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Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg passes away at age 88

January 19, 2015 in News

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.43.51

Peter Wallenberg 1926 – 2015. Photo courtesy dagensPS

I was walking by Grand Hotel in Stockholm today and noticed the absence of international nation flags and just a Swedish flag on half pole. Then I noticed one of the banks near King’s Garden (Kungsträdgården) flying their Swedish flag in the same way. A quick glance on the iPhone gave the answer that Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg had passed away a few hours earlier.
Peter was the elder in the Wallenberg family. He started his career at Atlas Copco in 1953 and was not given any of the “heavy” positions within the Wallenberg family Sphere. His brother Marc was favored by the father Marcus “Dodde” Wallenberg Jr. Peters career started to peak after the death of the father in 1982.
In the ´80ies Peter consolidated some earlier business with Volvo by selling SAAB stocks to General Motors and Alfa Laval stocks to the Rausing family. he served as the chairman for Investor and made it more international forming ABB out of ASEA AB and the Swiss company Brown Boveri. Strains and AstraZeneca was also formed under Peters stewardship. ABB CEO Percy Barnevik was by Peter given a record pension plan that was highly criticized.
Peter Wallenberg was involved in Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan) and the Foundation of Knut and Alice Wallenbergs. The saving of the SAAB Car Museum was partly made possible by that foundation and his son Peter “Poker” Wallenberg jr.
Peter was given the title Honorary Doctor at Stockholms University in 2008 and also given the Serafimiermedallion in 2000. The medallion has been given to persons who has” Given humanitarian or societal benefits in line of work at an exceptional level” since 1748. The swedish king decides who can get the medallion. The text on the medallion says “Proceres cum principe nectar” (It unites the best (People) with the Prince (Machiavelli)).

Condolences to the Wallenberg family is hereby conveyed from SaabsUnited Crew and our readers

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.35.40

The only picture I could find with Peter and a SAAB. This one a 9000 CDE Griffin, Photo courtesy SvD

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.29.10

Peter Wallenberg at a ceremony (Note songwriter Benny Andersson once in Pop Group ABBA behind Peter) Photo courtesy SvD

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31 private owners of Saab 9-3N cars in Sweden 2014

January 7, 2015 in News

According to the national statistics in Sweden NEVS registered 264 cars 2014. Out of the 264 cars just 31 are now registered to private individuals/owners. The sales was horrible to put it mildly. The estimated 1000 cars sold from NEVS management fell short. Where are the remaining 233 cars? Some might be operated by companies as fleet cars, some might be at dealerships around Sweden.
Link to Swedish Car Statistics for 2014:

So why did it go so bad? Here some of my conclusions.
1. Way to expensive should have been 33% lower price to make it competitive
2. Plain and simply an old car that we have had on our roads for more than 10 years
3. Big Saab used car market to compete with. Many companies with leasing fleets etc. went to other brands.
4. Lack of colors, just black and silver does not cut it for many customers.
5. Some technology same more or less just glued on to the dash and holes drilled for letting cords through (Parrot Hands-Free)
6. Value on mildly old 9-3, 9-5 and 9-5 NG falling dramatically
7. Some parts are still hard to come by through ORIO and salvage.

The car in the pictures VIN#YTNFD4AZ4E1100075 was parked in a NO-Parking zone (and stood there for a couple of hours) in central Stockholm and is owned by NEVS in Trollhättan and possibly on loan the Racing Team PWR they sponsored. I wonder where the parking tickets are sent? Besides it is really bad publicity for NEVS and the other sponsors featured on the car. I would not have liked to have my name on a car “committing” i crime. Myself living in central Stockholm really dislike the poor attitude among the people who can not conform to the easiest of rules.

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Saab Club Belgium organized a tour of the Cribs

December 28, 2014 in News

Kerststallentocht_3 Kerststallentocht_1 Kerstallentocht_2December 27th, in the North of Belgium 22 Saab cars gathered for a tour of the cribs. A tour in which we passed 13 cribs. So far the winter here was mild, in fact far too mild. But on this day the first snow did hit the ground in Northern Belgium (Antwerp province).In a beautiful white landscape all the 22 teams (two Saabs from The Netherlands came down for this event) drove this 60 KM tour and could visit each and every crib along the way. We started with coffee and at the arrival there was warm soup for everyone. This was a gorgeous way to start the Christmas holiday and the Saabs did do so well in the snow.

