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Saab 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch for sale!

July 16, 2014 in Hirsch, News, SAAB 9-5, Saab's for sale, SAABs for SALE, SaabsUnited Related

SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010

SAAB 9-5 NG AERO Hirsch 2010


Making room for more classic renovations of 99 Turbos in the garage. So I have decided to put my Saab 9-5 NG AERO 2010 for sale.

Its one of the first production cars with number #175 a carbon grey metallic with parchment  leather interior. First owner was SAAB Automobile AB in Trollhättan. I am the second owner and the car has now just 44000 km on the odometer. The specifications list is quite unique:

Engine & Chassis:

4 cylinder 260 bhp Hirsch engine with a manual 6 speed gearbox. Hirsch stainless steel quad exhaust with Helmholtz Resoantor. DriveSense active chassis with HiPer Struts. 19″ Turbine aluminium wheels + a set of 4 Studded  wheels on Saab aluminium. All Hirsch installation made by the technicians at Saab-ANA in Trollhättan.


Hirsch leather dash, HUD Head-Up-Display, Color info screen, Harman Kardon top of the line radio. GPS Navigation system with information in the HUD, DAB Digital Audio Broadcast radio, Forward camera for fraffic sign detection and warning for crossing white lines. Advanced Parking assist. Rear seat entertainment with two color screens and wireless headphones and remote control. Tinted plastic screens in rear door windows and rear window from Swedish maker Solarplexius. Textile and rubber mats. Bagage compartment with the slider aluminium control system. Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile communication


Aero design line, removable tow/hitch, rear Hirsch trunklid spoiler.

Ready to be sold for 21000 EUROS, approximately 188000 SEK, the car is in Stockholm. Contact me +46709589632 or jtrued[at]

Just a clean sale no other car is of interest I have 7 Saabs already :-)


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Merry Christmas from SaabsUnited

December 24, 2013 in SaabsUnited Related


As days start to get quiet before Christmas it’s a welcome chance for us to reflect a bit on the past year. When it comes to Saab quite a few positive things have happened – mostly behind closed doors as it has become the culture at Saab under NEVS ownership. The extent of work that has been done became public with the first pre-production car that came off the line in September and then finally the real reviving of the factory with the start of serial production just a few weeks ago. And this is just the first step. We will surely see more things to come next year. No doubt it will be interesting and finally in a positive way again.

On the fan side we had the Saab Festival this summer in Trollhättan. Those fun days really proved that the Saab spirit is still strong and very alive. Of course I should not forget to mention the numberless other events all around the world – from the large ones like IntSaab and Saabs@Carlisle to the small local club events. Hats off to all who organized those.

SaabsUnited this year saw the ownership tranfer solely into my hands, which on the frontpage meant no big change at all. The most satisfying thing for all in the team is that at some point we finally got some news to write about again. And it is encouraging to know that there will be more. Another point for us is the migration of the SaabsUnited store to We did that mostly to use the logistic synergies and to be able to offer more items than could before. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally, on a very personal note, early this year I had to face a very tough loss as Nic Schellekens passed away unexpectedly and way too soon. I know that many within the community came across him, be it during the organization of WeAreSaab in the Netherlands or on any other occasion. I enjoyed many conversations (mostly about Saab) with him and also cardyourcar was something we both started up about a year ago. I salute you, ol’ grumpy Scotsman.

Whatever your memories of the passing year are, I hope you also get some rest and find time to reflect on them while being among your loved ones. I, along with the entire team of SaabsUnited want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy those quiet days, things will start to get loud again soon enough. For example when you take your Saab for a holiday ride…

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The SaabsUnited Chocolate Advent Calendar

November 17, 2013 in SaabsUnited Related, SU Shop

SU Adventskalender final outline fŸr web

The SaabsUnited store has been pretty low since the Saab festival.On one hand we sold out most of our items and on the other hand the store has completely moved to Throughout this week I am going to feature some of the products that are now available in the SaabsUnited store and on CardYourCar in general here, starting with something very special:

The SaabsUnited Advent calendar really sweetens the wait for Christmas. On the outside if features a beautiful 9-3x in the snow and on the inside there are 24 bars of Milka chocolate waiting for their day to come. With a size of 27 x 19 x 1 cm (approx. 10,6 x 7,5 x 0,5 in) and a foldable stand on the back it is perfect for the office desk.

