name. Keep the great news coming. We have waited quite a while and it’s nice to have new and interesting stories almost every day.

  7. Keep the good news coming. Thank you NEVS!

  8. An honorable decision. Well done, both SU and Nevs.

  9. Great news!

    What next? NEVS will hire Swade? :)

    • Are we not doing a good enough job on reporting about whats going on at NEVS? ;)

      • I’m not saying that Tim (också på Finska: en minä sitä tarkoittanut Tim ) ;)

        But if they’d need an official blogger like Victor Muller did then they’d consider him, right? :)

        • Tim from outside SAAB and Swade from inside SAAB could work perfectly.

        • I hope not, better to hire a guy in Sweden that actually can talk to employees in swedish ;)

          No but seriously, having an inside blogger would just kill the other blogs, better to invite existing bloggers and let them tell the inside story in a controlled format. An inside blogger can never be credible anyway since everything he writes is moderated by a marketing department… so its more propaganda than blogging…

          I’d love to see nevs invite other saab blogs than just us as well! :)

          • Tim: I think you defeated your own premise—-if I understand correctly, you were saying that an inside NEVS blogger would kill the other blogs—-but as you point out, an inside blogger couldn’t be unshackled to be honest—-and comments there considered “unfriendly” to the mothership would be erased. I think a friendly “Inside Saab” blog on NEVS site would be great—-and it wouldn’t kill legitimate blogs either. NEVS needs to kick-start interest from within—sponsored by NEVS—-and stop expecting others to carry the load.

            • An inside NEVS blogger would absolutely kill the other bloggers, thats what Swade almost did with his inside saab, at least that would have been the outcome if Saab hadn’t gone into severe financial troubles. How is a private outside website supposed to compete with a blogger thats on the inside with endless resources and 12 hour per day access to the whole company. For us to do a story in Trollhättan is expensive, sometimes we need to take leave of absences from work and thus we also miss income on top of the fact that we spend money on food while we’re there. Most of us also have about 2-2,5 hour drive to Trollhättan as well… Remember that all the cool stuff happens on weekdays when we’re normally at our normal jobs trying to make a living and enough money to get a new Saab! =)

              What I have suggested to NEVS is that they hire someone who can gather resources for the outside bloggers, thus saving the workload we have to do by calling different people, setting up appointments or just plain research. NEVS should have a person that can arrange press-passes for blogger, arrange interviews, put us in touch with the right people, arrange photos or media etc etc etc… If we had that kind of person at NEVS we would probably save 50% of the workload that we have. Mikael Östlund has done a superb job in partly filling that role, but he is busy with other stuff too.

              But I assure you, if NEVS were to hire someone to become an inside NEVS blogger, I’m leaving the blogging world instantly and completely because that would basically be like put a big knife in the back of what we’re spending a huge amount of our spare time and money to do… and for NEVS, our work is completely free of charge! Just imagine what it costs to hire 2 pro photographers to an event plus that they maintain the rights to the photos, when we show up, everything is free of charge for NEVS!

              One thing I’d like to see is that NEVS focuses more attention to other blogs as well, there are four other great Saab blogs in Europe which do an amazing job! I wish that when they unveil the facelift version, that NEVS invite all bloggers to a pre-unveiling and test drive so that we can get some time to create our stories, but I would also hope that they would sponsor the trips for all bloggers since most bloggers dont have anything else than their own private income to fund such a trip with!… It would be a nice gesture!

              • Well you have the experience with the blog and with the industry, so I’ll trust that you know how this blog and others would be impacted—-but I would consider the NEVS insider to be a cheerleader/fan site while I’d still consider this and other blogs to be more independent and hopefully less biased—-with the ability to editorialize good and bad. There’s a lot of value in independence and I would still read comments here with more trust then the makers own site—-where shortcomings would be hidden and negative views, squelched. But that leads me to asking you about Facebook and other social media—-aren’t those also “blogs?” I go on General Motors Facebook page all the time—-there are regular posters there (fans) and lots of exchanges about their products, their competitors, etc. There are GM Facebook moderators too—-and they use that page to show new products and profile people who work at GM, etc. Ditto, KIA’s Facebook page. Are you suggesting that NEVS might never even have a Facebook page with NEVS employee monitoring it and adding content? Seriously? That should already been in progress. I would think by the time they’re actually selling cars, they’ll address that, right???

