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    This would be the best news EVER for british SAAB loves!!!
    Why you ask, well indians drive on the LEFT, that means if Mahindra get involved we will have left hand dive Saabs in the future.
    I love my Saab v6 and would also look at an electric, all the big players are now introducing EV’s and Saab need to quicken up the pace if they don’t want…[Read more]

  • I hear your words and agree with most of them. My first car was a Saab and since the stop of production, I like many others have looked to see who will supply my next car. To be honest I have struggled, to find […]

  • Since NEVS came the new owners and the talk of using Japanese EV technology I, like most assumed this would be Toyota. Afterall they are the market leader by a huge margin and who else is there, right?. Well […]

  • Well according to the transport ministry in china, they are moving away from pure electic to hybrid using fuel efficient engines + electric so don’t understand the stance of no hybrid except of course to dive […]

  • To quote your link, he bought a danish company for the technology and R&D for his business, i think that is the plan here also . Taking into account ALL hybrid sales in the world still only adds upto 300k and the […]

  • Check the spreadsheet in my post above, that is the official US government figures, the sales figures have been falling after the Prius eco halo effect has started to wear off. most of these sales are in […]

  • So even in China NEVS all electric does not look to have a strategic place, maybe why they now look to favour Youngman as this fits in more with their revised plan

  • Found this article from China Daily I always take witha bucket of salt “predictions” and “forcasts” real figures tell the true story….

    “Chinese auto industry sells more electric vehicles than Hybrid
    january […]

  • Total Sales of Electric Vehilces European countries 2011, published by Jato Dynamics consultancy, ranked from highest to lowest:

    ◦Germany: 1,020 units ◦France: 953 units ◦Norway: 850 units ◦United Kingdom: […]

  • NEVS say they need facilities to produce 100,000 cars!! I thought this was a bit suspect so I have done some digging in the USA hybid sales have been declining over the last 4 years most manfuactures the sales […]

  • Because Saab has that technology already and just need the finance to carry out the development plan. Instead of just buying the tech, with Saab they will be buying the creators of the tech which is a huge […]

  • Another thing is youngman have probably seen alot more of phoenix than any other bidder, as they have been involved with Saab for a while, this may have prompted them to bid so much.
    Yes Till I do worry also […]

  • Unless the buyer is a well financed, cash rich company, all will be be using investors for financing. So from that point it is how strong the parent is and their businesses. Youngman is an established company in […]

  • and aren’t we all mighty pleased they did, otherwise we would all be needed to change our cars in a couple of years.

  • I agree with that too, I was going to add that to my comment but clicked the post link by mistake. We as Saab orphans can help by buy geniune parts for our cars, yes they maybe more expensive but just think of […]

  • Right at the very start the Option to break up saab into pieces, everyone agreed was the worst case scenario. Well that looks to be happening Volvo were interested in some test equipment (NEVS has a significant […]

  • Saab Parts is acting like an independent company opening up new distribution, this is not the act of a company on the verge of being sold with an uncertain future, reliant on a new parent.
    This in the long term I […]

  • I would expect that it is NEVS, especailly with the other announcements about Saab Parts, which NEVS did not want to buy.
    I hope we will now see what their business plan is. If it is true that BAIC is also […]

  • GM have been trying to offload the Volt (Ampera in the UK) designs and technology please god let us not go down that route! (Saab Volt, just give a dead body one more kick in the nuts!!) Batteries just do not […]

  • I personally mentioned BMW and Rover affair purely because of the similarities and I think a few are hoping they will come in on their white charger to save the day.
    BMW are a famous well respected company that […]

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