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NEVS flying flags at half mast to honor Erik

May 28, 2015 in News



May 27, 2015 in News

It is with huge sadness that we learn today of the passing of our dear friend and true legend Erik Carlsson.

Erik 1

Erik was and will remain a founding father of the success and worldwide awareness of the SAAB brand. His legacy will remain with us and his name synonymous with the word SAAB.

On behalf of the whole SAAB community our deepest condolences go out to his family at this sad time.

RIP ERIK, you will never be forgotten.

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Press Release: Nevs grows with two Chinese strategic part owners

May 27, 2015 in Press Releasse

Together with two new Chinese part owners Nevs will establish its second global factory with focus on electric vehicles and a second global research and development center in the city of Tianjin, neighboring Beijing City and Hebei Province, three highly-integrated economic regions with a population over 100 million.

With the new part owners, Tianjin city’s Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech industrial Development Area (THT), and the Beijing State Research Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SRIT), Nevs has got two new strategic partners.

Tianjin is one of the biggest coastal cities in China and has significantly promoted new energy vehicles both in the form of consumer subsidies and official procurements.

The Tianjin city’s fast growing national level demonstration zone THT embraces a long history of automotive industry. Here is where the joint venture production plant will be built. This will give Nevs a strong foothold on the increasing EV market in the area and China, as well as provide Nevs access to the existing automotive supplier base in the region.

SRIT is a pioneering IT service provider owned by China’s Research Development Center of the State Council, and the telecommunications giant China Unicom.

As software services and connectivity as well as new energy vehicles are the major and increasing trend within the automotive industry, the cooperation with SRIT and its owners will give Nevs a unique possibility to place itself at the forefront of connectivity for the future. SRIT as a partner will also open up more opportunities for Nevs.

The first car that will be produced in the plant in Tianjin is an electric vehicle based on Nevs’ technology, followed by a diversified EV and portfolio of battery electric vehicles and EVs based on Nevs’ new developed vehicle architecture.

“Nevs’ focus is to produce high quality electric vehicles with China as its initial main market. The long-term cooperation with the development area THT in Tianjin and the IT pioneer SRIT will help us achieve our vision and our goal of a global strategic presence and is an important addition to the resources we have in Trollhättan”, says Nevs president Mattias Bergman.

Mikael Östlund
Director Communications and Public Affairs

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Press-meeting at NEVS today at 11:00 CET

May 27, 2015 in NEVS

NEVS has for a while been conducting dialogues regarding technical and industrial partnerships. The original business plan already called for strategic partnerships in order to create a more sustainable future.

Todays press-meeting will deliver two new Chinese part-owners presented by Mattias Bergman which is a significant step in order to deliver upon the business plan to create sustainable mobility through electric cars for the future.

Some of us are bigger collector then others…

May 20, 2015 in Fan Stuff

Many of my friends that drive a Saab often says to me; “Once you have bought one you have two, and so on”. In may cases this is true, I have during the past 10 years owned 2 Saabs at the same time, one enthusiast-car that I only drive during the summer (actually owned my 900T16 for 13 years now), and different cars as a daily-driver during the years, but only one at the time. OK, I must admit – that is not true, at a period of a few months I actually had two daily drivers, I bought daily-driver #2 from my brother who planed to send it to the scrapyard. So I bought the car and fix it so it passed the inspection, and before I had made any plans for it it was sold to another Saab-nut…

But back to the subject – some of us is bigger collector then the rest of us. Many that I know have 3 or 4 Saabs, and some of them over 10…
But I have my doubt if someone beat this guy – he have 247 of them!
As you will se in the video below many of the cars is in a bad shape, and most likely will many of them never come back on the road, but the collection is pretty impressive. I see many Saab-models, from 93 to a 9-5, but mainly is is 96, 99/90 and classic 900’s. The description on YouTube says “The most significant collections of Classic SAABs on the planet. Located in a secret place somewhere on the planet. He’s collection is built on deep love of SAABs” But if I should guess the collection is located somewhere in Finland, based on some registration plates and the amount of Saab 90 in the film. I have never seen so many Saab 90 in one place before! 😉