That advent calendar is strictly limited to 250 pcs so don’t think about it for too long.

Feel free to browse through cardyourcar. Of course you can cross-shop all the articles there and get it all in a single delivery. Even a first glimpse on the new SU calendars is available. They have just been made available for pre-orders. More on them later this week.

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SU Calendar 2014 – Last Call For Photos

October 20, 2013 in SaabsUnited Related, We are many, We are SAAB

Roughly two weeks ago we opened our email for entries for the new SaabsUnited calendar. We have already recieved a variety of great pics from all around the world that tell us how great the Saab spirit still is.

The decision has been taken to go for a larger size of approx 42×30 cm. As for a second calendar it looks like we might get enough entries and I’d like to encourage all Convertible owners to send in pics of their Saabs (just as a slight hint what we have in mind).

Since we want to come out with the final product a bit earlier than last year we close for entries on Wednesday, October 23rd. Here is a quick reminder of what we are looking for:

We do not have a general demand on the size of the photos but remember that it should preferably have 200 dpi in the final size or 42×30 cm.

Please send your images via mail to su @ .

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re-posted SaabsUnited Calendar 2014 – we want your photos!

October 4, 2013 in SaabsUnited Related

Just a reminder, we are open for entries for the calendar for another two weeks. So if you have some time to spare over the weekend to check your hard drive – keep the photos coming!

At the end of last year we asked you to send in your photos for a SaabsUnited Calendar. It has been the first time we did that and with 500+ calendars sold one can say it has been pretty successful.

Since the year is slowly turning to an end again we open our email for your photo entries again. This year saw, among many other events, a Saab festival so I am sure many of you will have images on their harddrive that would fit our calendar well. We do not have a general demand on the size of the photos but remember that it should preferably have 200 dpi in the final size of A4 or A3.

Please send your images via mail to su @ .

While last year we made a dedicated calendar for the 9-3 II we hope to get enough entries to come up with another special calender on some topic. We have not yet decided which one that should be so feel free to let us know what you would prefer.

Another topic you can leave your opinion on is the size of the calendar. Some people liked the small version we had last year while others would have liked it a bit bigger. So we might come up with an additional larger version in the size of A3 (approx. 420×300 cm).


January 31, 2013 in Fan Stuff, SaabsUnited Related, Sotw

Community to me is one of the most important things that SAABSUNITED brings to the SAAB fans worldwide. We all have a common bond in that we want to see our beloved brand come back to life, we want to see a return of the good old days and we want to talk to or find people who are just as crazy as us about a brand that means more to us then some people do. Earlier this week we read about how much SAABSUNITED believe in NEVS and some of what Tim and Till have planned to bring forward in the coming months to make this site even better and in turn making us all, more connected.

One of the things we brought back recently was SAAB Of The Week. This has been very well received and has become a highly interactive with fans interacting with each other and sharing their love and passion for SAAB. On our Facebook page, we have an album full of every entry. In the last 2 weeks we switched it from being just SU choosing a photo that jumped out to an individual to choosing based on Facebook likes and comments on the vehicle pictures. This means you can directly impact who’s vehicle is chosen for the week. This has also brought over 140 more SAAB fans to the SU Facebook page in 15 days to share photos and conversations.

SOTW Screen ShotLast week I made a SOTW page for the main site here in which I have also added all the photo submissions and when you click the photo it opens a new page where you can leave notes for the owner of the SAABs you love or in most cases, set a new screensaver on your computer.

I would encourage people to leave notes and talk about the photos that jump out at you. Nothing feels better to a SAAB fan then to talk about their cars, your cars or SAAB in general.

We are currently working on a lot of different things to allow the community to become more connected then ever before and there are lots of exciting things in the works.

