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What tools do you have in your car?

June 18, 2014 in Classics, Technical

tronds_toolbagYesterday I was out for a spin in my M91 900 Turbo 16, and after I had driven a few kilometres I loose all the power in the middle of a sharp bend, while I was accelerating. My initial reaction was that something was wrong with the fuel supply, but after the road straighten out I realise this had to be a issue with the air supply. I was lucky and found a bus-stop in the middle of the countryside, and turned off to locate the fault. When I opened the hood, my idea about the air supply was absolute right, a hose from the intercooler to the throttle body had jumped off. A very quick fix if you have the right tool, but in a small second I got a little panic – in this car I don’t have a toolbox… This time it was false alarm, I was able to tighten the hose clamp with a flat screwdriver from the original tool kit.

I know – many of you guys in here drive newer cars as your daily driver, and have a big toolbox in the boot shouldn’t be necessary. As some of you know have I a M04 9-5 Aero as my daily driver, and like it or not – in this car I have a big toolbox in the boot. But isn’t very often I need some the tools for that car either, in the four years and 80’000km’s I’ve had it, it only has let me down three times;

  1. The fuel pump – after a attempt to change the pump outside my work (failed because I don’t had extra fuel hose – but I had a spare pump) I managed to get the pump working again, so I get home.
  2. On my way to the Oktoberfest 2012, when the crank sensor gave up. This happened appropriately enough when I was going to drive off a ferry, so two crew members had to push me off the boat… Luckily a crank sensor is a part of the “T7 rescue kit” (crank sensor, fuel pump and DI-unit ;) ) so after the engine had cooled down a bit I changed the sensor myself.
  3. The hose from the boost valve to the turbo compressor. The thin hose had gnawed on the V-band clamp that connect the turbo and king cobra pipe, and at a point it went off. This resulted that I had no power at all… This time it was enough to cut the hose and connect it again until I get home and was able to mount the V-band clamp properly.

So in total no big things, two well known T7-issues, and one issue caused by bad work from my side  – but some basic tools have saved me from tow-trucks and a lot of wasted time.

After slimming my toolbox down to my new tool-bag, I now have to a set of some wrenches, a monkey wrench, a big and a small flat screwdriver, some torx-bits, a hose clamp screwdriver with spiral blade, fuel-pump-tool, a cutting pier, a LED-torch, some cable ties + gaffa tape and at least some glows and rags for cleaning up stuff. And of course a box of scrubbing wipes for oil and other dirt.
So to sum this up, which basic tools do you think is nice to have in a small bag in the spare tire compartment? Or maybe you don’t have tools at all, and have the number for SAAB-assistance stored in your mobile phone?

And I almost forgot, on my way back home after visiting some friends I stopped and shoot some pics on my old 900.
Actually the time was around 00:45 when I shoot these pictures, and it’s still pretty much daylight outside where I live…

tronda_900_jun14 tronda_900_jun14_2 tronda_900_jun14_3

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Safety recall 9-3 Convertible 2004-2011

June 13, 2014 in News, Technical

As an owner of a 2004 9-3 convertible it looks like I have to set an appointment with a Saab garage to have some parts of the seatbeltsystem in the front seats replaced. It is the retractor system that can break.

GM is covers this repair, of  28789 made convertibles, so if you own one set a time to have your car fixed.image


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This time, BMW got it right – Lightweight, powerful, fuel efficient i8

June 12, 2014 in Tech corner, Technical

Some very interesting talks yesterday in Jörgens post about lightweight materials and I thought that I’d continue the discussion about future materials with a small exception, its already in production! For some time now I’ve been following the tech coming out from BMW, especially about lightweight materials and high power and for you guys who have missed this, get ready for something very cool! This is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect Saab to make in the future if they are to be successful!

How about a car, plug-in hybrid with the following specs:

  • Electric drive motor in the front, twin-power turbo engine in the back
  • 35 km range on pure electric drive at speed up to 120 km/h
  • 2,5 liters / 100 km fuel consumption on gasoline drive
  • 231 Hp / 320 Nm on gasoline, combined with electric motor 352 hp
  • zero to 100 km/h in 4,4 seconds (0-60 mph)
  • Either rear wheel drive, or front wheel drive or four-wheel drive in the same car
  • Weight: 1490 kg
  • Recycling possibility: close to 100 %

Direct Youtube links:

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Lightness and Aerodynamics – Saabs Future?

