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Supplier files for NEVS bankruptcy hearing (updated)

August 12, 2014 in NEVS, News

P4 Väst reports that NEVS owes one of the suppliers 150000 SEK (~ $21800 USD). A bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for September 8th.

Monday 11th was the first day after the vacation for many of NEVS’ employees. There were rumors that an announcement of a deal would be made known yesterday, but nothing has materialized so far. It would surprise me greatly if this situation has not been resolved, one way or another, long before September 8th.

Fingers crossed.

(h/t to Daniel B in comments)

Update (18:00): Swedish television reports that the CEO of Labo test was unaware of the legal motion. It was the company handling their invoices that filed on their behalf. “We will now consider our options and one alternative might be that we withdraw our request”.

(h/t to mk for the link to the followup story)

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Indian and Chinese interest in Saab Cars / NEVS

June 16, 2014 in NEVS, News, Saabology

Skärmavbild 2014-06-16 kl. 21.51.06

 Dongfeng logotype


Skärmavbild 2014-06-16 kl. 21.58.39

Mahindra logotype 



For some days now SaabsUnited have been aware of the two possible new owners/partners/collaborators to Saab Cars. We have decided to lay low with this information since it could potentially hurt the negotiations. SaabsUnited has always had the making of Saab cars in Trollhättan made and designed by Swedish know-how a top priority.

Today the SvD reporter Jonas Fröberg has published an article revealing the two parties interested in Saab, They are Mahindra and Dongfeng.

Mahindra is interested in becoming an owner to a certain percentage. SU sources mention a percentage over 50%. Dongfeng primarily wants to get in on the Phoenix platform. Mr. Fröberg thinks it is odd since Dongfeng bought 14% of the french PSA group for little over 1 billion dollars half a year ago. Dongfeng makes a wide variety of both in house as well as “license” PSA products.

Skärmavbild 2014-06-16 kl. 21.54.28

Some of Dongfengs cars

Mihandra a big indian conglomerate with som 180000 people. They are big in various machinery and make two electrical vehicles as well as the Ssangyong SUV brand. The indian company has an competitor within the borders of the country and that is TATA Motors. A successful company now running luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover. Mahindra might want to copy that concept, turning Saab into the prestige brand it should be. There is overcapacity of “standard” cars in europe but not for luxury and “boutique” models. The relatively small production facility in Trollhättan might be just perfect. I guess the economy could be good for 75000 car/ year in the 65000+ dollars category. The former owners of SAAB as well as founders way back the Wallenberg Business Empire with SEB Bank and SAAB AB (aircrafts, submarines, military systems), has according to Fröberg good old connections with Mr. Anand Mahindra. This could potentially be very helpful since SAAB AB does not want any publicity that is negative and involving the word SAAB in any way to disturb right now. An informant told me that Dassault French makers of fighter-jets competing with SAABs 39 Gripen on the world scene has shamefully used the trouble in Saab Automobile in smearing the Saab name. Same french company hiring burglars to try to open hotel safety boxes for Saab AB businessmen. (but that is another story). A key question is the rights to the SAAB name on automobiles and I would guess this is the hardest issue to solv. Saab AB does not want any more negative writings, that could be negative for the arms sale.

“We do not comment who we are talking to, but it is two asian vehicle manufacturers. We negotiate / talk, ownership and development of the Phoenix Platform”

- Mr. Mikael Östlund says this to SvD reporter Jonas Fröberg.

Skärmavbild 2014-06-16 kl. 21.59.51

Mahindra XUV 500 Sportz

So my guess is that there is a solution for future car manufacturing in Trollhättan that we can write about here at SaabsUnited before the end of this month. Or why not come with a great Midsummer Nights surprise on thursday before Sweden closes down for a 3 day holiday by many regarded as more important then christmas. A Midsummer present to the Saab World please!

Link to SvD Jonas Fröbergs article :

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Report on NEVS situation from Maptun Meet 2014

June 4, 2014 in Maptun Meet 2014, NEVS, News

mattias_bergman_maptun_meet_2014During the Maptun Meet 2014 Mattias Bergman attended the show, having landed in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport late in the evening before he showed up on time in Örebro to be greeted by applause. He presented a somewhat complex but honest talk with me on stage, unfortunately we were not able to capture it on tape, but here are the general points he made.