We are one month into a new year and I am more excited for 2013 then I was for most of 2012. There are still hurdles to overcome and questions to be answered but we will cruise this road together. I look forward to more of your stories to come in the coming year and look to share more with everyone who makes SAABSUNITED a part of their daily routine. When we come together, we do things that others can’t see being possible and we have to look no further then to the Saab Museum and a certain white 9-3 to remind ourselves.

2013 is going to be fun on SAABSUNITED and through my conversations with both Tim and Till, I can tell you that the user experience here is going to continue to get better and better and they are 100% committed to this. We haven’t forgotten the SU Store either as we look to develop more products and have already dramatically improved the functionality of the store itself. The commitment here is huge and I hope you all enjoy what we bring forward.

We are Saab because Saab is what we eat, breath and sleep. Saab is the good four letter word :)

Oh and keep your photos coming to

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Ms Red is now officially (arctic)Snow White

January 8, 2013 in SaabsUnited Related, Sotw

For the last two to three years my wife (you may call her Ms Red) keeps telling me, that when we have some extra money she would love to own a convertible. In march of 2011 we decided to make a rational choice and we decided to buy a low power diesel 9-3 Griffin Sedan. It should have been a black Vector Griffin with nice full leather seats, but this car was never build. Because of our family plans, and because no new cars are being build in Stallbacka, we forgot about a new car.

Myself and Ms Red kept talking about the convertible thing. We assisted this year at the IntSaab 2012 in Spa(Belgium)and she saw cars like these.

and these

and she kept dreaming about a convertible, knowing that she was too rational to say yes to buying a convertible.

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Happy New Year To You All

December 31, 2012 in SaabsUnited Related

What a year it has been. In the year leading up to 2012 we saw countless deals where Saab had looked to be saved with start and stop production and with it all ending with Saab declaring bankruptcy in December of 2011. To say it has been a tough year for Saab fans would be a complete understatement and would not even begin to paint a picture of the frustrations we have all felt. As a group though, there were many things that happened to make us all feel very connected no matter how far apart we may be.

The year 2012 started with a worldwide rally. The We Are Many, We Are SAAB events that took place January 14-15 sent a strong message that Saab fans are still here as the fans, groups and clubs united around the world to say, someone buy our car company and build us some cars.

Some of the things I will take out of the past year are things that I hope I will grow stronger with in the years to come. There are two camps when it comes to what people think of Victor Muller but one thing he has given me is the never give up attitude. He had said he would never ever give up and he didn’t. That is one thing that will continue to push me as I go forward in anything I do in life. Sure in the end it didn’t work well for him but you can’t fault someone who gave their everything to the cause. I believe for me, the best quote to sum up what this looks like to me is an anonymous one that says, “Do or do not, there is no try. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” In the end, if you have done all you can then success or failure is secondary to the effort you put out and for that, Victor will always have some respect from me.

We can’t forget that another huge thing we saw last year was a community of Saab owners and fans who came together and united to purchase the last production built Saab 9-3 from the Spyker era for the Saab Museum which had just been saved itself in January. Near the end of April last year, we posted about trying to save the last 9-3 and started collecting donations for it. Within just over two weeks this was accomplished with donations coming from all over the world. I often talk about what SAABSUNITED means to me and this best sums it up in a group of people who love the brand so much that they unite when needed and put differences aside. Saving this cars was no small feet and was accomplished even with some doubts about being successful which again brings that quote to mind of “Do or do not, there is no try. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

In the end, our brand was bought through bankruptcy and we are still playing the waiting game. In the very short term though, I have seen parts become more available and see Saab Parts and NEVS working well together and I expect more from both in the near future. I constantly see NEVS adding more job listings which to me is promising. I have a dream for 2013 to be an exciting and ground breaking year for the future of Saab and I can promise that we will continue to bring you everything as it happens.

2012 was a year that a lot of people would like to sooner forget then remember but for me, there were still some incredible things that happened to make it in a way worth it. Sometimes you need to fall to be picked up again and become better then you ever were.

From all of us at SAABSUNITED, Happy New Year to all of you.