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NEVS is looking for a "HR Generalist, with focus on recruitment" with start "shortly". Do we dare to take a wild guess?
Look at this cool rocking saab!
Uncertain start of production for petrol SaabTROLLHÄTTAN A productive start to the Stallbacka of 9-3 with petrol and diesel in the summer looks increasingly unlikely out. Nevs has previously said that you need to start recruiting production staff six months before. - We have not started this, says press officer Mikael Östlund.*From TTELA on february 23rd*
Satirical view of GM's management of the Saab brand: Check out my painting 'The General Manages' at Saatchi Online
I don't have an article to write as such. Just a piece of news that makes me sick to my heart and SAAB soul:
Nevs electric car plans judged now by the German automotive researchers. - Chances for success are not great, says Ferdinand Dudenhöffer in a new interview. The Bloomberg News let Dudenhöffer, who is a professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen, comment Nevs aims to produce 120 000 cars in 2016.
If you're in the States next month and near Philadelphia, you may want to add this to your itinerary!
I have owned 7-8 Saabs from the old 99 to a 9-5, yet when Saab went out of production I bought my 1st Mercedes. These are super cars, strong, functional and undoubtedly of the highest quality. Yet something is always missing - as James May writes in Top Gear cars themselves do not have a soul, humans do. The Merc instills confidence, assurity but lacks the ability to bring out my own passion for driving. In an ideal world I would have my 9000 back, a perfect car in almost every way for me, and a Benz for daily use. Which would I take to work or the shops? - a Benz. For a road trip? The old 9000 (sorry the 9-5 was not such a step-up from my 9000!). I wouldn't mind my old cabrio classic back either for weekends..!
This is the new logo of nevs… looks simple and cool
SR reports that one of the receivers of Saab's bankruptcy estate has been paid almost 25 million SEK in advance before his work has been completed…That is one big paycheck...