                • NEVS does not have a facebook page at the moment and as with any facebook page you need a strategy. Basically that goes for everything you do. Sure facebook can be used as a blog as well but one should remember that if you want all your fans to see the content you publish you have to pay money to facebook. Promoting articles to fans is expensive on FB.

                  On normal websites its free but in the end its all about how you get in touch with the fans, twitter is a nice thing but sadly very few use it, less than 0,1 % of our traffic is routed to the site via Twitter, Facebook is roughly 1-5% depending on the type of article, most people visit the site directly by typing in the URL and to achieve such a page that people return to every day 365 days a year takes a lot of work.

                  I actually read a book about creating the best user experience for websites shortly after I took over SU and it stated that if a site is not updated at least once a week and if its done so seldom it needs to be done at a time of the week that people get used to, for example every friday, the website is considered dead to most people and the user return rate will be extremely low. When I took over SU, at average an article every 3 days was posted and the site had about 3-500k visits per month, within 3 months we had doubled that figure by bringing in more writers and posting articles most often several times per day. We maintained a level where visitors most often had something new to read every time they visited the website (2-3 times per day) and we could clearly see the figures drop fast if we had a slow week. Getting those visitors back to the same rate of visits took 3-4 weeks of intense posting at least.

                  Swade taught me that there is only one thing that matters when it comes to blogs: a constant flow of content. And if NEVS were to create a blog they need to commit to the site 110% by creating new posts at a constant rate, most preferably at least 3 a week which is a lot of work for someone who needs to have the content checked in order to match the message that NEVS wants to display. Regarding facebook I think it serves more as a function for users to get direct contact with the company without having to pick up the phone and call them, to have fans being able to post directly on the NEVS facebook page would just make it to one of the 100+ Saab related facebook pages that already exist, honestly I think I’ve seen most of the same material on all of those site at least twice which is why we keep our facebook page clean and free from user posts. Stand out from the group rather than just become something that already exists everywhere else.

                  As for independence I agree with you! I think SU as an independent blog might be a bit too pro-nevs at times but we’ve learned by experience that even though negative things tend to pop up they gain “fame” quickly because of lack of understanding why things are the way they are. I talked to Victor the other day and he expressed regret that he was as open as he was because in the end he had to spend too much of his energy killing negative rumors that gained quick fame or trying to make people without formal business education (reporters) understand what was going on. But Spyker was very different from NEVS as they were a public company and any bad press could affect the share price. Both Vic and I agreed that had Spyker been a private company, which it is now, it would have had a much better chance of success! SU managed to help Saab a lot in the explaining part and by killing off a lot of rumors but it was hard work! Inside Saab could never do that since whatever was written there was official news, the independent SU had a great advantage there.

                  So back to the FB page, I think that NEVS should have a FB page but it needs to have a lot of thought behind it from people who understand how facebook functions best but NEVS should also think very hard about how much energy they want to commit to that page, if the amount they can commit is limited then leave it as a closed page with only their own posts but acting as a communication tool towards the company.

                  • I think NEVS can choose to promote their own website and post news their, or do the Facebook page—or both—but I think standing firm and doing neither is a bad idea. Their own website is not adequate and I’m sure they know that. And maybe they haven’t hired people to use the internet to build a customer base or maintain one—-but at some point, and I think sooner is better than later—-they need to have a web presence that is a serious one—-not what they have now. I think if you speak to anybody in the know, they will tell you that these days, depending on the industry, even small and medium sized companies can’t neglect the internet the way NEVS has—-and they are a car manufacturer—-a big deal! They simply can’t expect to succeed in the 21st century without the recognition that sales definitely come from having a strong website and also from being adept with social media. The best car in the world will be a still born if it’s not promoted correctly.

                    • I agree with you that they need an online presence but they really need to carefully think about what the goal of that presence should be, what are their goals? What can they actually offer the community and when?

                      You cant just go into something without knowing what you’re going into, everything needs to be planned and executed carefully! I have on several occasions pointed out to NEVS that they need to focus more on social media, and so far they are doing it through us, clubs and other blogs. This I think is a good start, lets see where it goes next.

