Saab-meeting in Gävle last Sunday

July 31, 2014 in Events, Fan Stuff

Last Sunday there was a realy nice Saab-meeting in Gävle, Sweden, a couple of  hours north of Stockholm. I finally decided Friday evening to set of early Saturday morning in my 9-5 Aero, and thought this will be a nice trip over the weekend. And sure it was! Keywords are nice people, great warm weather (approx. +30 deg. C) and good looking cars in wonderful surroundings!

DSC_9201_50The local guys from Gävle had like when I visited them last year done a very good job planing the meeting; they had managed to borrow a 2014 9-3 Aero from the local dealer in Bollnäs so visitors could have a closer look at the car, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden was there with their clubshop and a some great guys talking about the club, there was local company that have new body-panels for SAABs for sale, and finally the guys from Gävle that have a tent there they sold lottery tickets for their big lottery. Their lottery is worth a few words, it’s probably one of the few lotteries where the value of the prizes are bigger then the value of all the tickets… :) So if you’re early on site you actually can buy all the tickets and still earn on it compared to buy all the prizes. The most of the prizes are related to cars and are sponsored by many companies, like our friends at Maptun – so it’s no local home-made handicraft you can win here!

We first meet up at the local SAAB-dealer in Gävle, Eriksson Bilteam, and after some small-talk and kicking some tyres we went together to the meeting point a few kilometres outside Gävle city. Here you had the chance to look at the different cars from the classic two-strokes to the newer 9-5s. Here could you find almost all of the common Saab-models, the one I noticed was missing was the 92 and 93, and the more rare 9-4 and 9-7. Actually I spotted a 9-2x, hard-to-find here in Sweden.  A accurate number of cars and guests that was visiting during the day is hard to say exactly, since there was no need to sign up, and many came and left during the day, but I heard 120 cars, and I believe that is quite right. There also where some great activities during the day; Throw a turbo as long you can, hold a flywheel as long you can, and my favourite: a Saab-quiz. If you was hungry or warm after all the activities, it was possible to buy a grill buffet in the restaurant, or you could simply go 100 meters from the cars for a refreshing dip in the lake.  At the end of the day a few of us cruised the few miles down to Tierp Arena, a world class drag-racing arena for a very interesting guided tour, and some pizzas afterwards down town Tierp.


All in all a really nice weekend, I will definitive come back next year if I have the chance!
A few photos from the day, I managed to forgot my big memory-card at home, so I found a 512MB card in the Aero, but some photos are better then none photos! ;)
PS. This young mate over here was totally lost in the middle of the road, or maybe it was more comfortable to walk on asphalt???

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Neo Bros Invite all to their Open Day

July 28, 2014 in Fan Stuff, Neo Brothers

Neo Brothers are planning an open day on the 4th October and you are all welcome.

The doors open at 10am until about 3pm.
During the day there will be Guided Tours of their extensive facilities.
Entertainment in their hospitality rig including racing Saabs on the games consoles.
Light refreshments will be available all day.
Get close to the 96ss as well as the other track cars and Saab Projects.
Special discounted parts and Special offers for the day.
And a chance to meet many other Saab Enthusiasts’ and their unique Saabs.

Please put the date in your diaries and we will see you there.


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Sotw, nice pair of 9-3′s in Michigan.

July 25, 2014 in Sotw

Zoltan and Elena from Michigan send us a few pictures of their “Saabs United”

Hi Robin!

These are our “Saabs united”. The blue one was bought during SAAB’s bankruptcy and I thought that this is going to be our last SAAB ever. This was my third SAAB and I was quite sad and sentimental about the departure of our beloved brand. On the contrary I felt lucky that I was able to purchase one last brand new SAAB.  A few years later I came across an advertisement from the local Volvo dealer about a 2011 Sports Wagon. We always wanted to get a wagon but they are really hard to find in the USA now a days,  specially a recent model with low mileage. I have done all the improvements on the 2010 9-3 that I could think of…DRL’s ambient interior lights, tinted windows, nav, satellite radio, Bluetooth and more. So I thought the best thing I can do now is to save another SAAB and give the blue one a sibling.  So we headed down to the Volvo dealer and made a terrible deal on the silver wagon that indeed had low mileage but took on some abuse from the previous owner.


