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Nevs in a strategic cooperation with State Grid

March 17, 2016 in NEVS, News


On March 15, 2016, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework agreement.

“I am very proud that State Grid has chosen Nevs as a preferred partner for mobility solutions and as a supplier of electric vehicles. State Grid plays a very strategic and operational role in China’s transformation to more sustainable solutions”, said Stefan Tilk, Vice Chairman Nevs.

Facts about State Grid
State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) was established as a state-owned enterprise on December 29, 2002. As the largest public service company in the world, SGCC ranked 7th on Fortune Global 500. SGCC constructs and operates power grids as its core business, to provide safer, cleaner, and more economic and sustainable power supply. As a super-large state-owned enterprise crucial to national energy security, SGCC operates as a group with CNY 200 billion registered capital and 1.87 million employees.

State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of State Grid Corporation of China. It was founded by the end of 2015 with 3 billion registered capital. The company focuses on advancing electric vehicle industry and green development in China.

SGCC official website:

Mikael Östlund
Director Communications and Public Affairs
Tel: 46 5208 5100

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The Brand question seems to still be alive

February 20, 2016 in Editorial, NEVS

I know we have said that the brand name question is over. Well it wasn’t me, and I still repeat my sentence.

Show me a picture of the factory without the SAAB wording and I will stop talking about it.

New Saab picture, Sweden-style!

Still a SAAB factory?

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NEVS working on new brand

January 10, 2016 in DJA880, NEVS, News

saablogo2245pxAs our sources have confirmed for well over a year now NEVS will not be allowed to use the SAAB brand again, this is also confirmed in a Swedish Radio interview where Kai Johan Jiang for the first time confirms that NEVS is working on a new brand name for the cars. Our sources at SAAB AB have for a long time made it very clear to us that SAAB is a defense and technology brand, not a car brand.

For me personally, the end of the Saab era came with the completion of DJA880, the last “YS3” Saab that was ever built which is kept nice and warm for us by our good friends at the SAAB Cars Museum.

That this sort of marks the end of any hopes that a new car with a SAAB logo will roll of the production line in Trollhättan again, it doesn’t mean that the spirit of Saab doesn’t live on in the work that the engineers and all other people are currently doing at NEVS. But in the end I too have to admit that it is the product that reflects the feeling of the brand, if NEVS can deliver that some time in the future remains to be seen. I wouldn’t mind driving a car that looks and feels like a Saab, even though the name doesn’t say Saab, as long as it delivers upon the fun to drive sensation and core values of the log lost brand.

What remains now is to take down the SAAB logos situated in three places on the factory in Trollhättan, for anyone who wants to take a few photos to remember the great history of SAAB should perhaps hurry up and do so.

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Jiang Dalong On The Panda Deal

January 7, 2016 in NEVS, News

Photo by Reuters

Electric 9-3 in NEVS’ Beijing Headquaters – Photo by Reuters

NEVS’ chairman Jiang Dalong spoke to Reuters about the deal with Panda and the future of electric vehicles. While I want to take out a few interesting excerpts you can read the full article here.

“China is going to be the world’s biggest market for electric cars,” Jiang said in an interview in his office in Beijing. “China has no choice. They have to wean themselves from conventional gasoline combustion cars,” he added, describing the recent sharp uptick in air pollution levels in China’s capital as “terrible” and “crazy”.
“Big existing automakers are too big. They cannot stop producing conventional gasoline combustion cars. But we can … switch to new energy cars.”

In general I have to agree with him here. For China it’s of course the issue of air pollution but also, according to some calculations that I read a while ago, if China would reach a car per people ratio that is close to for example Europe, they would need the entire world production of gasoline and diesel to run those cars. So currently the way the Chinese government wants to take is electromobility and it can’t be a fault to be part of it.

The biggest question mark is Chinese economy which seems to be in some difficult times the moment. But given the long term of this investment I would not judge it just from today. China may not grow at a rate like they did in the last decade but they will get back to a path that is solid.

Then it’s about the Panda deal and its financing:
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P4 Väst: NEVS presents parts of its new businessplan

December 10, 2015 in NEVS, News

Today some information was presented about the new NEVS business plan. In an interview with P4 Väst, Mattias Bergman disclosed some details and presented the different versions of cars NEVS plan to build. What the brand name of the cars will be is not yet decided since NEVS no longer has the rights to the SAAB brand name.

Original article here:

The first car will be an electric version of the 9-3 which will be built on the old Epsilon platform, after that new models on the phoenix platform will follow suit, all of them specially adapted for electric propulsion. Whats noteworthy is that none of the cars are a Combi and most of the cars have a hatch-back design. The cars will be built in Trollhättan and Tianjin and already this summer NEVS will start to re-employ production staff, even though the first electric 9-3 is not scheduled to enter production until sometime 2017.