                      I recently had a chat with their new marketing manager Jonas Hernqvist, very impressive guy that has worked a lot with Saab for a long time! He is very competent and he understands Saab but also NEVS. Lets see what he and his team manage to deliver, you’ll see the first thing on tuesday!

                    • I’m looking forward to Tuesday then. You might be surprised—but I’ve been talking up NEVS/Saab with anyone who will listen, including posting links to their progress on social media. I’m doing my part to prime the pumps for a Saab return to the U.S.—-though I’m careful to tell those I know that there isn’t a firm decision yet whether that will happen or not. The moment NEVS makes a decision—-if it is to begin selling Saabs again in the U.S. and Canada—-I think many people will be surprised at how fast word of that will spread and the enthusiasm it will generate. But the clock continues to tick and when we hit midnight—-Cinderella turns into an ugly Pontiac Aztec and will never be heard from again. Let’s get it done NEVS, ASAP.

                    • If I’m to give you my honest opinion, I think NEVS might return to the US in a smal scale sometime in 2015. I’ve understood that creating an import/export organization is a huge amount of work and a lot of legal matters that takes a lot of time need to be considered plus certification on top of that.

                    • Tim, as the former Saab US Compliance Manager I can state that you are absolutely correct that it would require much time and many resources to jump through the various hoops of US compliance. It will take at least a couple years to achieve the various NHTSA, EPA and CARB approvals, not to mention all the reporting requirements that have been put into place over the last few years. I hope your opinion of a small scale return to the US in 2015 is correct – but if so, I hope that NEVS has already started the US certification process.

                    • From what I’ve understood regarding the European certification NEVS basically had to get all the numbers from the cars once again. A lot of the tests were done in 2011 for the Griffin version so some stuff could be copied straight off but some had to be remade. This should be the fact for the US market as well, they could probably just change the letterhead of some documents as some would have to be remade completely…

                      Basically the manufacturer submits details to the certification agency, most of it is accepted straight off, some items are tested by the agency.

                    • Tim – unlike European Type approval, US emission certification is an annual requirement. Just because a manufacturer certifies a vehicle for the 2011MY, doesn’t mean the vehicle is automatically certified for the 2012MY. EPA/CARB requires a full new application every year including exhaust, evaporative, FE, OBD approval from CARB, etc. There can be some data carryover from year to year if nothing changes, but this data is just one small component of the full package. Believe me it is not easy – been there, done that. Bottom line is that it takes time – the emission cert programs usually need at least two years lead time before SOP. NEVS has the time for a 2016MY US model (2015CY intro) if they are at least starting the process now.

                    • Tim – US emission certification is much different from European Type approval. It is much more than just submitting details to the Federal and State agencies. Believe me – 29 years of experience speaking here. It is ambitious, but possible to complete in two years with the right people in place (2016MY if started now). I know a few of the former Saab people hired by NEVS and that is a start in the right direction.

                  • This is not completely uncharted territory, but close to it. I don’t know if the U.S. has ever had to recertify a car that had already been certified a few years earlier—-from a manufacturer that went out of business but then came back with a new owner and the same model. This might be a first. Interesting though—-Kia did not sell a 2012 Sedona minivan in the U.S. There was a 2011—it went away in 2012 and the same van came back as a 2013 model. As for NEVS/Saab, I would think Tim that you are right about the process—-should be easier than a new model. And even if there’s a sizeable investment—-in the long run, it will be cheaper to salvage what’s left of a dealer network and public recognition of Saab by selling this car again in 2015—-as opposed to waiting another few years beyond that and then trying to build from scratch in all aspects. No doubt, the 2015 idea, even with the costs attached, is the least expensive option.

                    • Cars need to be re-certified every year, most often thats just a bunch of paperwork… that could have been the case with Kia…

              • Tim, I’m in full agreement with Angelo; we need both an inside Saab and an outside Saab. A good inside Saab need not be “propaganda” even if it vetted by the company. It would certainly have the capability of bringing inside information to the public that can be counted on as official and also might go beyond what an outsider has access to. An outside blogger has quite a bit more freedom. They may have been given some information in secret that they can’t publish, but presumably the inside blogger can’t either. Meanwhile, the outside blogger is free to dig up rumors, inside stories from people who may talk more than they should, and also to criticize and make objective and subjective comments that the inside guy can’t. And NEVS, whether or not they have an inside guy, should welcome outside bloggers and the press, in the interest of generating as much publicity as possible. They should also do many of the things you’ve asked them to do to give you better and easier access to information, etc. And lastly, an outside blogger can also be useful to NEVS as a tool to leak inside information that they would rather not put out officially for one reason or the other.

