Maptun Parts Sweden: Big Outlet

October 31, 2014 in MapTun Parts

maptun_parts_outlet_nov14Our friends at Maptun have now a parts outlet with Saab Original-stuff!
Much of the stuff is bumpers and interior parts, that have to be collected at Maptun in Örebro so for this large items is it  maybe most relevant if you live in Sweden.
The site is only in Swedish language, but the pictures is pretty describing, and if you use Google Translate you will get a good idea of the descriptions.

Most of the stuff is new, but in some cases the original boxes may be missing or the stuff has been unpackaged for photo or demo purposes. Minor flaws can also occur,  but in that cases the flaws is described as far as possible in the description. Some of the articles is only available in a very limited numbers, so hurry if you want to do a bargain!

Click on the image to get to the Outlet - there is stuff for the classic 900 and 9000′s, but mainly it’s 9-3 and 9-5 stuff that’s available.

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Saabs of Houston 2014

October 31, 2014 in Fan Stuff

I had a great email from Jonathan of Viking Motor Cars in Texas about a Saab get together last weekend

Just thought I would send in some pictures of a meet we had here at our shop last Saturday, October 25th.
We had over 50 Saabs show up, from a 1988 Saab 9000 to a 2011 Saab 9-4x.
We are in Texas, a place not know in the world to be Saab country :)
The event was sponsored in part by Saab Club Of North America as well as Saab Parts NA.


Big thanks to Jonathan for letting us see his event.
I have placed larger pictures on Flickr and you will see quite a few more pictures from Jonathan there too.

If you want me to add any events you are organising onto our diary, please email me with as much detail as you can.
Best address is robin.kerry at btinternet dot com.

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SaabsUnited Calendar 2015

October 28, 2014 in Fan Stuff, SaabsUnited Related

2014 Planner

Here we go again with one of the most fun projects of the year. Just like we did in the last two years we ask you to send us your Saab photos. We will choose 12 of them to design a calendar for 2015. Last year we even got enough to make three different calendars so we look forward to see what you come up with this time.

If you feel that it’s the time for a special dedicated calendar for a certain model or series or have any suggestions regarding the calendar feel free to leave a comment. We will try to include those suggestions in the creation of the final product.

The only requirement for those pics is that they feature one or more Saabs and that the image size and resolution are as large as possible to get proper printing quality. The size of the calendar will be 42×30 cm (like last year) and at that size your image should have at least 200 dpi. But anyway, just send the largest version you have and we will check it for you.

Please send your entries to shop @ until November 10th.

The chosen ones will of course get a free calendar and as an extra bonus a gift card from valued Euro 25.

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October 27, 2014 in SaabsUnited Related

It’s been a few days that I’ve been carrying around some thoughts I wanted to put into words here. For the past year I have been pretty absent here as a writer due to the saab related webshop that I had started back then and that has been growing permanently. Nevertheless I’ve been watching closely what happens and what is posted here and around other places in the Saab universe.

Our main job over the years, the covering of the latest news has become rather unsatisfying recently. Not only because real news are hard to get but also because those latest news were rather bad. So for some time I have been looking into ways to get more community topics back on the blog. The stuff that us current owners are interested in while enjoying and maintaining our Saabs. Pretty soon we’ll be introducing a new writer to feature the technical side of our cars. I still believe getting a pre-owned Saab is a good idea and maybe this is a way to encourage more people to join in.

While I still feel that there may be cars made in Trollhättan again in the future for now I think we have to deal with the reality and put our love on the cars we have. I know there are many out there who put a lot of effort into their cars, making them something very special and personal. If you are one of those, please share those stories with us. We will be happy to post it.

We have more things in our mind for the future of SaabsUnited but since it’s you who we are running that blog for we are also open to your suggestions. Comments are open. SaabsUnited has always been a valuable part of the community over the years and can surely be that in the future with a few tweaks here and there.

And finally just a few words on an issue we got a lot of critcism for (and rightly so). I did not like the extensive featuring of Munich based cars either.

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SOTW, Arnies grand pair

October 25, 2014 in News

Hi from France !

I’m very happy to introduce you Mary (as in Bloody Mary) and my everyday SAAB 9-5…

Two different generations, two different shapes, but the same pleasure !
My cars are a 1991 900i convertible and a 2010 9-5 Tid 160 hp
They will be thrilled to be elected S(s)OTW !


Please check here to see a few more pictures from Arnie

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SAAB factory could become a warehouse…

October 21, 2014 in Editorial

After having talked with a couple sources in the past weeks I’ve learned what might become of the Trollhättan factory area if the reconstruction of NEVS was to fail.

First of all regarding the new business plan of NEVS, focusing on the point of letting other manufacturers build their cars at the Saab factory. This is a scenario that nobody I’ve talked to believes in and there are some well founded arguments regarding this so lets put this in context. There is a huge over-capacity in car factories in Europe today. SEAT is not selling well and in order to keep the factories running the VW group are moving production of Audi cars into these factories to keep meaningful production. Most french factories are running on government aid at the moment and almost every manufacturer in Europe are looking for more stuff to do.

