• I bought my current and one previous SAAB from Sewell. But I have a great independent guy, French’s SAAB Service that is half what Sewell wanted to charge for the 60K service for the same jobs.
    Service is not […]

  • I pretty much agree with MariusGTV. I did not read Swade’s article as negative. Given the information we know, full EV aimed at China, I do not see myself as a new SAAB customer any longer. I sincerely hope that […]

  • I for one am not excited to see BMW as a bidder or possible owner of SAAB. I remember all too well how they messed up MG/Rover. They could have easily done to MG what they did to Mini, but left them for dead. They […]

  • If SAAB teamed up with anyone, Subaru was the most logical, even if GM had not had a 20% or so ownership of them. They were, pardon the pun, “born from jets,” a company that “found their own road” with turbo […]