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Some of us are bigger collector then others…

May 20, 2015 in Fan Stuff

Many of my friends that drive a Saab often says to me; “Once you have bought one you have two, and so on”. In may cases this is true, I have during the past 10 years owned 2 Saabs at the same time, one enthusiast-car that I only drive during the summer (actually owned my 900T16 for 13 years now), and different cars as a daily-driver during the years, but only one at the time. OK, I must admit – that is not true, at a period of a few months I actually had two daily drivers, I bought daily-driver #2 from my brother who planed to send it to the scrapyard. So I bought the car and fix it so it passed the inspection, and before I had made any plans for it it was sold to another Saab-nut…

But back to the subject – some of us is bigger collector then the rest of us. Many that I know have 3 or 4 Saabs, and some of them over 10…
But I have my doubt if someone beat this guy – he have 247 of them!
As you will se in the video below many of the cars is in a bad shape, and most likely will many of them never come back on the road, but the collection is pretty impressive. I see many Saab-models, from 93 to a 9-5, but mainly is is 96, 99/90 and classic 900’s. The description on YouTube says “The most significant collections of Classic SAABs on the planet. Located in a secret place somewhere on the planet. He’s collection is built on deep love of SAABs” But if I should guess the collection is located somewhere in Finland, based on some registration plates and the amount of Saab 90 in the film. I have never seen so many Saab 90 in one place before! 😉

The clip is about 13 minutes long, and you will see many common and many uncommon Saabs. My highlights from the first time I saw the clip is there three cars:
– about 3:00, 9000 Limo; Not everyday we see a limo based on a 9000. 5 seats in the rear with a TV in the middle row. Guess that was just as unusual in the 80s that it is today… Maybe built at  Uusikaupunki factory?
– about 4:30, 90 Lumikko; A unusual model based on the Saab 90, built by the Finnish Saab dealer Scan-Auto. The 90 was fitted with a Airflow kit and 15″ Aero wheels, all painted in white and they where equipped with sunroof, better audio-system and extra instruments. A small number Lumikko was made by the dealer, but I don’t know if the one in the film is a genuine Lumikko, because the spoiler on the trunk is black, that should be white.
– about 9:00, 99 Finlandia;  A “limo” version based on 5d 99 GLE, 25cm longer then the regular 99. This is the first year (’77) Finlandina, because of  the car has a middle window between the front and rear door. The cars was built at the Saab factory in Uusikaupunki in Finland. The year after (’78) they made the front and rear door 10cm longer each, so the car was 20cm longer then the regular 99. In ’79 and ’80 the Finlandia was based on the 900, and in ’81 the new 900 CD (based on the sedan) came. In total I think they built around 150 cars from ’77-’81, and about 500 900 CD from ’81-’86.

edit: the YouTube video is unfortunately removed by the user who uploaded it.

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There are supercars and there are SUPERcars

May 19, 2015 in Fan Stuff

A well known fact to all SAAB owners is that Spyker bought Saab and the whole place went bankrupt, it was an exciting and sad moment in the history of the iconic brand. Most people also know that Saab almost ended up in the hands of Koenigsegg back in 2009 and a large group of those people including me, feels that this would have been the right way to go. Sadly it didn’t. But regardless we know where Spyker is today and where Koenigsegg is, have a look at Jay Leno talking with Christian and driving one of those Swedish SUPERcars. We can only hope that there might, one day, maybe, perhaps be some kind of relationship forming once again between NEVS and Koenigsegg!

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MapTun Meet in Örebro Sweden

May 15, 2015 in Classics, Fan Stuff, MapTun, News, Sweden


In the hometown of Stig Blomqvist the famous SAAB rally driver the MapTun Meet was held again. As always in sunshine outside the MapTun Company HQ.
The pictures speaks for themselves. It was a lot of happy people and cars of all ages and even a “new” brand. I served as one of the judges deciding what cars getting the sweepstakes.

Above is Joakim Bernhardsson winner of “Best Performance” with his 9-3 Racing Replica. My choice of all the cars at the meeting but You all know I am a “sucker” for everything that is rally or racing historical. Joakim is the first who makes an authentic replica of that racing car. In the heydays the original car was driven by a group of three drivers one of the Peter “Poker” Wallenberg. Most of the company logotypes are from companies in the Wallenberg/Investor conglomerate.