                And Tim, I;m not sure of the exact history here, but my understanding was that you got into this originally with full knowledge that there would be an inside blogger (Swade) at the time you took over the site.

                • Lets just say that I found out that Swade had been hired by Saab but not exactly what he intended to do. That became more clear a few weeks after the takeover of SU was decided upon. But I still feel that we had a good cooperation during that time, me and Swade had some very good talks back then! He was of great help to me and I believe I provided him with a lot of understanding about how Saab functioned. I had worked there before so I knew the place very well.

                  I still maintain my firm opinion, that if NEVS were to create an inside NEVS, they do that to compete with other blogs, we can do all the inside stuff as well and an Inside NEVS will never show whats so secret that we other bloggers cant do the same type of reporting!

                  And for leaking inside stuff, you can never imagine what kind of work it takes to gain that level of trust with sources and how rare such sources are!! And how difficult it is to acquire and maintain a source like that and then we haven’t even touched the information it self, do you trust it, how do you treat it, what do you publish but most of all, will people actually believe what you write when you do write it?… It’s not as easy as you make it sound like… We published a lot of secret stuff back in 2011 that was leaked to us, sadly a lot of it was met with firm disbelief by the commenters. But it was a different environment back then…

                  I stand firm, if NEVS creates an inside Saab or similar, I’m out…

                  • I guess you’re not going anywhere. Considering the dearth of information and communication with the Saab community from NEVS, there seems to be zero chance of them creating an inside Saab.

                    • Then again, we have no idea what’s in their thought process. They might foolishly be thinking that they can not whisper a peep—-then when they begin producing a car, blitz the world with information and expect people to beat down their doors trying to buy a NEVS. Of course, if they’re thinking that, they’re mistaken—but who knows, when they have their ducks in a row, they might start to try for some outreach and find an empty clubhouse.

                    • I wouldn’t bet on any blitz but rather i slow structured return of the brand to key markets first and then slowly moving into other markets. What NEVS is offering on tuesday is something ground-breaking in Sweden, free maintenance on car here is unheard of…

                  • I agree with you Tim, but then your not in control of NEVS. Be careful what you promise. Swade is a presence.

                    SaabsUnited has always severed a vital communication function for me. I want more communication not less.

                    Just a thought.

                    • Maybe if Swade isn’t interested, NEVS will bring me in for an interview. Do you suppose I’ve burned any bridges with them?

                    • Well I dont think you’ve burned any bridge down to the ground but they do have their eyes on you since they’ve mentioned your comments to me on several occasions =)

                    • To Angelo:


                    • That would be a shame. I have a degree in Journalism (Penn State). I’d be an excellent advocate for NEVS.

                    • Tim: Please let NEVS know I’m like a U.S. Army drill sergeant. They might think I’m giving them a hard time but in reality, they will emerge stronger and better—a good soldier to deliver our Saabs! In all seriousness, NEVS is like a family member to me—I get to criticize them and pick on them—-but if anyone else does, I’m the first to defend them. This has actually happened at work—a guy was putting down Saab and NEVS’ plans and I defended NEVS probably better than NEVS could defend NEVS.

                    • We all visit this site for a reason, we love the brand! And we all want the best for it even though we have different opinions on how to achieve it! =)

                    • To Angelo:

                      OK, I am like a real Army Officer.

                      Just a fact.

                    • 100%: The army needs both officers and drill sgts. I’m okay doing the grunt work and you can get the glory of being an officer. I’m building character in young NEVS. If I do a good job, they will eventually surpass me and I will have to salute them. I’m okay with that—as long as I get to buy a new Saab from them someday.

                    • Tim, don’t ever underestimate what you do. If Swade had continued with Inside Saab and even the good times had began rolling, fans still need a big independant site where we can analyze and critizice what the company is doing.
                      The management of Saab Automobile for example took a lot of heat at SU during the Spyker era that benefitted them. Things that never could be allowed on a corporate sponsored comments section.