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New people in the NEVS Board of Directors

November 11, 2015 in NEVS

The board looks like this of November 10th: * Indicates new to the board

Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman WikiPedia, 50, car ownership ??

Stefan Tilk, vice Chairman LinkedIn 42, owns a  Yamaha Moped but no car

Mattias Bergman, CEO LinkedIn 49,  owns a SAAB 9-3 2009 have had it for 16 months

Ronnie Hermansson, union representative, Unionen Trade Union (white collar) LinkedIn 50, owns a SAAB 9-5 2010 + another one

Finn Johnsson, Member (Not on LinkedIn) 69, owns a Volvo XC70 2008 and an Audi Q7 2009

* Ming Li, Representing owners SRIT State Research Information Technology (State of China)

* Limin Sun, Representing owners THT Tianjin City Development area (City of Tianjin)

Stand ins:

Mikael Kubu Member LinkedIn 47, Owns just a Respo Trailer but no car

Stefan Larsson, union representative, IF Metall Trade Union (Blue Collar) 47, Owns a SAAB 9-5 1999

Lets hope NEVS could reveal more informations on the two chinese owner representatives in the board. A search on the web gives no hits whatsoever. The swedish guys are found out there in cyberspace. I am sorry to see no women in this group of directors. Unless any of the two chinese persons is a she. Lets hope for that. If not I would give the board an F for failure in gender integration. For sure women also buy cars. Mr. Jiang start a search for great women. I bet SU readers have good qualified names to support in the search.

It is interesting to see that none of the board directors have any classic or modern unique collectors or enthusiast cars in their garages.

SaabsUnited wish the new board luck in forming an efficient and strong team to spearhead NEVS into the future!

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More on the Turkish Delight!

October 22, 2015 in NEVS, Rumors, Sweden


Skärmavbild 2015-10-22 kl. 07.53.09

Photo credit AA

It used to be that SU was exclusively informed by the management by both SAAB Automobile, SWAN, and to some extent NEVS. Now we read about the possible future in Road & Track magazine and the turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily News.

– Mr. Fikri Isik Turkish Minister of Science industry and Technology says that new car shall consist of at least 85% parts produced in Turkey. Their goal is to have extended range environmental friendly vehicles.

“All of its intellectual property rights will be Turkey’s. That’s what we mean by national,” “We bought the Saab 9-3’s intellectual property rights, but not its name,”  Işık stated

– The car will have the Cadillac BLS front design and come in sedan/saloon only and without the SAAB name.The deal was settled way back in May and NEVS has shown 3 prototype cars

According to Hürriet News there has been some hiccups on the deliveries of the prototypes. NEVS failed to deliver the Phoenix Prototypes on time and the electric car did not function properly. On may 29th TUBITAK demanded improvements on the prototypes. The only functioning prototype was the gasoline powered car. The turkish paper also mention a SUV prototype that was not delivered at all.

From the picture it looks like the prototypes has a radiator that indicates that the car might have a  petrol or diesel engine. Is that what the turks means with extended range? Another interesting question is the safety of the car. We all know that the 9-3 does not fulfill the latest safety standards for car manufactured in europe. The hood/bonnet sits to close to the engine parts and is a hazard for pedestrians. Do they have other safety regulations in Turkey? We know that NEVS built at least one prototype with a higher hood with exploding / lifting mechanism.

Great to see that at least some engineers in Trollhättan has the chance to collaborate with the turkish counterpart and we will see what name the car will be given by the turks.

Earlier this week the Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff visited Sweden as part of her nations purchase of SAAB Gripen Fighters. A big debate has been sparked on whether this sale is so good for Sweden since it consists of a lot of “giving away” of knowledge and IP (intellectual property). I hope that this is not the case with the NEVS business with the turks. But in most agreements between equal technological developed nations both parties will benefit each other with knowledge not necessarily just in monetary terms. Dealing with a counterpart with a lower technological advancement, there is always a risk that one gives away technology that was taken many years of hard labour and investment away almost for free,

Skärmavbild 2015-10-22 kl. 08.32.49

Photo Credit AA “Personally I have a hard time understanding why the even bother to put camo on a car that is not new in any way looks pretty “stupid” better having the car plain and neutral nobody would recognize it. Where do You best hide a tree? In the forest of course!

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NEVS starts to educate the employees in basic Chinese

October 13, 2015 in NEVS, News

At 18:00 minutes into the News program.

Swedish national television show tonight on the News that NEVS in Trollhättan has started to educate the car builders and engineers in Chinese. According to the NEVS Investor spokes person who seams to be of Chinese origin the various investors from China has appreciated the knowledge of their language. So bottom line is that it is good for business. It is not only the language it si also basic knowledge of Chinese culture and geography. The news does not mention any Swedish training for the chinese visitors and employees.