  • NEVS is in a serious situation but rather than keeping on going accumulating debt, NEVS has scaled down operations maintaing the company debt free while sorting out its issues.
  • The current lack-of-cash situation has intensified talks with the two companies wanting to become partners with NEVS, one such wanting to invest in NEVS the other wanting to cooperate on development.
  • NEVS feels confident in its talks with the two future partners, “talks are going well”. The current work focuses on how to adapt a new business plan for future needs in which the two partners resources and base of competence can be integrated into the work.
  • Investments are in the region of two-figures in billions of Swedish crowns (1 SEK = €0,11 / $0,15)
  • Investors have moved past the question of if and are now in the situation of how they should invest.
  • The development plan being negotiated will involve more models than Saab has had previously, all based on the phoenix platform.
  • The final deal is drawing closer and closer for each day that passes, every day new important steps are taken forward and discussions should be finalized within weeks.
  • NEVS feels safe with the talks, what mostly remains are the shapes of the partnership.
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Video: Exclusive interview with Mikael Östlund regarding financial situation

May 27, 2014 in NEVS, News

Direct link to Youtube:

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First cars delivered to customers

April 29, 2014 in NEVS, News

Customers Marie Kristoffersson-Persson and Yvonne Danielsson with Mattias Bergman

Customers Marie Kristoffersson-Persson and Yvonne Danielsson with Mattias Bergman

Today, two very happy customers took delivery of their new Saabs at the factory in splendid weather. This marks the end of a very dark period in the factory’s history: Almost three years without delivering cars.

Vehicle program manager Frank Smit first told us about what changes has been made to the car. He emphasized the refined chassis and the new seats. “The new seats offer improved whiplash protection. Especially for women.” Göran Fredrikson later added “the chassis is a blend of the old sport chassis and the normal chassis. It gives you a sporty feeling while adding more comfort and reducing the road noise”.

Mattias Bergman rounded off the first part of the event with a presentation of the 9-3 and Nevs emphasizing “körglädje” (the pleasure/fun of driving or “Pure Joy”) as one of the most important aspect of a Saab. After talking with many existing customers, that was the word that popped up most frequently.

Several bullet points followed:
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Right now at NEVS: Delivery of the first cars to customers

April 29, 2014 in NEVS

At 09:45 RikardH and Rune from SaabsUnited met with representatives of NEVS to document the delivery of the first cars to customers, these are the first images to make it out on the net from that event! The location of this delivery is the old design center of SAAB so this is one of those rare moments when we get a better glimpse into what one of the most secret facilities at Saab looked like. Sure most of the stuff has been removed but even so, that building holds a substantial amount of Saabs history.

Full story coming later on!, Enjoy!

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Today NEVS has opened their car delivery center

April 28, 2014 in NEVS

NEVS, according to their press release, has today opened their customer car delivery centre, and later the first NEVS Saab cars will be delivered to customers.

Nevs opens its new delivery center in Trollhättan,where customers get their new Saab delivered.

On 29 April, the first customers to pick up their Saab cars.

They will be greeted by Nevs management, a presentation of the company Nevs, see the factory and have the opportunity to visit the Saab Car Museum.

- For us it is important to have close and personal with customers. We want to create a long term relationship with our customers that begins when they get the keys to her new car. said Jonas Hernqvist, Nevs sales and marketing manager.

During the guided tour of the factory in Trollhattan, customers will see the manufacturing of the cars and meet the employees who built the cars.

At Saab Car Museum’s entire history behind the car brand Saab is preserved, from the first Ur-Saab and all world firsts throughout the years until today.

Sorry, for the rough Google-translation.

SaabsUnited will be there to get the impressions of those first customers.

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New Saabs have arrived at dealers in Sweden

April 23, 2014 in NEVS

At 20 locations around the country, new Saabs have arrived and and being offered for test-drive and sales. At Kronobergs bil in Växjö which is my closest dealer, 4 cars are available and I heard that in fact 3 of these are already sold. In total Kronobergs bil has bought 8 cars from NEVS for their different showrooms and more are probably needed, which is pretty impressive and really shows their dedication to the brand. But the key to really selling Saab in Sweden lies in two factors: different engine (Diesel & BioPower) and a Combi-version.

Photo 2014-04-23 10 51 33

Three brand new 9-3 Aeros parked in the showroom at Kronobergs bil in Växjö, Sweden

NEVS Dealer list SwedenTo the right is a list of the different dealerships around the country which have cars on display and will help you buy a new one. Note that not all dealers can offer test-drives right now since many of them are still waiting for the license plates to arrive, but they should arrive quickly.

Kronoberg county in Sweden has always been a highly Saab dense area and when I moved from Trollhättan to Växjö almost 5 years ago, I was surprised to see just about as many Saabs on the roads here, as I did in Trollhättan, it was a nice surprise indeed.