                    • You’re probably right! =)

                    • I agree with RS. Maybe it’s not apples and oranges, but more like apples and apple juice (or oranges and orange juice). A corporate website “Insider” section would give us a pretty piece of fruit—but SU gives us the juice.

                  • I think that depends on what an inside blogger would do. I saw no overlap between Inside Saab and SU, and I would read both. I think that behavior would continue if NEVS launched a blog.

                    • Am I missing something? Do you think I maybe under consideration too?

                    • I disagree, SU survived and grew only because times were bad and we could report on things that the Inside Saab blog couldn’t… had that not happened I’m pretty sure that SU wouldn’t be alive today…

                    • Joe: Maybe NEVS will hire both of us. You’ll be the Muller assassin, to remind people in your own subtle way that you think NEVS current ownership is better than their past—-and I can write swift promotional pieces to get people all over the free world to want a Saab—-then when NEVS is ready to ship, all will be paradise.

              • Inside and outside SAAB is not narrowed down to a blog and SU or other ones. They perfectly could coexist next to one other. It are two different roles they have to play. The outside are those digging for information, have their 2 cents, speculating and talking about SAAB products, what is good or bad about them. These are the fans and followers that can earn trust from the company through their integrity. To my opinion outside SAAB can exist without any formal ties to the company. It’s not something new it’s happening already in other industries.

                The inside SAAB has a different role to play. Inside SAAB is not so much about blogging. This is just one of the means NEVS has available for their online marketing. It is about brand building, storytelling, keeping the (potential) public involved. NEVS did not only bought a factory they also bought a (strong) brand. NEVS has to create some kind of brand experience. Use their website for the SAAB experience, make use of the social media, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blog etc. to tell the current and future story, vision of SAAB. Create some events where people can experience SAAB three dimensional. Their still driving 1.00.000 SAAB’s around the globe. Create some kind of involvement with the brand SAAB. Look at other industries, what can we, NEVS, learn from them. The technology industry, Apple, the gaming industry etc. Heineken is a beer, but it’s more than that. It is also an experience, a lifestyle, it’s about branding and a product that has to fulfill its promise.

                The present internal focus of NEVS is understandable, since they had to rebuilt the suppliers network the factory a product etc. etc.. For the fast majority of the people however who would be willing to buy a car, SAAB is still bankrupt. So meanwhile start communicating. If you want to sell SAAB’s again than NEVS should get the full potential of SAAB’s potential clients involved and do the story telling themselves. Since SAAB is about innovation and doing things differently, well distinguish yourself form the other car makers on this field. SAAB has always found clever, different solutions, because of its limited resources.

                The focus of NEVS should also become external on followers, fans, present drivers, former dealers, potential customers etc. etc. Bottom line If NEVS should sustain their current communication strategy, “we only tell something if we have something to say”, there will be no one to say it to. When they launch a new product. Nobody knew you still existed. People have moved on and have bought other cars. Unless their sole focus is China.

                • Amen to all that. NEVS needs to find a way (and soon) to tell the world, and especially present and former Saab owners that Saab is alive and well. I have two good friends, both presently Saab owners, who think Saab is gone. As they look to the future, Saab doesn’t figure in their plans. I keep telling them, Saab is alive — have faith. Perhaps in a year or two, you’ll be able to buy a new Saab. They basically look at me as someone who thinks the second coming of Christ will occur next year.

                  There are plenty of free and very inexpensive avenues to start spreading the word, of NEVS; social media, automotive media, allowing the press and TV to get a look at what’s going on. And perhaps most important, reaching out to as many Saab owners as they can through whatever means they can, by mail, email, whatever. Somewhere, there are records of Saab owners as recall notices were previously sent as warranted. NEVS should track down as many of those records that they can wherever they are; with former dealers, with state and country vehicle registration records, etc. Send those owners something to inform them of the status of Saab and interest them in the future. Refer them to SU, or a new Inside Saab, so they can keep informed of developments.

