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Saab Artwork to be launched at Swedish Day UK

April 7, 2014 in Fan Stuff

I have just received a fantastic art print from Lance Cole – this print will be a prize at the Swedish Day event this May. It is a bright and stunning piece of painting from our well-known Saab supporter. The car really looks as though its moving and the design details look accurate enough for the discerning amongst you.

Lance – a long time supporter of this website, is best known to us as the author of two Saab books as well as a few other titles including Citroen and The Spitfire. However, before he started to write, Lance studied in art and design and trained in styling and is also known for his illustrations. Lance has decided to celebrate his Saab enthusiasm and profile by launching a series of artworks depicting classic Saabism.

Called ‘Swedish Blue’ and the first in a series of Saab paintings, this initial artwork depicts a beautiful blue Saab 93 circa 1959 as it rushes along with spray and airflow cleaving off the car.
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Video: Saab Sonett, a thing of beauty

March 19, 2014 in Fan Stuff

It’s always nice to start your day by looking at something beautiful, it brings a smile to your face and you feel good, so here it is! =)

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2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting

March 15, 2014 in Fan Stuff, intsaab2014

The website for this years International Car Club Meeting has been released and there you will find many details of the event being held in Poland this August.

Here are a few words from the front page but please head over to their site and take a look for yourselves.

Welcome to the 2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting
08th-10th August 2014.

On behalf of Saab Klub Polska we would very much like to invite you all to the 2014 International Saab Club Meeting, which will take place in Malbork. We promise an unforgettable experience, as we’re going to provide a whole lot of entertainment, so there’ll be something for everyone. We plan lot of attractions on site and tours around the area.

2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting in fact starts on Tuesday 05.0814 in the five starting points of pretours. This option, an additional fee, is directed mainly to our guests from abroad to facilitate their journey and show our country. On each of the “stops” will present “resident” of the Saab Club Poland – will be waiting for guests at the point of accommodation … will be provided advice regarding routes or contributory organization roadside assistance / service if necessary.


Azzy and I will be there on behalf of SaabsUnited and we will try and do reports as the days go by.
We also plan to do one of the pre-tours with our great Saaby friends.

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Gösta Karlsson from Varberg has left us

March 12, 2014 in Fan Stuff

Goesta Karlsson Saab RallyWe are saddened to tell the Saabfans that the Swedish champion and Saab worksdriver Gösta Karlsson from Varberg has left us after a short illness.

Gösta made his name competing in the two-stroke Saabs both on tarmac and ice and his level of preparation of his cars was impeccable. So good that he outperformed the works Saabs on several occasions….

We send our condoleances to his family in this difficult moment.

Racing Results (Date, Place, Car, Driver / Co-drvier, Finishing position):

4.10.1959 Innsbruck [GT1.3] Saab 93 Gösta Karlsson 7th
22.5.1960 Copenhagen Cup [GT1.0] Saab Gösta Karlsson 1st
4.9.1960 500 km Nürburgring Saab 96 Karlsson / Johansson 13th
1.5.1961 Skarpnäck [GT1.0] 3 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson DNA
4.6.1961 Gellerasloppet [GT1.0] 4 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
6.8.1961 Västkustloppet [GT1.0] 7 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
20.8.1961 Kanonloppet [GT1.3] 8 Saab Gösta Karlsson DNA
3.9.1961 500 km Nürburgring 54 Saab 96 Karlsson / Johansson Gosta Karlsson 15th
10.9.1961 Skarpnäcksloppet [GT1.0] 2 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 2nd
6.5.1962 Skarpnäck [GT1.0] 2 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
27.5.1962 Velodromloppet [GT1.0] 1 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
5.8.1962 Västkustloppet [GT1.0] 1 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
12.8.1962 Kanonloppet [GT1.0+GT1.6] 1 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 6th
2.9.1962 500 km Nürburgring 54 Saab 96 Karlsson / Johansson Gosta Karlsson DNF
9.9.1962 Skarpnäcksloppet [GT1.0] 1 Saab 96 Gösta Karlsson 1st
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Chris goes to the NEC

March 11, 2014 in Fan Stuff

Remember our request about Chris? well he would like to thank everybody who helped him get an invite to be on the “Practical Classics Magazine” stand at the NEC later in the year.