A Very Merry Christmas To You All

December 25, 2014 in News

Merry Christmas Saab fans-20141220-13481171

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Richard’s Out of Africa finding

December 21, 2014 in News

I know she was a Dane but seemed fitting. There I was driving down a dusty road in the middle of Kampala’s soul-destroying traffic and there it was:

As the owner of a 91′ Plantana Grey SPG convertible, my heart stopped. The car was more Mad Max than Springtime in Sweden but I admired the owners ingenuity in dealing with the local conditions and ..lack of parts supply. The car was a little worse for wear ..and oddly an automatic. Some ex-pat Saab-lover no doubt shipped it in at some point and the enthusiastic new owner has done his best to uphold it’s dignity.

I still prefer mine

Thank you Richard for the great photos.


Neo Brothers – 9-3 Sport 314mm Front Brake UPGRADE Kit

December 19, 2014 in News

Are you looking to upgrade your standard 284mm or 301mm front brakes on your Saab 9-3 Sport 03-12? We now have an affordable solution…

For just £223.12 plus VAT we can supply:

1 x Quality Aftermarket Saab Front Left 314mm Caliper inc Carrier
1 x Quality Aftermarket Saab Front Right 314mm Caliper inc Carrier 
1 x Set Genuine GM Front Brake Pads 
1 x Pair Genuine GM Front 314mm Brake Discs

All you need to do is remove the original backing plates. We recommend fitting these to 17″ alloys or larger.

These kits are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Click here to view it in our shop.

 photo 9317637593176376931862992_zpsca3b7b04.jpg

Neo Brothers

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Press Release: Orio acquires supplier based Nevs tools

December 19, 2014 in News, Press Releasse

Orio acquires all the supplier-based tools for production of spare parts for Saab cars

Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, has signed a contract with Nevs and has acquired all the tools located at suppliers and used for producing Saab Original spare parts for all existing Saab models. This secures that Orio can ensure the long-term availability of Saab Original spare parts for all Saab cars globally.

“This is a strategically important acquisition which safeguards the production of Saab Original spare parts in the long term and ensures that we maintain our position as the sole supplier of the entire range of original parts for Saab cars.Saab owners, workshops and other customers all over the world are now guaranteed a supply of spare parts well into the future,” says Jonas Tegström, CEO of Orio AB.

The purchase includes 12,500 tools for manufacturing of spare parts for all existing Saab models. Orio previously had the right to use the tools, but has now taken over full ownership. The tools are located with the suppliers which produce Saab Original parts. The suppliers have been informed about the change of ownership and production of spare parts will continue as normal.

Nevs and Orio AB already have a cooperation agreement concerning the distribution and support of cars produced by Nevs. Nevs will still be able to use the tools to manufacture parts for its production of the Saab 9-3 and other future models.

“Saab Original parts will be an important part of our business for many years to come and owning the tools will be financially beneficial. We will continue to increase our market share for Saab Original parts and are expanding our customer base and network of workshops in order sell our products more widely,” says Jonas Tegström.

Facts Orio AB:

– The company is responsible for warehousing, sale and distribution of Saab Original parts and accessories for all Saab Service Centers and Saab Parts Centers globally and also sell logistics and technical services.
– Number of employees in Sweden: Nyköping about 260, Trollhättan about 50. The company is headquartered in Nyköping.
– The company has subsidiaries in its 9 main markets in Europe and the USA.
– Number of employees in the subsidiaries: about 55.
– Have been responsible for Saab Automobile spare parts handling since the 1960s and are the sole distributor of the entire range of Saab Original parts.
– Storage area: around 88 000 m².
– Storage: about 70 000 articles.
– Capacity: about 30 000 order lines/day.
– Shipment of 50 trucks distributed each day.
– The company is fully owned by the Swedish state.
– On November 13, 2013, the company changed its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB.