June 11, 2014 in News, Saab Art, Saabology, Saabs History, Technical

Skärmavbild 2014-06-05 kl. 18.48.28

With the last news coming to our ears in the recent days what I write below is something anyone making cars in Trollhättan in the future should consider not once but twice.

Weight-loss as a method to increase performance in the daily life is known to most of us with a few or more centimeters around the belly or thighs. The same goes for our cars. I was inspired to write this post after having seen the new FORD Lightweight Concept Car in american motor press. It is amazing what can be done today with new production techniques and new materials. Who would have thought about hollow springs or aluminium brake calipers, carbon fiber in seats and wheels. Carbon fiber wheels will finally make them lightweight. Unsprung weight is also good for the chassis performance.

Here is my bold idea for Saab Cars. Hold on to the chairs now boys and girls. Saab´s heritage IS aerospace it is just a fact and right after the second world war soon 70 years ago Saab embarked on a path of making cars with aerospace technology, and brave new concepts like front wheel drive, aerodynamic design by Sixten Sason and others, even if Gunnar Ljungström Chief engineer told me he was not satisfied with the front wheel houses as he called massive air brakes. Various safety concept Saab also pioneered like standard issue seat belts and dual circuit brake systems. Just like in airplanes redundant systems.

The Saab of the future should be constructed with lightweight constructions in focus, just like airplanes, that would bring back the “core” to the brand. Add to that class leading aerodynamics and a for the pilot/driver optimized workplace/cockpit. That environment must be free from “modern” styling cues that seams to be ordered from most of the automotive worlds marketing departments instead of the human factors man machine interaction engineers/psychologists. My professional recipe for this is to look back to the 9000 model some 30 years ago now. Time flies folks but good design does not. Get rid of everything that is shiny and blinds. As an owner of a 9-5 NG Aero I curse the silver chrome ring around the Color Central Instrument and the piece of shiny metal over the colvebox/compartment. I just realize I start to spin in my own area of expertise. This posting is primarily on weight and new materials.

So to conclude this and how Saab Cars could attract the small minority of prospective Saab buyers is to stand out and be truly unique. The majority of car buyers would not even consider a SAAB but that is fine because there are enough buyers with an acquired taste for the unique and special.

- Build the next SAAB from bottom up in lightweight material aluminum and carbon fiber. Lower displacement engine and BHP but with the same driving experience

Skärmavbild 2014-06-11 kl. 10.04.15

- Make the car beat the current class leading car in terms of aerodynamic drag, the Opel Calibra with a Drag Coefficient (Cd) 0,26 number, if Opel could do it 25 years ago what could not be achieved today with better computers for design and fluid dynamics calculations.

- Ride (fly) on the aircraft heritage and set Saab apart from other manufacturers as an engineering driven company. name some of the top-of-the-line cars with distinctive names of famous SAAB planes just like the halo-Model VIGGEN some 15 years ago. A name is so much better for understanding and memorization for most people compared to a silly 9-5 or 9-3..

- Saab is not and will never be for the faint-hearted, put the brand in the same “category” as Alfa Romeo and Citroen. Swedish avant-garde. In this work do not hesitate to look back at old designs that never made it into production from Saabs DesignCenter. Make the Swedish touch from people who lives and breath the clean air here on the top of Europe. Talk to Eduard Gray, Björn Envall, Ola Granlund, Einar Hareide…..(Old Saab designers)  Build competent focus groups. SaabsUnited with our extensive international network must be valuable in this work. Our network of dealers, buyers, drivers, enthusiast, and collectors is G R E A T!


Above is a drawing by Björn Envall, it is close t 20 years ago he did this but it encapsulate so much that is SAAB, new thinking, bright colors, extreme aerodynamics, low slung, and above all convertible.

DSC_0480 kopia

And here is something family oriented. With this post I just want to energize the whole Saab  community do not let the recent negativism let You down there will be a summer with bright light and blinding colors.

