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9-3X TTiD test-drive while looking at the Saab factory

April 9, 2012 in test drive

Me and RikardH went out for a small test-drive of a 9-3X RikardH was a bit interested in. In this video we’re driving from Vänersborg to Trollhättan, testing how the fuel economy of the car is while taking it for a ride along the Saab factory in Trollhättan…

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Test-driving a Saab 9-5 (2009) Automatic on E85 Ethanol…

November 27, 2011 in Editorial, Technical, test drive

On friday morning, I bought my first car with an automatic transmission. I’m probably one of the most fanatic E85 drivers in the country and I’ve been on a constant quest to get the fuel consumption down and promoting the fuel to other drivers.

So buying a car with an automatic transmission I was prepared for some very high fuel consumption, having heard horror stories of extreme consumption with such cars. Well, today was the big test. There is a storm in Sweden right now so to make sure that I would be able to depart from Stockholm Arlanda Airport tomorrow morning, the operations office at the airline I work asked if I would be able to drive up rather than a plane or train, which would probably be seriously delayed or in worst case canceled due to the storm that is hammering down on the west coast of Sweden during sunday afternoon.

Loving the road like I do, I jumped at the chance! The total distance from my home outside Växjö is about 490 km, with about 90% of the route having a speed limit of about 110 km/h, about 30% being at 120 km/h.

Yesterday I did some basic maintenance on the car which I always do on cars I just bought, by replacing the oil, oil-filter, spark-plugs and air filter. This usually does good for the fuel consumption.

Anyway I drove about 50 or so km and then decided to refuel and start the big test. I filled up the tank with E85, the previous 2 tanks were also E85 so I’m sure there was no normal gasoline in it to spoil the figures. I started to drive the first 30% of the route fully automatic with the cruise-control at 110 km/h, at that stage the country side becomes very bumpy with some pretty long ups and downs and every time the road got a bit steeper the car shifted to fourth gear even though the RPM was above 2000. So I went to Manual mode and put it in fifth gear, driving almost the entire route like that.

After about 80 km after the re-fueling I checked the fuel consumption and I was extremely surprised. I was expecting something like 10,1 liters per 100 km which is fairly good for a car with manual transmission in those speeds. The actual fuel consumption was 9,2 liters / 100 km.

At this stage the speed increased to 120 km/h, the traffic was pretty fair but it was also raining constantly with a very strong cross-wind. The tires mounted on the car are Continental ContactSport 3, 225×50 mounted on 17-inch rims.

Getting closer to Stockholm, the average speed dropped due to the increase in traffic, the average speed for the last 60 km was about 80 km/h. Arriving on-time at Arlanda, I proceeded to the first service station which is located right next to the cargo terminals at the airport.

Checking the trip-computer I was expecting a big increase do the mixed traffic situation with a lot of de- and acceleration and some city driving around the airport as well. But, it was a pleasure to see the results:
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Driving the 9-4x Aero

November 15, 2011 in Events, test drive

As the German dealer tour came to Munich I was very happy to attend the event, not only because I wanted to see the cars and meet the team of Saab Germany. The main reason for me was that I had an offer to drive the 9-4x on the trip to Augsburg, which was the second date for that day. This was something that I had really been looking forward to, even more since Swade drove us around in a 9-4x at the SU Octoberfest.

Though it was a short drive I got to experience both city and autobahn driving. We started in the centre of munich. As with the 9-5, you don’t really feel the size of the car once you’re inside and I didn’t feel unsecure as I drove the car through the heavy traffic. It may be due to the higher seating position that I found it easy to judge the dimensions of the car from the first second – maybe even easier than with the 9-5.
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SAAB Programs in Canada for October

October 8, 2011 in News, test drive

With all that has been reported in the last couple of days, its been hard to think of a good time to tell people about the great programs that Saab is offering at this moment. Before anyone gets any crazy thinking of (this must have something to do with what has been written about in the last two days) these programs came out Oct 1st and are the same as any other manufacturer at this time of year when it comes to the previous model year inventory. So, here are the programs.  On all of the Saab 9-3s there is a $6000 credit for new and existing customers and if you have a 1995 or newer Saab you get a further $2000 in savings for loyalty. That’s an $8000 savings on a 2011 Saab 9-3 and with a starting price for Canada of $36100 that would make the price now at $28100, which blows me away to think of a brand new Saab for under $30000 Canadian, that’s Ford Fusion pricing. When we look at the 2011 SAAB 9-5 the story gets better. The 9-5 has an $8000 credit for new and existing customers and also has the extra $2000 in savings for loyalty if you have a 1995 or newer SAAB, that’s $10,000 in savings. These programs are offered by the manufacturer, see your closest Canadian retailer for any further questions about available models and options. Stock is getting a little low as far as color packages and such, but the dealer network will work together to try to find exactly what you’re looking for as we are still stocked fairly well. Read the rest of this entry →

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9-5 SportsCombi sighted

September 23, 2011 in News, test drive, Uncategorized

Jörgen Trued was out driving from MapTun to his home today when he sighted this beautiful thing!
-Hey here I am Jörgen editing Tims post.
A Super Saab day for me first a great meeting strictly professionally at SAAB Technologies in Linköping. Meeting that was interrupted by SAAB 39 Gripen starting on the Saab Field runways. I guess some of You know that Tim and I have something in common, airplanes and aviation. Picked up some Saab stuff in the company gift store.
Then on the way back home i picked up Saab stuff what else. Freshly painted wheels and plastic stuff for the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team “Secret” OctoberFest event racer… (Hint: white color as been used)

The to a junkyard and putting in a complet SAAB 99 TURBO B-Engine with gearbox right smack into the cavernous rear of my 9-3 TurboX SC. Then on to our great friends at MapTun to pick up some interesting tubing.

5 min later the Java brown 9-5 NG SC on the road. A cellphone conversation with my favorite SAAB dealer WAFAB in Karlstad. But that is an even more closely held secret that could be revealed next weekend.
All in all it is now time to relax for a day in the archipelago of Stockholm. Then down in the Sundbyberg City Saab Factory dungeons to make more of our favorite Saab 99´s

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9-3 2.0T BioPower Aero Griffin Convertible

June 18, 2011 in test drive

On the 9th of June, 2011, I got to borrow a 9-3 2,0T BioPower Aero Grffin Convertible. The reporting of the test-drive was performed in 10 different updates spanning over 5 days, this is all those parts merged together into one big post.

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Grrriffin update 10

June 14, 2011 in test drive

I met Tim earlier today just before he was to return this beautiful Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin .. And how lucky that both the sun shone and I had my camera with me 😉
Update nr10 is all about More Photos!.. after the jump..


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Grrriffin update 8

June 13, 2011 in test drive

This morning I packed my uniform, flightbag and some other stuff and started a trip together with johanna from Växjö to Trollhättan. Upon arrival I’m picking up my 9-5 Anniversery, Johanna will drive my 9-5 Griffin back home and this beautiful convertible will be returned to Saab.

Anyway I wanted to show you guys the bagage-compartment with some stuff in it.