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DJA880 at the museum

July 15, 2014 in DJA880, Saab Museum

Today we visited the Saab museum to say hallo to a good friend, she is being very well taken care of by the staff.



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2014 Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention Recap

July 1, 2014 in Clubs, Events, News, SAAB Club of Canada, Saab Museum, SAAB Parts North America

saab grp 1

Hello everyone,

We had a wonderful inaugural Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention in Toronto, Canada this weekend. We are grateful for the support of SAAB owner’s from all over Canada as well as those who traveled from as far as Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey to name a few from the United States. Without your support, this event would not have been a success as you have made it.

panarama 2

The weekend was filled with great seminars. One of the highlights being the SAAB Car Museum seminar by
Peter Backstrom. We were honored that he was able to join us for this convention.
Peter Backstrom- D
(Photo by David Tran)
Dinner- D
(Photo by David Tran)

There were many great cars from vintage to the current new generation 9-5. SAAB owners have an overwhelming pride in their cars. Too many pictures to include in this post, though.
vintage blue
white spg
classic green convertible

A special thanks to all of our sponsors who helped make this event possible:
Presenting Sponsor: SAAB Parts North America, Stage 9, SAAB of London/Ultimate Automobiles, Factory Tire,
Novus Tech, Concours Touch Auto Detailing, SAAB Club of Canada, SAAB Club of North America and NINES Magazine, Aktive Motors, BOOST Customs, Hot Rod Scott’s, and ONPOINT Dyno & Race Service.

This convention was organized as an opportunity for SAAB owners to get together to share their love and passion for this iconic brand. In the process, friendships were made that will last a lifetime. The SAAB community has weathered a tough few years. The brand is as unique as its owners and for some, their loyalty is immeasurable.

Thank you again to all who attended. Hope you had as much fun as we had in meeting all of you.
(Photo by David Tran)

Group- D
(Photo by David Tran)

-Please copy and paste link below to see more pictures from the convention by Nickolay Kachev:

-Please copy and paste link below to see more pictures from the convention by Kobie Mercury-Clarke:



Co-Event Coordinator

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The Museum Saabs by Editions Atlas pt3

March 14, 2014 in News, Saab Museum

The Saab Car Museum Collection in 3D (Part 3/3)
In the first part of this trilogy, Dimitri of Editions Atlas outlined the background surrounding the decision to produce a new series of miniatures, the Saab Cars Museum Collection.

The second part explained to us how the latest technology was used to scan the Saab Cars Top models from the Museum.

In this third and last part we learn how the pre production of the model cars is made.

(…) Here they will compile all of the information and produce a 3D simulation of the mould they will create.

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The Museum Saabs by Editions Atlas pt2

March 7, 2014 in Fan Stuff, News, Saab Museum

The Ursaab has a scan in the Museum in Trollhättan

In the first part of our article on future Saab models, Dimitri of Editions Atlas outlined the background surrounding the decision to produce a new series of miniatures, the Saab Cars Museum Collection.

How do you go from a full-scale car to a scale model whilst remaining true to the features of the original car? As far as accuracy is concerned, current technologies mean we now have previously unheard of possibilities within our reach thanks to the 3D scanner, which is what we shall attempt to explain here with the help of Dimitri, whose technical perspective on the matter we greatly appreciate.

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The Saab Museum on Swedish TV

August 26, 2013 in Saab Museum

Tonight Swedish Television broadcasted a show about classic cars. One of the segments was a lovely presentation of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan and my favorite (and yours, I’m sure) museum curator Peter Bäckström.

Hopefully this is available outside Sweden. It works for Thilo so it should work for you.

The nicest car in the museum’s collection?

The really good stuff starts about 14 minutes and 8 seconds in. There are some other nice cars as well, but my wife could not be bothered to watch that now so we skipped over those parts.

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Where is DJA880?

