• Very well put Martin. Your thoughts and experiences will resound amongst the SAAB community for years to come. I wish you well and look forwarded to meeting and chatting to you again soon.

  • Apologies then to UKS for apologising to a friendly post on UKS to Elli that was deleted by UKS as they felt it was unsuitable/offensive/incorrect/SOC bashing/inapproporiate*
    I think i need to lay down and stop […]

  • Update: The mods have decided to delete my apology on UKS.
    Hope this all makes sense Elli :-0

  • No worries Elli. I have had my wrists slapped by UKS over my post there. I have made a UKS public apology. Copied here:

    Following the deletion of a thread and subsequent contact from the Mods, I would wish to […]

  • You hope SAAB recovers from the SOC GB organised events Elli? Only kidding 😉

    Well done on getting SOC gevents organised. We also had SOC members, who I would sure would have liked a mention, showing their […]

  • Thanks for pointing it out Martin.
    GWS (www.greatwesternsaabs.co.uk) was part of the WE ARE MANY/WE ARE SAAB meets here in the UK.

    Many thanks to everyone who attended the Great Western Saabs January […]

  • Thanks Tim

    Also, for all the time and effort you and the SAABSUNITED team have put in to this site. It is much apperciated.


    With so many excellent pictures of the events around the world why not put together a 2012 ‘WE ARE SAAB’ calendar choosing the best 12 photos submitted? I would certainly buy it!

  • Though Great Western Saabs are delighted to see other events being organised by the SOC GB for the Sunday, GWS are not part of their plan(s).

    So please do not contact the SOC for further info on the GWS […]

  • Is that any reason for SAAB enthusiasts to no longer enthuse?

  • Thanks Alex, the UKS links have already been done. Could be quite a memorable day.

  • Though we cannot be there in person I thought we should do ‘our bit’ here in the UK’s West Country.
    So we have the ‘GWS January Stroll for SAAB 2012’
    More info here: […]

  • No matter what nationality or language you speak, it seems all politicians read from the same ‘book of answers’!
    Saab and the people of Sweden deserve more.

  • What an interesting read. Well done. It brings back fantastic memories of a group of us visiting to the SAAB factory back in 2007.