So lets say that you are an asian manufacturer looking to enter the European market. Due to high tolls and the soon coming high environmental taxes on shipping its logical for many to place production in Europe, but where?

Option 1. You go to a company called NEVS: They are a company in reconstruction, close to bankruptcy, they do not have any production staff employed at all, they don’t produce any cars themselves, they have zero experience in high volume production and their production capacity is limited to 120k cars per year. NEVS will also not write a long term deal since if their own plans actually become reality they will need the majority of the capacity at the factory for their own cars. Normally production deals like these are written for a full series production spanning 4-6 years. NEVS plans to have a big output of their own cars in less than 3 years.

Option 2. You go for one of the other established manufacturers who have trained production staff, peak capacity of about 3-500k cars per year, a high level of competence and are actually production cars so you can get good contracts on part-sharing. With these manufacturers you can get a long-term deal at a competitive price that NEVS can not match. Right now there are about 5+ factories more or less actively looking for partners to produce for all with a capacity of more than 120k cars per year.

Which option would you go for? Exactly, I don’t think any business man with a sense of reality would go for option 1…

I don’t think there is a chance that NEVS will land a production contract for any other manufacturer unless its actually Mahindra or Dong Feng themselves who would go in as owners in the company thus guaranteeing the financial survival of the company. Question is, is there a demand in Europe for the products that Mahindra or Dong Feng offers?…

So whats up with the headline? SAAB FACTORY COULD BECOME A WAREHOUSE?

Yep, there are actually real plans of this happening and these plans were made back in 2011 when Hemfosa was offered to buy the production facilities from SWAN. This was the backup plan for Hemfosa in case Saab Automobile AB was to go bankrupt, this was also the plan that was to be put into action if the bankruptcy administrators were unable to sell the estate and I’ve learned that this plan is still very much a reality at the moment if NEVS were to fail.

So warehouse? Yes, exactly… There are two big ports close to Trollhättan, Gothenburg 75 km south and Uddevalla 45 km west, both ports are situated fairly close to the center of the city in areas that have high land value. In Gothenburg housing companies are paying big money to get hold of land to build luxury apartments on and a large area of the former ship-building harbor or Eriksberg has already been converted into high-priced luxury condos. Eriksberg is currently one of the most popular areas in Gothenburg. In most cities in Scandinavia the big port-warehouses have been moved outside the city and are serviced by either rail or lorries but not Gothenburg nor Uddevalla. Trollhättan is situated perfectly close to both Gothenburg and Uddevalla to support both ports on short-notise.

The total area of the factory floor and the well built delivery and arrival hall for lorries make the area a perfect warehouse. The ironic thing that a source disclosed to SU is that the plans for conversion called for a big number of employees to be hired, working in 4 shifts around the clock. The newly built high-way system going to both Gothenburg and Uddevalla from Trollhättan are in perfect condition and provides a quick way to transport products with a just-in-time concept as ships arrive at the ports. The warehouse would also boost a lot of jobs in the transport sector which has had very little to do since Saab Automobile AB closed down, a large number of truck drivers and loaders would have been employed, them too working around the clock. A source told SU that as many as 800-1000 people in total could be employed working with spedition, storage, security and transport.

In retrospect I think that the administrators did the right thing by giving the Saab brand a 2′nd chance and that 2′nd chance is far from over, its still very much alive and kicking and I know that everyone regardless if one believe in NEVS or not are still hoping that they will pull through somehow and that we’ll see new cars coming off the production line in the factory! But in all honesty I found myself asking, would the past 2 years really have been so bad if the warehouse plans would have happened instead?… Perhaps NEVS could introduce this idea into their businessplan and provide a part of the factory as a warehouse until the facilities are needed for car production?

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What I drive now while waiting for a future swedish sportscar.

October 21, 2014 in News

As Tim Rokka mentioned in his last posting here that he has ordered a BMW 428i Xdrive. For the last two months I have been the happy owner of a BMW M4 Coupe. Last week I had a pilgrimage to Germany visiting BMW Welt + Museum and production facility in Munich. From there to a racing course at Sachsenring via a stop at the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt. The M4 is for me that Saab 9X or AEROX that Saab never made. The former owner Spyker had some racing cars but they where in my opinion sort of kit cars with an Audi engine and 100% impractical and just space for 2 people without any luggage. My present M4 has enough space to go to the BMW dealership and pick up a set of 255/40/18 wheels inside the car. Just folding the rear backrest and all the wheels fit.
It is my first rear driven car ever and I really look forward to this new relationship. Handling wise it is a supercar german motor magazine drove it on Nürburgring in 7:53 minutes. I managed in my very first timed slalom drive at the Sachsenring circuit get the best time. First time for me in a slalom in a rear wheel driven car.