June 4, 2013 in DJA880, Saab Museum

I got an angry e-mail from a person asking where we had put the last Saab 9-3 (DJA880) since it was no longer at its usual place in the Saab Car Museum. Neo Brothers Saab 96 SS has the prime position for a limited time now which it deserves, that car is truly amazing!

DJA880 is actually parked a bit further into the museum than before and I have to say that I like this spot even better since its now in an open clear place rather in the a bit tight area next to the entrance. It is the first and last car you’ll see as you enter and exit the exhibition.

Photo by Zandra Sahlin
DJA880 in Saab Cars Museum June 2013

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May 31, 2013 in ANA, SAAB Festival 2013, Saab Museum

IT IS FESTIVAL TIME here in Trollhättan today and yesterday preparations where finalized long in to the night in some places! Tents were set up, parts were labeled and people were working hard on getting things organized.

Meanwhile, WE, the fans were having a drink in many of the different pubs around the city, I know, I was there! =)

The shows starts today at 10:00 and you need to be in two places at once ANA and the Museum, that is if you want parts for both your old cars or your new one. ANA features parts mostly from the Saab 9000 1990 and newer while the museum offer parts for the Saab 9000 1990 and older. If you want both types, you’ll have to make a tough choice.

We expect people to arrive at minimum one hour before opening time in order to get a good spot in the line leading to the gates of parts-paradice!

For you guys who are aiming for ANA, you need to be at used parts section on Grafitvägen 4 in Trollhättan, and to help you prepare a bit SU was given a sneak peak of whats offered so check out the video below to help you find what you’re looking for!

For you guys who want to visit SAABSUNITED, you’ll find us next to the entrance of the museum in a big white tent with a beautiful white SAAB 9-3 Griffin (DJA880) parked outside of it. For once the car will be completely open to everyone to have a sit in and if you are very lucky we’ll take you for a spin! =) We also have some great new products for you, 12 different types of posters, key rings, frames, wrapping paper etc etc etc all offered by our new friend CARDYOURCAR.EU

This morning the German invasion sailed from Kiel and expect to arrive in Gothenburg where no less than 40!!! cars are driving in a convoy up to Trollhättan! They will first go to the SAAB MAIN GATE for a group photo and then later on head for the museum!

Thats it for me, the clock is 07:00 and I’m off to cover the preparations at ANA.



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SAAB Festival: Half of the tickets sold!

May 9, 2013 in Saab Museum

More than half of the dinner tickets have already been sold, so to be sure to get yours, buy one asap!

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SAAB Festival: Dinner tickets now for sale

May 7, 2013 in SAAB Festival 2013, Saab Museum

For everyone visiting the SAAB Festival the dinner party on saturday night is usually the highlight of the whole weekend. This time it wont be different and tickets for this dinner have always been sold off pretty fast. The Museum has now started to sell the tickets through its web shop, be quick to grab one because this is one thing you don’t want to miss! Click on the image below to go to the museum.


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SAAB Museum Shop: Open to the whole world

April 24, 2013 in Saab Museum

I was told by the guys running the Saab Cars Museum that the webshop has worked very well in its step by step startup and as the final stage in its expansion, the store is now open to orders from any country in the world where Saab cars were sold. If you’re located in a country not on that list, the guys at the museum will try to solve the shipment to you anyway.

A lot of new stuff has been added to the museum shop and in a recent contest held in the classic car magazine “klassiker” in Sweden, the Saab Museum shop won against the Volvo museum shop!

Have a look at whats offered in the SAAB Cars Museum shop


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SAAB CAR MUSEUM: Electric 9000

April 24, 2013 in Saab Museum

Saab Cars Museum Electric 9000 modelThis was found at the local secondhand store, we don´t know anything of its history but somebody has definitely put a lot of energy (!) into it.

When the cable is plugged in the lights flash and the propeller moves around in slow motion.

The plastic 9000 contains the electrical transformer. In the middle you have a solar panel and on the back some sort of charging outlet!

Source: SAAB CARS MUSEUM Facebook Page