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The rumors are flying around regarding the brand name…

July 25, 2014 in Rumors

In bad times the rumors about a brand are more frequent than during good times. One such reason is that people like to talk… For us here at SU, sorting out the somewhat true rumors from those who are complete garbage has always been a tough job that has take a lot of our time. These days the rumors are not as frequent as when Victor ran the place but they’re still there.

One rumor that I’m hearing more and more about and that NEVS firmly denies is true, is that rights to use the brand is an issue for the new investors. A couple of classified documents from 2012 that were handed over to us by a source clearly shows that NEVS not only had issues in securing the rights to the brand but also wanted to cut the price they were willing to pay for the bankruptcy estate because the brand rights were not included in the way they had first thought. The lawyers had done a lot of work in trying to establish if the estate had rights to use the name or not, but the agreements in the usage of the name were fairly old and the issues pointed out in the agreements were not really being followed anyway. SAAB AB had never interfered with the usage of the name before and when asking Scania and SAAB AB for the originals, some of them could not even be found.

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Special RHD Offer: Hirsch Carbon Dashboard 9-5 -05

July 25, 2014 in cyc, Hirsch

95R_dash_1280x1280 su

Please note: while the pic is LHD, the offer is only for the RHD version of the dashboard kit.

For the owners of RHD 9-5 models up to MY 2005 we at have a very special offer, selling the Hirsch Performance Carbon Dashboard Kit at only Euro 199 (about Euro 167 ex VAT) plus shipping.

The kit contains the dashboard itself, the ashtray cover and the centre console. Take the chance and give the interior of your 9-5 a new, special look. Only a limited number is available.

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Is this the sexiest Saab ever?

July 25, 2014 in Fan Stuff, News

Our guest writer Paul of “SAAB vs Scepticism” asks the question…. Is this the sexiest Saab ever?

“Others may have seen this before but I haven’t, and I’ve fallen in love. This has got to be the sexiest Saab I’ve ever seen. Just spotted it over on the excellent Saablog-in in a post dating back to May.

What’s more, it has my all time favourite BBS alloys on as well. If only this were on sale now.”

My personal “real” favourite has always been the 9-x Air, a Saab I wish I could just have a sit in…


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Sotw, Chris gets a 9-3X for the family

July 18, 2014 in Sotw

Jan has added a beautiful 9-3X to his Saab collection.

Hi Robin,

I bought my wife Chris a new family car.

It is a 2011 Saab 9.3X 2.0t with AWD.
Please can you make this picture “Saab of the week”? (took yesterday on the springtime tour of the Belgium Saab club)

Thanks and see you soon.

Jan Martens

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Mahindras plan for SAAB during the bidding process in 2012

July 18, 2014 in SAAB Automobile AB

Skärmavbild 2014-07-18 kl. 00.19.41

Part of the leaked document from the bankruptcy estate

We all know that Mahindra was a bidder for the bankruptcy estate of Saab Automobile AB back in 2012 and that they left the negotiating table due to the high price of what was then more or less a mandatory part of the sale: Saab Automobile Parts AB. After Mahindra left it became clear to the lawyers managing the bankruptcy that the parts company could not be included in the sale and that the amount of bidders were too low to force the issue.

What many might not know is that Mahindra did return to the table but did not produce a real bid. However we at SU have obtained some leaked documents from this time period describing conversations and some details regarding the plans Mahindra had for the Saab brand. The reason form sharing this with you now is that you might get a small insight into what Mahindra might want to accomplish together with NEVS now in 2014 but also for you guys to get an idea of how complex the work of the bankruptcy lawyers actually was. More to come!

