Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – in a 2-stroke

One of my favorite comedians, Jerry Seinfeld, has for the past few years been heading up his own little web-tv show where he is inviting various colleagues for a ride in an interesting car and a cup of coffee.

And, in season five, they finally feature a proper car: A two stroke Monte Carlo 850.

Jerry in a two-stroke

I wonder if we will see Jerry return with a black 900 one of these days? Black Saab rules!


Great camera work getting some nice shots of that Monte Carlo!


LOL, nice car and gorgeous sound of a two stroke.

Jack Patterson

In the episode with Sarah Silverman, he picked her up in a Series II E-Type and he asked her what she drove. She said a 9-3 Saab. His reply “oh…of course, you’re from New Hampshire”.

Paul Willis

That was hilarious and super cool! I love the Portlandia show that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein star in. What better vehicle for Portland and Fred than an old two-stroke Saab. Very very cool!!


Imagine having half a billion on the bank and making funny clips, What a live!


Nice show with Seinfeld and this iconic Saab everywhere… Makes you want to go out and show of your Saab 😀