9-3 2.2 BioPower “Griffin” Aero by Emil – part 4

April 5, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Projects

Many of you who have been at any Saab meeting in Sweden during the last couple of years has maybe noticed a good looking carbon grey 9-3 “Griffin” sedan. This 9-3 is special in many ways, the first thing is that the car isn’t that you first thought when you saw it – in fact this is a 2009 9-3 Aero, but it’s completely converted to a 2012 9-3 Griffin optics and interior with something extra. The second thing, and for me the most impressive, is what you maybe don’t notice even through the bonnet is open – the engine. In this car the original 2.0 BioPower engine replaced with a 2.2 litre BioPower engine, and it is the story about the engine we are going to tell here.

This is article number four and the last one in the story about Emils 2.2 “Griffin” Aero. The earlier parts  will you find here; one | two | three


The latest modification Emil has done to his car is to go a little step away from the Griffin-lookalike concept, he have replaced the fog-lights with LED-lights (or DRL lights if you want). Emil thought the standard fog-lights had a much yellower light than the rest of the lights in the front, and to fix this issue Emil started to look around for suitable LED-bulbs. But when Nevs came with their MY14 9-3, which has DRL (Day Running Lights) instead of fog-lights, Emil thought a update to this would be worth a try. From an acquaintance who works at Nevs Emil get the right part-numbers and information about what modifications that was needed to be done. But when Emil ordered the articles he needed at ANA in Trollhättan wasn’t that possible, they was simply not in stock at Orio yet.

emil_drlkitBut in May 2014 at Maptun Meet 2014 in Örebro, things start to go Emils way. For those who was there you maybe remember that Orio had a stand there with two representatives. Emil got a lot of credit for the job with the car, and they discussed a lot about what was changed and updated. To make a long story short, Emil was invited to Orios office in Trollhättan to show them the car, which of course Emil thought was very nice. After a few months they manage to find a time in the calendar, and Emil show the guys at Orio his car. This ended up with that Emil and Orio agreed to discuss different future ideas, but a solution of the DRL was not ready at this point due to Orio didn’t had finished all the agreements with the suppliers.
At the same time Emil worked on the possibility to buy a DRL-kit direct from Nevs, at first this wasn’t quite impossible to do, but later they ended up with a “no” to this. But not long after the no from Nevs, Orio sent Emil a message there they wondered if Emil wanted to help them to try out a thing; how the DRL kit fit the 9-3 Griffin. The parts Emil revived from Orio fit bolt on, except a error for the monitoring of the light. Another issue is the resistance in the DRL, it is much lower then in normal lamps, so with that results in that the DRL is flashing. Emil has fixed that problem with help from a friend that works with vehicle electronics, but as a “blot-on” kit from Orio this is still under testing. Read the rest of this entry →

Saab Of The Week

April 4, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Sotw

This week’s Saab Of The Week comes from Marco in Andalusia, Spain. I always like it when owners take the time and effort as Marco has done here to photograph their car in spectacular locations. I am sure you will all agree this is a lovely car shown off in a stunning location. Well done Marco

Bien  Hecho!!!!!!

“Hi Martin:

Since I purchased my first 9-3 December 2000, I always had the “obsession” to get another drive sometime this model, and now Aero Convertible.




In 2009 I finally achieved my goal by acquiring a unit with less than 100K Kms. In Belgium. In this time it has become the center of our leisure travel around Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany …)

No doubt it is a SAAB with personality, high level of performance and equipment as well as being one of the SAAB that will remain as a reference mark. We are about to celebrate the first 100K miles and I hope to grow old aboard the coming years.

 I hope to be worthy of inclusion in the prestigious selection of SOTW.”


Marco Fernández







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Easter Snippets

April 3, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Saab Festival 2015

Anna and I often get a kick out of spotting Saabs in contemporary TV shows. The Big Bang Theory is one of the shows we never miss, and one of the main characters (Leonard – the most normal one of the bunch) drives a sleek-looking 9-5. Usually they only show a glimpse of his 9-5, I guess to make it less obvious that most of the time they use a green screen to provide the background.

However, this week’s episode was filmed on location, and several great shots of Leonard’s 9-5 was shown. The 9-5’s Saab logo on the hood nearly burned a hole in my screen.

Visiting the Skywalker ranch

Visiting the Skywalker ranch


interceptorsPeople not driving Saabs every day are more likely to punch you in the face. However, they can also provide a great source of entertainment. Three guys who used to run a popular car show have formed their own facebook group.