This small part of the document tells the following tale from the point of view from one of the lawyers regarding Mahindras plans for SAAB:

A meeting had taken place between executive vice president S Durgashankar, vice president Sachin Arolkar and senior manager Abhinav Grover, who all were post holders with Mahindra. The meeting took place at Saabs facilities in Trollhättan on January 25th 2012. Mahindras representatives had for several days visited the facilities and met with the remaning members of the Saab Automobile AB Executive Leadership Team and were thus well read-up on the issues surrounding the questions regarding the trademarks. The meeting which lasted several hours penetrated trademarking issues and the bankruptcy estates mindset regarding regulatory deals etc. It became very clear that one of the requirements for Mahindras interest in the bankruptcy estate was the acquisition of the trademark SAAB. Mahindra made clear that they were going to follow the developments regarding the bankruptcy estates possibilities to sell rights to the trademark issues with great interest. The following day follow-up e-mail conversation took place regarding the trademark issues. A telephone conference was decided upon and later conducted where partners discussed the rights for the trademark within SAAB Automobile AB which were now in the possession of the bankruptcy estate.

The estate has also had several contacts with SAAB AB and Scania AB regarding Mahindras interest in the trademark.

A telephone meeting took place with five representatives from Mahindra managed by S Durgashankar in which the estate presented the findings of its investigation into the trademark agreements (between Saab Automobile AB, GM, Investor, Scania and SAAB AB). A number of questions were answered and after the call meeting was concluded a complete lineup of the registered trademarks Saab Automobile AB had in its possession was sent over to Mahindra. Read the rest of this entry →

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Saab 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch for sale!

July 16, 2014 in Hirsch, News, SAAB 9-5, Saab's for sale, SAABs for SALE, SaabsUnited Related

SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010

SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010


Making room for more classic renovations of 99 Turbos in the garage. So I have decided to put my Saab 9-5 NG AERO 2010 for sale.

Its one of the first production cars with number #175 a carbon grey metallic with parchment  leather interior. First owner was SAAB Automobile AB in Trollhättan. I am the second owner and the car has now just 44000 km on the odometer. The specifications list is quite unique:

Engine & Chassis:

4 cylinder 260 bhp Hirsch engine with a manual 6 speed gearbox. Hirsch stainless steel quad exhaust with Helmholtz Resoantor. DriveSense active chassis with HiPer Struts. 19″ Turbine aluminium wheels + a set of 4 Studded  wheels on Saab aluminium. All Hirsch installation made by the technicians at Saab-ANA in Trollhättan.


Hirsch leather dash, HUD Head-Up-Display, Color info screen, Harman Kardon top of the line radio. GPS Navigation system with information in the HUD, DAB Digital Audio Broadcast radio, Forward camera for fraffic sign detection and warning for crossing white lines. Advanced Parking assist. Rear seat entertainment with two color screens and wireless headphones and remote control. Tinted plastic screens in rear door windows and rear window from Swedish maker Solarplexius. Textile and rubber mats. Bagage compartment with the slider aluminium control system. Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile communication


Aero design line, removable tow/hitch, rear Hirsch trunklid spoiler.

Ready to be sold for 21000 EUROS, approximately 188000 SEK, the car is in Stockholm. Contact me +46709589632 or jtrued[at]

Just a clean sale no other car is of interest I have 7 Saabs already :-)


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DJA880 at the museum

July 15, 2014 in DJA880, Saab Museum

Today we visited the Saab museum to say hallo to a good friend, she is being very well taken care of by the staff.



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SOTW, Jerry taking The Wild Route in his 9-5

July 11, 2014 in Sotw

This weeks SOTW is from Jerry in Ireland.

Hello SU,
Please find attached photos of my 9-5.
We were the first car on the, just launched, “Wild Atlantic Way”.
I’ve also included some local shots in Cork and the 13th century Augustinian Ballybeg Abbey.
Most of the photo’s were taken on the Ring of Kerry here in Southern Ireland which is part of the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2400klm driving route on Irelands west coast, said to be the longest in the world.
What a place for a Saab Run!

Regards, Jerry.

You will find a few more pictures of this beautiful 9-5 on my flickr page.
Thank you for sharing.