Hi all

Practical Classics called me today to let me the good news that I’ve made it to the final 10 for the Practical Classics Restorer of the Year with the Saab 900 T16S

It had the majority vote from the web ‘wild card’ vote but it wasn’t needed as it also won the postal vote from the magazine

To say that I am chuffed is a massive understatement, It’s just wonderful that amongst all of the traditional classic’s the youngest car and therefore the ‘underdog’ in my opinion has done so well. It shows that times are changing and cars from the 1980’s are becoming very desirable to classic car enthusiasts. It also shows the Saab 900 has now properly gained classic status.

Thank you all for your votes and support, next stop the NEC

Show details and website

Hope to see some of you there!!!



Chris with his trophy that he won at Swedish Day, hope he collects another one at the NEC

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The Museum Saabs by Editions Atlas pt2

March 7, 2014 in Fan Stuff, News, Saab Museum

The Ursaab has a scan in the Museum in Trollhättan

In the first part of our article on future Saab models, Dimitri of Editions Atlas outlined the background surrounding the decision to produce a new series of miniatures, the Saab Cars Museum Collection.

How do you go from a full-scale car to a scale model whilst remaining true to the features of the original car? As far as accuracy is concerned, current technologies mean we now have previously unheard of possibilities within our reach thanks to the 3D scanner, which is what we shall attempt to explain here with the help of Dimitri, whose technical perspective on the matter we greatly appreciate.

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A secret visit to Trollhättan, making a dream come true!

March 4, 2014 in Fan Stuff

Last night an e-mail landed in our crewmail from Evgeny, with a story that is simply amazing! A friend of Evgeny, Dmitry was getting married and less than one week prior to his wedding a group of guys decided to make Dmitry’s dream come true.

That dream was to fly to Trollhättan, Sweden and to visit the Saab Cars Museum and the Saab Factory. As it turned out, they also got a rare chance to test drive the brand new 2014 SAAB 9-3 Aero. Göran Fredriksson, one of the PR managers at NEVS greeted the guys at the SAAB Factory.

Please enjoy this video and the photos because the really tell an inspiring story and the do show off Trollhättan in a very nice way, with loads of Saabs =)

- Story & Photos
- Photo Album

NEVS 9-3 is up for testing!

February 27, 2014 in Fan Stuff, NEVS

FH-355This week three Swedish car-magazines has visited Trollhätttan for a test-drive of the 2014 9-3 Aero. As we all already know it’s basically a 2012 9-3 Griffin Aero with the two-litre Turbo4 220hp petrol-engine, but with some changes by NEVS. All the three magazines had put a little sneak peek from the test-drive on their websites, and I will here sum up the most important from the sneak peeks.

First out was the magazine “Vi Bilägare“, one of Sweden’s biggest car-magazine. Their tester Calle Carlquist drove a car with the automatic transmission, and he thinks the driving experience is completely modern and he also think NEVS has succeed with their idea that the car should feel sporty but still be comfortable. So he has a positive first impression and think it’s a good car that don’t feel ready for retirement, but the drawback is that it’s missing some of the latest techology.

Next up is “Teknikens Värld“, maybe most known for their “moose test”. I don’t know if they set the 9-3 up for a moose test, but their testers Hans Hedberg and Glenn Lindberg think it’s noticeable that the 2014 9-3 is older than the competitors, but it’s cope pretty well anyway. The chassis is comfortable and resilient, but not “Aero-resilient”, and the 220hp engine is pleasant to drive as always (Täknikens Värld tested a car with manual transmission). They also think the long-distance comfort feels as good as in the old seats, and a tip from them if you don’t want to wait for the new infotainment-system from NEVS you can simply change the headunit to a more fancy aftermarked headunit at your nearest SAAB-garage.

