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SOTW, Norwegian Erlend’s 9-5

May 2, 2014 in Sotw

Good evening Robin!

Spent the last two days doing the spring shine. The last few days have offered fantastic weather here on the west coast of Norway. I felt really happy with the result and wanted to share with you and SOTW.
It’s my MY06 9-5 2.0t with Hirsch- grille, roof spoiler, 18″ wheels and dual exhaust.
It has also just turned 100,000 miles, 160k km.

Thanks to you and your companions for your effort on SAABSUNITED.

A very big thank you to Erlend Fikse for sending in a couple of pictures of his fine Saab 9-5.
Larger versions can be found here.

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  1. I just made the 1st photo my desktop wallpaper. Beautiful!