I found out that it was largely due to a very professional sales team at the main dealer who knew how to talk to customers in the way that customers wanted to be talked to. Its a matter of knowing the locals around you and approach them in the right way, as one of the dealers once told me that customers here don’t want to be approached by a sales rep in a shiny suit, but rather by an ordinary person who acts just like a normal guy.

The local dealers know what type of people the local buyers are and they understand which setting is most appropriate for their local area. Many car companies require dealers to design their sales areas in certain way, this might work well in one part of the world and not so well in others. In my mind its the guys on the ground who in the end need to sell the cars, let them best decide how to do that in the best way.

Moving sales from Trollhättan out to the local dealers is a move in the right direction for NEVS, however, this should just be the first steps of a longer process in which NEVS will establishing a sales structure around the continent of Europe and later on hopefully across the pond as well. In China the dealership network is already starting to take shape and NEVS are actively looking for dealers who want to join in.

In any case I cant say anything else that it feels amazing to see brand new cars showing up at the dealers once again and hearing that people are buying them is really great news indeed!

If you live close by any of these dealers, please pay them a visit, talk to them about their experience in starting with Saab sales again and what they think is the key to selling these beautiful cars once again, take some photos and send your story to us!

Please send it to:

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NEVS creates deals with 20 Dealers in Sweden to sell Saab cars

April 15, 2014 in NEVS

927828f15d7baff1_orgToday a number of cars were shipped from Trollhättan to dealers around Sweden who will act as representatives for NEVS. Each dealer will get a car or two and can act as a representative for NEVS, its not a full dealership status but they do earn some money by selling a car for NEVS. Basically they are managing the sales process on a local level. This was done a week earlier than planned since NEVS received its type-approval and quality approval for the factory ahead of schedule.

So within a week or two you can visit a dealer from the very north to the south of Sweden to test drive and buy a 9-3. Mattias Bergman also told TV 4 Väst that more colors will be added and models will be added gradually.

Previously Mattias stated that Combi and X will be added in the 2′nd half of 2014. The Convertible will come later on.

Some suppliers are still in the process of gearing up and once they have been able to do so the production rate will also increase.

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Nevs and Orio AB sign agreement on global spare parts supply for the new Saab cars

April 15, 2014 in NEVS, Press Releasse, SAAB Parts

National Electric Sweden AB, Nevs, has ensured the spare parts supply for the newly manufactured Saab cars by an agreement with Orio AB, former Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The signed agreement now ensures the supply of spare parts for the new Saab customers. The global distribution agreement guarantees that spare parts for the new Saab 9-3 cars manufactured by Nevs in Trollhättan, Sweden, can also be ordered from Orio AB. For service and repairs as well as warranty measures, Nevs guides its customers to the existing Saab Service Centers.

“Our new Saab customers can now be confident that the long term supply of spare parts is ensured through established Saab service centers. Both Orio AB and Nevs are glad to forge closer ties between the two companies, as our agreement gives all Saab owners a high service level”, said Jonas Hernqvist, Director Sales and Marketing of Nevs.

On December 2nd Orio and NEVS signed a letter of intent now they have signed the final agreement which is good for new and old Saab drivers. New drivers get access to a network of well educated Saab garages and mechanics, and old Saab drivers have now the certainty that Orio is here to stay and will have some more weight when asking a supplier to produce some spares for older Saab cars.

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Is Jason Castriota coming back to Saab?

April 10, 2014 in Jason Castriota Design, NEVS

Back in January 2013 when SU was the first to reveal images of Jasons Castriota’s NG 9-3 design, SU played in a game behind the scenes by setting up initial relations between Mattias Bergman and Jason. This culminated in them having a meeting at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013. To our knowledge they have maintained contact but NEVS is right now focused on getting all their current products up and running before focusing too much on whats to come.

Jasons design worked with the NG 9-3 has since december 2011 been locked up with the bankruptcy estate and its stuck in limbo since Jason owns all the rights to the design, however the pallets and other materials used to make the design is in effect owned by the bankruptcy estate, you can probably see the dilemma.

Over the past three years I have had a lot contact with Jason and I find him to be a true Saab-guy all the way! He knows and respects the heritage of the brand, he really did his homework when created a design according to the requests of Jan Åke Jonsson and Victor Muller. I am sure that he can do wonders in creating an amazing design according to the way that NEVS wants their cars to look in the future.

Its no secret that NEVS needs a Chief Designer and I can honestly say that I think Jason should be one of the top candidates. Lets see where this goes! =)