Left is “Auto Motor & Sport“, a magazine well known over all Europe. They sent Thomas Berggren and Pär Brandt, and they think “it feels very much SAAB”. As Teknikens Värld they think the chassis is convenient and comfortable rather sporty. It don’t feels bumpy, it eats bumps in the road very nice and the the chassis will get a high score. It’s is great for Swedish roads! The engine is strong at low revs and have a nice torque, but it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the market. AMS think the car have a old infotainment system, and it’s missing the latest safety systems as brake-assist, sleep-warning, lane-warning and so on.

So if we sum up what the Swedish car-magazines think about the 2014 9-3;
The 9-3 still have a great chassis and a very nice engine. The stuff that is not so good is the lack of a better infotainment (rumors says a new one is on it’s way), and the fact it’s not a new car so it’s missing some of the latest safety systems.

If you want to read the original articles and see a few images, click on the links under. (sorry, Swedish text only)
Vi Bilägare
Teknikens Värld
Auto, Motor & Sport

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The Museum Saabs by Atlas Editions

February 24, 2014 in Fan Stuff, Model Saabs, News

Why are Editions Atlas interested in Saabs?

Over the course of the meeting held in Huy in early November 2013 you got the opportunity to discover the first models belonging to a new collection announced by Editions Atlas: the Saab Car Museum Collection.

The collection is now launched in Scandinavia, followed by Finland, then gradually in other markets in which Editions Atlas already operate. The Saab Farm will be responsible for marketing operations in other countries.

Editions Atlas is a commercial concern whose products are aimed at a wide audience. Its aim is not, therefore, to sell small numbers of very sophisticated models to a handful of enthusiasts who have the necessary means but rather to appeal to as many people as possible by offering a comprehensive and well-structured collection at very affordable prices for the best possible quality.

Atlas has been expanding its operations in the Nordic countries over recent years, launching a collection of 1:43 Volvo models in 2011. So successful was the initiative that of the 30 models that Atlas originally intended to introduce, there are already plans for one or even several extensions, taking the collection up to a potential 60 models.

As a result of this success and of the evident demand, Atlas would like to test the viability of another single-brand collection with Saab. Initial tests have proven positive, meaning that work can now begin on developing a collection. This development will no doubt be boosted by the fact that the new recruit within the new product development department, who happens to specialise in miniature cars, is himself a Saabist – and a collector to boot [Editor's note: of both miniature and full-scale Saabs]!
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Classic cars reinvented: Car icons back from the dead.

February 12, 2014 in Fan Stuff

Isn’t it wonderful how some motoring marques are just never forgotten?

Indeed, they leave a lasting impression which shows how far advanced they were for there age and how forward thinking those manufacturers were. I have just spotted this article from MSN who decided to compile a list of retro cars but with a 2014 twist to them.

Upon opening the article I wondered if our beloved brand would in some way be recognised……… I will let you discover for yourselves if SAAB was remembered from the hundreds of marques they could have chosen. Please note the editorial below each picture.

Click on this link then click: Car icons back from the dead.



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4th Swiss Fondue Report

February 3, 2014 in Fan Stuff

A few weeks ago Dimitri and Fred held their 4th, very successful, Fondue meeting in the Swiss Alps. Below are a few words that I received from Dimitri this morning for your enjoyment.


This Year, as we had moved, we couldn’t invite all the participant to our place which is now too far away. So we rented the ancient local “bread oven”. This oven was, in the past, heated for all the village and everyone could come twice a week to cook his own bread.

This place is now restored, the oven again in use and as member of this association we were able to rent it for the first part of the event: The “apero des régions”.
This now traditional lunch aperitif is made by all participant. Everybody brings some drinks and food specialities to share with the others.
About 70 people came there from Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Great Britain, and Switzerland of course.

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