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Richard’s Out of Africa finding

December 21, 2014 in News

I know she was a Dane but seemed fitting. There I was driving down a dusty road in the middle of Kampala’s soul-destroying traffic and there it was:

As the owner of a 91′ Plantana Grey SPG convertible, my heart stopped. The car was more Mad Max than Springtime in Sweden but I admired the owners ingenuity in dealing with the local conditions and ..lack of parts supply. The car was a little worse for wear ..and oddly an automatic. Some ex-pat Saab-lover no doubt shipped it in at some point and the enthusiastic new owner has done his best to uphold it’s dignity.

I still prefer mine

Thank you Richard for the great photos.


4 responses to Richard’s Out of Africa finding

  1. What a find!

  2. Don’t you just love this sort of story?
    I do!

  3. Robin, given NEVS’ history of not releasing any information prematurely, publishing these photos of the next generation convert in spy guise being road tested at a remote location is quite a scoop. It appears that they have managed to capture the old SAAB spirit in the design which should make many of the faithful happy.