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Free Winter Battery Check (UK)

October 12, 2014 in News

Here is an offer from The Saab Service Club in the UK
Free Winter Battery Check
Winter’s a tough time for any vehicle, even one designed to survive harsher seasonal conditions than ours. And a flat battery is the last thing you want to catch you out on a freezing cold morning. Yet it’s the most common cause of breakdown calls throughout winter. So now’s the right time to get a free battery check at your nearest Saab Authorised Service Centre. There’s no need to book and it only takes minutes to diagnose whether your battery and charging system are ready for winter’s worst.

£99 Fixed Price Battery Offer including fitting
Remember your car’s battery is the only power source you have to get everything up and running. So if our check proves it’s raring to go, you can drive off without worrying. But if it confirms your battery is under the weather, we can install a brand-new one as specified for your Saab and fitted by trained Saab technicians for only £99.00 which includes a 3 year warranty.

Get off to a good start this winter
To claim your free winter battery check, simply register with Saab Service Club and download your voucher. Existing Saab Service Club members can download a voucher directly by entering your membership number where requested. Simply take the voucher to your nearest Saab Authorised Service Centre and hand it over at reception. Click here to find yours now.

Claim your voucher now!
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NEVS NEWS: Reconstruction continues! =)

October 8, 2014 in News

The decision was taken today that the reconstruction of NEVS is to be continued until November 29th. None of the creditors called for a bankruptcy of NEVS which is indeed very good news. A committee consisting of representatives from the creditors will be formed and will have insight into the progress of the reconstruction.

Mattias Bergman told P4 West that the goal is to have the deal completed with the two partner companies before the 29th of November.

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NEVS: Judgement day for the reconstruction

October 8, 2014 in News

Today is the day that will determine if NEVS has a future in the auto industry or not. Its judgement day for the reconstruction and NEVS has to disclose how it intends to remake its business in order to pay its creditors.

In Trollhättans neighbor city Vänersborg lies the district court and town hall and thats where the event will take place, in the same facilities where Victor Muller had to explain to his creditors how he was supposed to save Saab with the help of Youngman and Pang Da. This time there are also two companies who wants to save Saab but as you all know one of them is Indian and one Chinese.

Today NEVS will tell the court and their kreditors about the reconstruction plan, if the creditors continue to believe in the fact that NEVS has a future they will vote for the continued reconstruction of the company if they vote to discontinue the reconstruction the judge of the Vänersborg district court will take over the process and make a decision with the vote as a guideline only.

In normal cases the reconstruction almost always continues since if a bankruptcy would be forced then the creditors would most likely not receive any payments for their outstanding debt at all, all of it would be lost. This has proven to be the case with the still ongoing bankruptcy process of SAAB Automobile AB.

Several experts have given the NEVS plan thumbs down, as Fredrik Sidahl explains to P4 West, it lacks a concrete time-line. It doesn’t give the creditors anything to relate to as to when they might receive payment. Also to consider is that there is no real information in the plan as to how NEVS intends to keep the company running since it does not have any more funds available nor is able to borrow any money. Fredrik Sidahl also explained that the best option for the creditors is of course if the reconstruction continues and becomes a successful one.

So does NEVS have a future or not, according to sources I’ve talked to a new owner would not really matter in the end unless NEVS can start to actually produce something that can create an income to run the company. NEVS needs to get both its deals in place for their plan to work and they’ve been talking with the two partners for almost a year now without reaching a conclusion. They’ve spent more time on this than they did with the official purchase of Saab Automobile ABs bankruptcy estate.

There is no question in my mind that time is running out fast and NEVS needs to find some way to bring money into the company and according to the reconstruction plan NEVS is supposed to build other brands in their facilities but as most people know, there really isn’t a shortage of production capacity in Europe, more like the other way around. However there are a number of brands who would like to build their cars in Europe in order to gain market credibility and a foothold in the region, perhaps Qoros or Dong Feng? Dong Feng is already a major sponsor of events in Europe including sail racing boats and other high-class events.

I still keep all my fingers x’ed for a bright future for Saab and that I one day can buy a new 9-5 with the SAAB badge on it, but I also have no illusions that a bankruptcy can create something new out of this, if it ends now, it ends for good!, there is no coming back! Anyone believing that Mahindra is stalling in order to force a bankruptcy and thus buy the place cheaply is misinformed. That is never going to happen!

The bankruptcy estate would have very little money to operate with so an immediate liquidation of assets would take place and that means the end of it all. I’ve herd through other sources that there are already plans in place to buy the factory and to convert it into a warehouse which will support the Gothenburg & Uddevalla harbors which is in desperate need of space, Trollhättans proximity to the two harbors make it an excellent location.

You could say that NEVS is the last hope of us ever seeing a new car with a Saab badge on it again.