                  • Both of you, Busy and Hugh, are on target. If they want to sell cars outside of China, they need to heed this advice right away. It’s not at “crisis” level yet, but that isn’t far off—-meaning once they lose the window of interest, it’s gone for good. People have already moved on and more will follow—and as time drags on, those people leaving for other brands will multiply like rabbits, leaving Saab in a ” car maker cemetery” in the minds of almost everybody—and at that point, even with a strong return—people will never trust purchasing a Saab. As of now, this can be viewed as a “temporary absence.” But without communication and product in the near future, it becomes a company who failed and was mothballed—-and now wants more money from me to try again. No thanks. This is all about perception—-and that’s how people are viewing this now and absolutely how they will view it in the future if NEVS doesn’t stop the PR nap.

                    • Well, it looks like this exchange has caught Swade’s attention. For his views on the matter see his blog article “Inside Saab vs Outside Saab” on his website http://www.swadeology.com There’s also some interesting comments under the heading “Here’s your homework for the weekend.”

                      My vote is that we need strong outside bloggers as well as an inside voice.

                    • Yea well, the all mighty Swade has spoken… I stand firm on my point, if NEVS wants to start blogging, they can do that without me being part of the Saab fan-world… and thats a promise!

                      Swade makes some pretty good points, but I believe that he is wrong, he believes I’m wrong and thats where it all ends.

                      The main difference between Swade and me is that he has had close to no contact with NEVS at all except for one single response, I speak do a lot of people at NEVS several times per week!

                      Should we charge NEVS for our services? Absolutely not! We do this because we think its fun, we get some funding from sponsors and we use that to run the website, as long as the website creates good stories which we do through our connections with NEVS, the sponsors get to remain on a website where they can get some attention. Its a nice eco-system that works well, but only as long as we feel that this is a fun thing to do!

                    • Tim, I certainly hope that wouldn’t be the case. We may disagree about some things, but I along with many others value your view and turn to SU as the place for news, opinion, background, features, and on and on.

                    • Bringing you guys news about whats happening at Saab is the most important thing we can do, I’m glad you value the work and I appreciate your feedback!

                      Swade said that we should be able to ask the hard questions, funny, he did and look where that got him? He lost the only contact he had at NEVS… we know we can’t ask the hard questions because they won’t answer them anyway, so why should we piss people off. In the end we are at the mercy of NEVS, they give us what they want to give us and so far, I feel that SU and NEVS has a good relationship and I think its getting better all the time!

  10. Another reason to hope that NEVS’ ownership of SAAB will be successful is that as much as I like the 9-3, I’d rather not see a museum full of them.

  11. An incredibly minor detail, but I can’t help to notice that the old and new will be represented by white and black. A lovely detail that will look great in the museum.

    • As I recall, I voted “Black” a few months ago when there was a poll here regarding what color this car should be. You’re right—the black and the white make this work out perfectly.

  12. Thanks a lot NEVS. This is a generous and important gift to “the SAAB society”

  13. Oh no, now I have to drive to Trollhätran once again to see Nevs 01 besides DJA 880 !!!

  14. Great news. Just good as when I was part in The process saving the Saab CarMuseum. After a discussion with a “Key-Player” in Trollhättan I realized the money needed to save the museum was not enough. Far from enough. I contacted Peter Wallenberg and he found the necessary fundings from Saab AB and FAM Foundation.

  15. Any Volunteers:
    Drive the first SAAB 9.3N to China

    Trollhatton, Sweden to Qingdao, China = 6406.5 mi [10310 Kilometres],
    114 hr 21 min driving time…. each way

    And then back again.

    Not sure if this link will work [wait for it to load];


    Would be good completion to enter, come on NEVs

    As an afterthought,

    Kit the car out with rallying/sponsors details & cover the whole Journey
    Talk about Old SAAB meets New SAAB

  16. Certainly the right thing to do! Thanks Nevs!

  17. Good news that production has started, I am leasing a 9-3 Sportswagen 1800PS, the lease runs out in summer 2014. I would really like a 9-3 Aero, but its not a Sportswagen. and I have asked my local dealer(was Saab) about leasing. They have no information. So it looks like a BMW 320 or Audi Avant.

  18. Hello my friends
    We know that SAAB has started again
    I want to take the opinion that we become agents for this brand in my country and in the Middle East, all note that our market is one of the biggest markets in the global car and I know that SAAB will succeed strongly in this area
    Accept greetings

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