(And in case any of you missed it, make sure you check out Top Gear’s Saab Tribute)


A good friend and allround decent chap, Johan Bohlin (yes, the Saab ice cream guy) wanted to show his support for the factory and started a new facebook event: We Support Saab. It is a virtual event (and at the moment very low key), so no need to go anywhere physically, but maybe it will be a good idea to find a nice place to visit (in your Saab of course) and just enjoy the day? It can also serve as a mental preparation for this year’s Saab festival. We will be attending the festival and look forward to seeing you all in Trollhättan.

#stayoriginal – project complete

April 2, 2015 in Fan Stuff, MapTun, Projects

stay_original_epic_blocket_adFor a few weeks ago I mentioned that Orio started a project named #stayoriginal, and now Orio with help from several helpers, including  from Maptun and Högdalens Bil& Skadecenter completed the project and handed it over to the “new” owner.

At Högdalens Bil & Skadecenter they have removed all rust, they also took care of all the dents – and repainted the entire car. They had also replaced the right rear fender, the wheel arches, all mouldings outside the car and finally a new wind shield. Normally this is work for 3 weeks, but the guys made it in approximately half of the time.

At our friends at Maptun in Örebro three persons worked in total 55 hours to make it ship shape mechanically. The engine has been almost completely rebuilt with for example a new timing chain and the most of the components related to brakes is all new. Inside the car much of the interior is replaced, such as front and rear seats, door panels and more. The AC system has also been overhauled. Many of the parts that Maptun expected would break within a 12 mounts period (witch was a lot) has also had been replaced.

Almost all of the parts on this project come from Orio, they have up to 98% of the parts for our Saabs available at the stock in Nyköping or in production. The things that was a bit tricky to solve was the interior details , for example was the front- and rear seats and the door trims discontinued, but that part was solved with parts from a car recycling in almost  new condition.
In my opinion this is not a very big deal, how many of you have considered to buy brand new seats for your 15 year old 9-5? If you ask me it’s more important to supply (and produce) service- and spare-parts that people need and is necessary for our cars to run –  for example wind shields for the new 9-5 to make an example. I believe that Orio will produce new parts as long someone (we) buy them and Orio make money on that…

The YouTube-clip under is from the handover to the “new” owner, this time Orio has put English subs on the clip, for all of you that don’t understand Swedish! :)
If you want to see all the teasers, visit Orio’s #stayoriginal webpage – or their YouTube channel.

The Fast and Furious, Neo’s 96ss takes flight!

March 31, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Neo Brothers

Two very good friends of mine, Alex Rankin and RobinM were both extremely fortunate over this past weekend to be invited by Neo Bros to witness and experience the inaugural track testing of the fantastic Saab 96ss. Here is their story, told by Alex…….neo96Well, what can I say? Robin and I felt extremely privileged to be asked along to the inaugural test run of Neo Bros Saab 96 SS.  We arrived at Bedford Autodrome on a bright but cold March the 30th day and received a very warm welcome from everyone that had been asked along to witness the culmination of many years of hard work, designing and building this super Swede! If you cast your minds back to 2013, the unveiling of the 96SS took place at the Saab Festival in Trollhattan to rapturous applause and admiration by all that attended. It has taken a further two years to have the car ready for its first outing on the track. A lot of dedication and attention has been put into getting this car to be the best it possibly can through design, technology and engineering skill. But even after all that, the only way to find out if you in fact have got it right is to drive it. And get it right they did. Boy does this car fly! There is a little bit of tweaking to be done here and there, but overall Neos are extremely happy with all aspects of the car. Nick took me out on the track for an experience I will never forget. The power and performance from this 475 bhp monster is incredible, especially when informed by Nick that he was ‘taking it easy’ and limiting its 8500rpm potential to around 6000rpm. We were quickly charging down the back straight at 125mph, although it had reached 130mph a while earlier. Nick told me that once run in, speeds in excess of 160mph will be easily attained.

neo1Shortly after this I experienced something that can only be described as surreal. Here I was, a passenger in a Saab 96, chasing down a BMW M3 at well over 100mph and hanging on its tail through some of the tightest bends you could ever imagine and loving every minute of it – incredible is not the word!


The relationship between a racing driver and his car can be likened to the relationship one human being has to another. Over time you learn everything there is to know, how to handle, respect, and treat that person, to know that person’s limits, in effect become one with that person. A racing car is no different. The same rules apply. This is a new relationship and Neos have to get to know the car’s limits and how to handle it in all situations. This will in turn give them the confidence to push it to those limits and ultimately extract the maximum performance, becoming one with the car.

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