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NEVS Reconstruction plan in English

October 3, 2014 in News

The full version of the reconstruction plan from Lars Eric Gustafsson at Hamilton Law firm responsible for the reconstruction of NEVS can now be found in English here:

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NEVS Plan A and Plan B

October 3, 2014 in News

The news Yesterday of NEVS approaching third parties although they are still in Talks with the two Assian car manufacturers.

The OEM track

The OEM track

Well later yesterday they sent a preliminary reorganisation plan to their creditors, and helped us understand what this Plan B means.

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P4 West: Talks with other parties as well

October 2, 2014 in News

According to P4 West, NEVS is also talking to other interested parties on top of the two main figures Mahindra and Dong Feng. Mikael Östlund confirmed to Victor Jenssen at P4 West that the talks with other parties were in progress but that the main track still remained the two auto manufacturers from Asia. Mikael Östlund also states that it would be strange not to look at other solutions as well on top of the two main companies that NEVS has been dealing with for the past 8 months. Main article in Swedish here:

Neo Brothers – Virtual Tour Of Neo Brothers HQ

October 1, 2014 in News

Do you fancy taking a walk around Neo Brothers Headquarters?

You can now do so using the Virtual Tour which can be found on our Neo Brothers Homepage.

Neo Brothers Virtual TourImage

Feel free to wander around our call centre, extensive warehouse and Saab workshop!

Neo Brothers Ltd


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If we were to make a new Saab, is it a real Saab?

September 30, 2014 in Editorial, News

Today about 200 people at NEVS will be handed their resignation papers, a story that I personally have gone through at Saab back in 2002 when 1200 employees were laid off. I had only been at the company for a year so I had no chance to stay so I know exactly how the people at NEVS feel right now, but when I was handed the papers I decided that I’d get myself an education and I spent 1 year in university and 3 years learning how to fly and so 5 years and 2 months later, on August 17th at 07:51, I had reached my goal of sitting in the right seat in the flight deck of an Airbus A319 departing from Brussels heading for Paris.

Its difficult for most people to be handed a resignation letter, its a blow to once personal life that can not be measured with many other bad things that can happen to a person, but I hope that most people at NEVS who are now forced to leave the company will see this as a message to hit the books and get an education because knowledge is the one thing that nobody can take away from you!

Even though this can be seen as a low point for NEVS, it is for a good cause! Its the main way for NEVS to cut costs and at this stage it is sadly a required thing to do. Even so I do think we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I’m pretty sure that the last Saab has been built for many years we still have to look forward to a new era of Saabs coming out in a couple of years.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by an engineer at NEVS: “if we were to make a brand new Saab, what would it take for people NOT to say that it wasn’t a real Saab”. That question totally baffled me and several weeks later I’ve yet to come up with an answer. I’ve spent countless of sheets of paper writing down things that belongs in a real Saab only to trash them later on realizing that those items weren’t really important in the end…

If you go out and ask Saab fans what is a real Saab, many would probably say, any car that hasn’t got any GM parts in it, some will say that the OG 900 was the only real Saab. But the question is very interesting for the future of the brand, since they obviously cant restart the OG 900 production line again they’d have to make something brand new, but what?

What would it take for all Saab fans to embrace a brand new car as one that everyone could say is a REAL SAAB?

NEVS announces intention to lay off employees

September 24, 2014 in NEVS, News, Press-Release



This morning NEVS announces following in a press release:

Nevs announces intention to lay off up to 200 employees due to lack of work, as thedecision to re-start production will be further delayed.

Nevs has retained the permanent workforce for production since the production was stopped in the end of May this year. The reason for this has been that the company would be ready to quickly start up production, upon such decision.

The prerequisites for making a decision to start up production are to have long-term secured funding and a business plan that has been worked through together with a new majority owner.

The ongoing discussions on collaboration and ownership structure, which has not yetresulted in a binding agreement, indicates that the decision for a start-up of productionwill take time.

With this there is a redundancy of the workforce. Therefore, Nevs’ management has decided to hand in a notice of intention to lay off up to 200 employees to the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The terminations will take place in September in order to rapidly reduce the company’s costs during the reorganization period. This is a step in the reorganization plan that the administrator will present on the creditors meeting on October 8.

Nevs intends to retain the remaining staff to maintain the plant in good condition, to beprepared for the new production, after such a decision is taken, and to continuedeveloping new products.

Neo Brothers – New 96 Project – **Classic With A Twist**

September 18, 2014 in News

Our regular followers will recall that Nick and Andy were doodling again and playing with the idea of another 96 project.Just to bring everyone up to speed see below “the doodling”…Image

Although that may not be the final version at least it is the basis of a blueprint so that we can get on with it!

After scouring the 96 specialists we managed to source another 96 from our previous supplier John Saab (who we would like to thank). After a bit of haggling he turned up to our premises with the donor model…

The boys in the workshop have lovingly nicknamed it the “Green Machine” and they fully intend to lovingly restore it back to its former glory – with a twist!

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Test drive is starting

September 15, 2014 in News