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New types of LED headlights with new type of high-beam

June 1, 2014 in Tech corner, Technical

This video has really nothing to do with SAAB but it is a feature that I’d like very much to see in future Saabs. During the winter season in Scandinavia we’re lucky to get a couple of hours of good sunlight per day so the new LED High-Beam feature that BMW has developed is something that should be high on the priority list for any new type of car that the Saab engineers hopefully get to work on soon! Check out the video and enjoy, because this is when technology is at its best! =)

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Tech: temporary fix to folding rearview mirrors fault

April 28, 2014 in Tech corner, Technical

A lot of car owners regardless of brand have the same problem, their folding rearview mirrors fails to stop where they are supposed to. When pressing the unfold mirror pushbutton on the dashboard when the mirrors have been brought it, the mirrors are supposed to fold out and return to a stop position, when the solenoid breaks the mirror stops doing this and continues beyond the stop all the way around a 180° bend. This is a very frustrating problem since most often the mirror will never return to its designated out position and every time you turn on the ignition, even if you manually positioned the mirror to the correct place, it continues to move to an un-correct location.

What does the mechanic say? Well basically whats written in the Workshop Information System (WIS): replace the whole mirror, and thats gonna cost you a significant amount of money!

However for all of you who dont want or cant spend that amount of money right now or feel that you can live without those folding mirror since most people never use them anyway, there is a quick fix to the problem.

1. Turn ignition to on.

2. Press the fold/unfold pushbutton on the dash and manually move the mirror until its in its stop position is in the right place, one you’ve found a good stop location for the mirror, remove the plastic cover over the mirror on the inside of the door and there you’ll find two connectors, one black and one grey. Remove the grey connector.

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NEVS: Suspension & Tire testing

April 10, 2014 in NEVS, Sweden, Technical, test drive

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Getting significant brake performance in a 9-5, Part 2

February 24, 2014 in Technical

February 3rd I wrote an article about getting better brake performance in a 9-5 at an affordable price. The article suggested that one can install 9-3 Aero 314 mm brakes on a 9-5 bolt-on and thus getting more highly developed brake system to a car that otherwise has great performance. This weekend I spent about 7 hours together with my father and two other friends installing such a brake system on my MY09 9-5, and even though we had to scratch our heads a bit as we ran into some trouble along the way, the end result is far better than I could have imagined.

It all started with Maptun offering a complete brake upgrade including calipers, disks and pads for front brake upgrade for both 9-3 and 9-5 owners. The complete set originally comes from the 9-3 Aero and is generally referred to as the Aero+ system since this is the bigger version of the two variants of brakes offered for the 9-3 generation 2.

I however decided to modify the package that I ordered from Maptun Parts by replacing the original brake disks with the EBC’s USR disk and I also decided against the green stuff or red stuff pads in order to try something new from EBC: the environmental friendly Ultimax2 pads. In order to install this kit on a 9-5 you also need to replace the brake lines since the old ones are not compatible with the connectors which fit on the bigger calipers.


Rear brake disk

Tearing down the rear brakes isn’t that hard but once you’ve done that, and if you’ve got a number of km’s on the car, you might as well replace the handbrake assembly as well while you’re doing it. Make sure that you also unhook the handbrake from the wire before trying to remove the disk, otherwise the disk can be very hard to remove. The handbrake assembly was purchased from Maptun parts and came as a complete replacement kit. Removing the old handbrake pads is easy, installing the new handbrake is a completely different matter. Its a daunting process which take a lot of time and you have to be really careful at the same time as you apply some force in the correct place. If you are alone and haven’t done this before, DONT!

You need to be at least two people in order to get the parts in place… I’ve done the job three times before and even so I more or less invented a whole new language of curses trying to get everything in place. But with some help of fasteners, the right tools and a LOT of patience we finally got the assembly in place after an hour.

Putting the disk in place is easy, it involves one single screw which is tightened with only 4 Nm of torque. The Ultimax2 pads are black in color and look just like the original ones, visually you won’t notice any real difference except for the initial ware surface colored pink. Applying a great deal of copper paste around the areas where the pads touch the calipers is a good idea to ease the installation and keep rust away.

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New Whiplash-protection in the 2014 9-3

December 4, 2013 in Editorial, Technical

FH-406There has been a lot of discussion regarding the new seats in the 2014 9-3 and if they still have the famous Saab Whiplash-protection built into it. This morning I talked to Mattias Bergman on the matter.