The clip is about 13 minutes long, and you will see many common and many uncommon Saabs. My highlights from the first time I saw the clip is there three cars:
– about 3:00, 9000 Limo; Not everyday we see a limo based on a 9000. 5 seats in the rear with a TV in the middle row. Guess that was just as unusual in the 80s that it is today… Maybe built at  Uusikaupunki factory?
– about 4:30, 90 Lumikko; A unusual model based on the Saab 90, built by the Finnish Saab dealer Scan-Auto. The 90 was fitted with a Airflow kit and 15″ Aero wheels, all painted in white and they where equipped with sunroof, better audio-system and extra instruments. A small number Lumikko was made by the dealer, but I don’t know if the one in the film is a genuine Lumikko, because the spoiler on the trunk is black, that should be white.
– about 9:00, 99 Finlandia;  A “limo” version based on 5d 99 GLE, 25cm longer then the regular 99. This is the first year (’77) Finlandina, because of  the car has a middle window between the front and rear door. The cars was built at the Saab factory in Uusikaupunki in Finland. The year after (’78) they made the front and rear door 10cm longer each, so the car was 20cm longer then the regular 99. In ’79 and ’80 the Finlandia was based on the 900, and in ’81 the new 900 CD (based on the sedan) came. In total I think they built around 150 cars from ’77-’81, and about 500 900 CD from ’81-’86.

edit: the YouTube video is unfortunately removed by the user who uploaded it.

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There are supercars and there are SUPERcars

May 19, 2015 in Fan Stuff

A well known fact to all SAAB owners is that Spyker bought Saab and the whole place went bankrupt, it was an exciting and sad moment in the history of the iconic brand. Most people also know that Saab almost ended up in the hands of Koenigsegg back in 2009 and a large group of those people including me, feels that this would have been the right way to go. Sadly it didn’t. But regardless we know where Spyker is today and where Koenigsegg is, have a look at Jay Leno talking with Christian and driving one of those Swedish SUPERcars. We can only hope that there might, one day, maybe, perhaps be some kind of relationship forming once again between NEVS and Koenigsegg!

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Gearing up for the Saab Festival 2015

May 19, 2015 in Saab Festival 2015

The time for the 2015 Saab Festival is getting closer and small news bits are getting out about whats going to happen. I have heard from some of the organizers that the event will be really good, the organizers are doing an amazing job to get things ready in time. The event might not be as detailed as previous events but it will still be loads of fun for the visitors.

ANA parts sale will take place Friday and it will offer some really nice deals on parts! Saturday is mostly focused to Kinekulle ring race-track north of Lidköping which is about 45 min north of Trollhättan. From what we’ve heard STCS is organizing that event and they are experts at managing track events so this will be a visit no one should miss out on.

Sunday is display day with a big car show, spaces for several hundred beautiful Saabs next to the Saab museum and a big area focused for boot sales and companies putting up displays and offering products.

Here are some of the things we’ve heard that will be different this year:

NEVS will not take place at the festival. NEVS has been asked to stay out of the festival arrangements this year, but they are more than welcome to show up as private visitors and I’m sure that they will, however they will not represent the company at the festival. But being such Saab lovers that they are I’m sure you’ll see most of them walking around enjoying the event fully.

No dinner event on Saturday night. Due to health issues with one of the organizers the dinner event has been canceled which is sad but I do understand fully that health comes first! But fear not, there are many great restaurants in Trollhättan that will love to have Saab fans visiting them and many smaller groups will be organized in order to provide nice group seatings.

From some people we’ve heard that this might be the last Saab Festival which will be arranged since its such a massive undertaking for the organizers. So if this would turn out to be the last Festival, make sure not to miss it! I for one think that this event will be truly great and I’m really looking forward to it! Hope to see you all there!

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MapTun Meet in Örebro Sweden

May 15, 2015 in Classics, Fan Stuff, MapTun, News, Sweden


In the hometown of Stig Blomqvist the famous SAAB rally driver the MapTun Meet was held again. As always in sunshine outside the MapTun Company HQ.
The pictures speaks for themselves. It was a lot of happy people and cars of all ages and even a “new” brand. I served as one of the judges deciding what cars getting the sweepstakes.

Above is Joakim Bernhardsson winner of “Best Performance” with his 9-3 Racing Replica. My choice of all the cars at the meeting but You all know I am a “sucker” for everything that is rally or racing historical. Joakim is the first who makes an authentic replica of that racing car. In the heydays the original car was driven by a group of three drivers one of the Peter “Poker” Wallenberg. Most of the company logotypes are from companies in the Wallenberg/Investor conglomerate.