At Sachsenring Circuit near Dresden, Germany

At the BMW welt (World) with the BMW Headquarters and Museum in the background

MY favorite racing car of all times the BMW 3.5 CSL in the original M livery that has inspired me to att the racing colors to my M4. Swedish Formula 1 driver Ronnie Peterson raced BMW when not in the Lotus or March cars.

Now I am off to pick up newly blasted chassis part for my Saab 99 Turbo 4 door car. I will post more on that project here on SaabsUnited. All You guys know where the SU crew hearts are!

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SOTW , Gunter goes for many drives

October 18, 2014 in Sotw

Last year I visited Intsaab in England and Mr. Saab, EriK Carlsson, took the time to admire my 9-5ng.
When I offered to take a seat in the car he said he didn’t dare because he was afraid he wouldn’t get out anymore, funny.
I love this car and went on holiday in it several times, twice to the south of France, to Intsaab 2013 and recently to Malbork, Poland for Intsaab 2014.
In august it took me and my family safely to Portugal and back to Belgium, we drove about 5.000km in 2 weeks.
On the way back we stopped in Bayonne (in the south of France near tothe Spanish border) to see the Saab 900 speedster prototype by Leif Mellberg.

Kind regards & keep on Saabing,

Gunter Van Oost

(aka Saabgun on SaabsUnited)

Thank you for these great pictures.

As always there are a few more pictures from Gunter on my flickr page

A Rare Opportunity!!

October 16, 2014 in Classics, Fan Stuff, Saab's for sale

A good friend of mine sadly has to sell his low mileage 900 Ruby Edition. It had previously been listed and sold on Ebay but the buyer then declined the purchase due to not having the money to buy it!!  It is now relisted but with only 20 hours left to go!

(00 Ruby

I am mentioning it here because it is a fantastic opportunity to own what is fast becoming a sought after model and hope it can be purchased by somebody within our community or a Saab fan who will cherish it as it so deserves.

I originally sold this car brand new from the dealership I worked at to a chemist who sadly died. His wife then kept the car in the garage for many years until she then sold it to my friend who coincidentally was also a salesman at the same dealership.

The time has now come for it to find it’s third loving home. The car can be found on eBay (see details below) but only has 20 hours to run (at time of writing). Apologies for the short notice but I have only just found out about it being relisted.

Only available in the UK, the Ruby had the 185 bhp (138 kW; 188 PS) ‘Carlsson’ engine but no body kit. All were in ‘Ruby’ Red and can be distinguished from other 900s by the colour-coded bumpers and grey (rather than silver) alloy wheels. They also had the unique air-conditioned interior of buffalo leather with Zegna pure wool inserts in the seats and door panels. There were 150 examples and were the last classic style 900s sold in the UK.

This example for sale is a genuine 2 owner car with only 69,000 miles on the clock from new and has a full Saab main dealer service history.
It is in fantastic condition as you would expect and has 4 new tyres, also new brakes and discs all round.
It also drives perfectly to match its condition.
This has to be the best example of a classic Saab 900 Ruby available in the UK at this moment, this is indeed a great investment opportunity for somebody to own a piece of motoring history.

If any of you purchase it please let me know. Incidentally it is listed on eBay as a T16s which of course is incorrect.

View it here:


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RBM Performance teams up with FedEx

October 15, 2014 in RBM Performance

Today is proud to announce our new partnership with FEDEX, this partnership is part of our unceasing  international expansion focus. International customers may be delivered by FEDEX priority the next morning after shipping, at affordable prices if we need to precise :)


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My last day as a Saab owner… for now…

October 14, 2014 in Fan Stuff

At 10:15 today I officially sold my last Saab. It was my 2010 Saab 9-5 Griffin that I bought brand new in february of 2010. For 13 years its been an absolute privilege to support one of the best brands in the world and I’m still keeping my fingers x’ed that I once again can some day can walk into ANA in Trollhättan and place an order for a brand new 9-5, even so a few weeks ago I walked into ANA and placed an order for a new BMW 428i xDrive Coupe instead. It feels good to support my dealer who has been so very faithful towards me during my 13 years of Saab ownership and I’m sure I’ll continue to get the same kind of support with this new brand.

I can tell you that it sure feel strange backing out of the drive-way this morning knowing that it was the last time I’d be doing it in a car that I bought brand new and that has served me with excellence for 134’400 km. Its always felt a bit sad to sell a car but this one was really special and it felt extra sad, but time goes by and I know that this car now has an excellent new owner who’ll care for it more than I have time for. Its a strange feeling to move on to another brand, but considering the uncertainty that has prevailed with the brand since the bankruptcy and the uncertainty of spare-parts availability in the future, as well as the big drop in residual value of the cars right now I felt that it was the right move.

All I can say is that its been a privilege to own a Saab and I sure hope that one day I can experience that privilege once again!