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SPYKER Companies Declared Bankrupt

December 18, 2014 in News

Spyker Logo 1024Zeewolde, the Netherlands, 18 December 2014. Today the District Court of Midden-Nederland, at the request of the administrator, converted the moratorium of payment, granted to Spyker N.V. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Spyker Automobielen B.V. and Spyker Events & Branding B.V. (collectively “Spyker” or the “Company”) on December 2nd, last, to bankruptcy. The cause for this conversion was that the committed bridge funding did unfortunately not reach the company in time. The administrator will continue his work but now as receiver.

Victor R. Muller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “None of the ambitions we had when we founded Spyker 15 years ago, has vanished as a result of today’s events. In 2000 we set out to establish a super sports car business from scratch with a global distribution and we achieved that. Over the years we undertook some daring ventures that left their marks on the company which in turn contributed to today’s demise.

However, I would like to make clear that as far as I am concerned “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” to quote Winston Churchill. I will relentlessly endeavour to resurrect Spyker as soon as practically possible and, assuming we will be successful, pursue our goal to merge with a high performance electric aircraft manufacturer and develop revolutionary electric Spykers with disruptive sustainable technology.

This is the moment to express my gratitude to our customers, dealers, suppliers and of course our employees and Board. Their loyalty and support was vital to build the brand over the past decade and a half. They can count on us continuing to live by the Spyker axiom “Nulla Tenaci Invia est Via” (Latin for “For the tenacious no road is impassible”).”

Contact details of the receiver:
mr. H. Pasman
Tel: +31 (0)30-23 20 800
Fax: +31 (0)30-23 41 644

Neo Brothers – NEW Complete B207E/L/R Engines IN ***STOCK***

December 11, 2014 in News

We have available brand new COMPLETE B207 Engines. These are suitable for the Saab 9-3 Sport 2.0 turbo models (Linear, Vector & Aero)

The engines are supplied with the following:
 photo B207CompleteEngine3_zps00d59ec4.jpg
  • Throttle Body
  • Set of Ignition Coils
  • Turbo Charger & Oil / Water Lines
  • Crank Sensor
  • Check Valve
  • Belt Tensioner
  • Ionization Module
  • Bypass Valve
  • Fuel Rail / Pressure Regulator & Injectors
  • Oil Cooler
  • Manifolds

Price – £1500.00 Plus VAT

We do have very competitive international shipping rates available, please contact us prior to purchase for a quote.

The engines are available on our website, please follow the below link:
Brand New Genuine B207E/L/R Engines

 photo B207CompleteEngine2_zps7f3c38f6.jpg photo B207CompleteEngine_zpsbb9744f6.jpg photo B207CompleteEngine4_zpsd196d3ea.jpg




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No luck for the liquidators… besides getting wealthy themselves

December 11, 2014 in News

According to Swedish radio Väst and the talented reporter Victor Jensen the following has happened.
The liquidators have not manage to bring in a single krona on all the 37 sue processes (totaling 580 million SEK) against 37 sub-contractors both Swedish and International. So far 7 cases have been settled in court and the liquidators have lost all of them. 3 settlements and 4 lost battles “worth” 200 million SEK. The two latter was OPEL AG and GM. Instead of an up-side for the liquidators they have to pay the court costs for ore than 1 million SEK.
So far the law firms handling the liquidation has made over 200 million SEK in fees. The hourly cost has been close to 4500 SEK.
According to Fredrik Sidahl of the Sub suppliers organization the only winner are the liquidators.

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NEVS’ Reorganisation Prolonged

December 11, 2014 in NEVS, News

Good news come from Vänersborg, after yesterday some creditors expressed their doubts about the plan to write down their demands towards NEVS. Obviously they still see a point in NEVS’ plans and this morning the District Court decided to prolong the reorganisation. Here is the press release from NEVS:

The reorganization of Nevs is prolonged

The District Court of Vänersborg, today December 11, decided that the Reorganization of Nevs shall continue for an additional time period of three months, until March 2, 2015.

“I am glad that the District Court has decided to prolong the Reorganization. We need the time the prolongation allows to concretize and finalize the ongoing negotiations” said Nevs’ President Mattias Bergman.

Let’s hope there will be a final and viable solution on the table in March.