The former seat manufacturer LEAR Corp which was located in Trollhättan closed down its facilities in 2012, shortly after Saab Automobile AB went bankrupt. Since LEAR no longer were able to supply the Saab cars with seats NEVS had to look at other solutions. The requirement for the seats were that they had to be even more safe than the previous version of SAHR2. The seats had to take in to account peoples different body shapes, lengths etc. Extra focus was placed on women since they often suffer injuries more often and sometimes more serious injuries than men. The reason for women being more fragile than men is probably due to a weaker muscle structure in the neck region. Such seats were found with an OEM supplier and the seats installed in the 2014 9-3 are equipped according to NEVS requirements on protection.

There are several suppliers of seats and whiplash-protection systems and since Saab developed the SAHR2 a lot of progress has been made in its development. New OEM developers have created systems where not just the neck-rest moves but also the whole seat. Today most companies use similar systems where the whole seat moves rather than just the neck-rest. Volvos system which has undergone a lot of development in recent years is built largely on this concept which can be seen in the movie below.

More details of the system will be revealed once the specifications of the car is released.

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The 2014 SAAB 9-3 AERO and Pedestrian impact regulations

December 3, 2013 in Editorial, Technical

Skärmavbild 2013-12-03 kl. 13.37.02First off I’d like to say the reason for this article is all the negative comments that have been circulating around Facebook and other social media that the new SAAB 9-3 does not qualify for the 2013 requirements of safety.

This is partially true and partially not true. So lets first find out what the pedestrian impact regulations are and what the difference is? The Saab 9-3 qualifies for all other safety regulations except pedestrian impact.

There are two stages to the protection system, one deals with the reduction of the impact speed, the other deals with the collision itself by minimizing the damage caused by the impact to the pedestrian.

The rules were formed after more than 10 years of discussions on how to decrease the fatality rate within cities where speeds were relatively low but impact injuries severe.

Until not too long ago the automatic reduction of speed of impact system was technically almost impossible to implement and today it is still a very expensive system, so manufacturers are not yet forced to implement this into their cars even though many manufacturers of high-end cars have chosen to do so anyway. This basically includes some kind of distance measuring, most often doppler radar which is used in parking-sensors or automatic distance keeping cruise control to spot an object in close range and automatically engage the brakes of the car.

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The saga about “#17” by Michel Annink (from:

November 10, 2013 in Fan Stuff, Saab 9-5 SC 2012, Technical

More info about Nr 17 in the sc  directory: or visit the website

I’ve been a SAAB fan for as long as I can remember. The SAAB-virus hit me through my best friend in school whose father had his own SAAB dealership. I still vividly remember the test drive we took with the brand new 99 Turbo he had just received from the factory that day. I sat behind him and saw the Turbo meter that was mounted on top of the dashboard spike as we were vastly accelerating. I was sold on SAAB but had to wait until 1999 before I could afford to buy my first one.

Advancing many years and about some 10 SAAB’s later, I read about the fact that many unique SAAB’s would be auctioned out in December 2012, among which several 9-5NG SportCombi’s.

I have always admired SAAB’s quirkiness, performance, reliability and above all its design. The new 9-5 launched in 2010 I just find stunning and when I realized I could get my hands on one of the extremely rare SportCombi’s, I set my mind to it. It would take me almost a year before I actually was able to call one my own and drive it.

This epos (it got quite a bit longer than I initially envisioned) is a summary of the different events that happened from the date of the auction until the day I received my permanent Swedish license plates in the mail. A journey and a struggle of more than 10 months to get a truly unique car that was supposedly “never to be allowed back on the road again” road legal.

16 Dec 2012: The highest bid!

Collecting #17 at KVD in Åkersberga (Stockholm)

After many nerve-racking minutes and frantically hitting my browser’s refresh button I finally understood that I had won the highest bid and that I had just bought a very coveted 9-5NG SportCombi!

The beautiful Arctic White was now mine!

My blood was still rushing as I received the confirmation mail from auction house KVD.

I understood that the car was located in Wallhamn (near Gothenburg) and as there was no obvious way to drive it to Stockholm myself I had KVD arrange for transport to their facilities in the Stockholm area.

However, many more things had to be figured out: how to get the car insured, but more importantly, how to get it registered?  Read the rest of this entry →