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    Gorgeous car, congrats and hope you enjoy every moment in it, you’ll be hooked for life now.

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    Robin, you’re quite right, this is just as sexy, but then again, there’s the classic 900 and the 9-3 HOT Aero and…
    Just too many gorgeous Saabs.

  • I’m not known for my careful accelerator use, the sound from the Hirsch exhaust doesn’t help that either.

    Fuel wise, our local garage has changed supplier recently, could easily be part to blame, great feedback, thank you.

  • Hi Red J, no, it seems to have happened for the past 3 Winters since the car was brand new.
    New Michelin PS3s all round too so pressure fine. Didn’t know they altered diesel for Winter though!

  • Nice app, thank you, the best I’ve ever achieved was 640 something (Summer trip).

  • Thanks for the feedback Colin. Most of the 9-3 owners I know get a similar mpg, except my wife of course :(

    With her careful driving she seems to manage far better mpg for her 170,000 mile SportCombi, typical.

  • As ever, hugely grateful and a little humbled by the feedback and knowledge of our Saab community, loads of stuff here I’ve never even thought could make a difference to the mpg.

    Thanks all, of course, I blame […]

  • Fantastic, so nice to see such an active Saab dealer, also, fantastic to see so many Saabs together on the forecourt again. Maybe I can persuade my local Saab garage, Bond Street Car Service to do the same, they […]

  • Hi Maanders, thanks, photo taken with Saab standing still, slow exposure, camera on tripod out of upstairs room. It did take a while, the passing red and white cars worked best, couple more images here […]

  • Totally and utterly agree, the facelifted 9-3 look spectacular but…

    BMW seem to give their models a slight facelift every year, the 1 series does look dated, but maybe that’s because we’ve all seen the newer […]

  • Fantastic, glad yet another company can see huge value in manufacturing these desirable parts. How about the central leather gear panel next, our 9-3 SportCombi could do with an entire set.

    Well done, this is […]

  • This is the engine in my 9-3, it’s tuned up to 200hp with the Hirsch upgrade and it’s one of the best diesels I’ve ever owned.

    Love it, and would be more than happy to have the exact same engine in a new 9-3 […]

  • I think it’s great that Hirsch have been able to evolve, it means that they, as a company can hopefully prosper in the future.

    Personally I don’t like the new Volvo’s, I test drove the S60 D5 R Design, and […]

  • Looking at the full on side profile, it actually accentuates the clean line rather than the boot dropping off, saying that, it’s damn heavy rubber and has made the boot springs weak.

    Remove it I think:)

  • It’s a 94 model, has a lot the original extras inc air con and walnut dash. The bigger wrap is difficult to keep clean and black, but really does finish the lines off nicely, especially with the roof down.

  • Quite true, on from new according to the old owner of 15 years. I keep wondering whether to take it off or leave it, some days I hate it, some I love it.

  • I have a feeling the guys at Abbott Racing ship to the US and Canada, they have some great tuning goodies for the classic 900s, and are hugely knowledgable. I had an upgraded ECU, dump valve, upgraded fuel pump […]

  • I’ve got to say, the 9-3 still looks seriously sharp when you spot them on the roads. Mine is a 2011 saloon, and I’d put it against most, so called ‘executive saloons’ for comfort, power and style any day.

    Put […]

  • All good news Robin, I’ve just written about a brand new approved Saab Service Centre; Bond Street, opened in the Midlands.

    They have a real passion for Saabs, and decades of heritage with the brand, they’re no […]

  • Till, a seriously gorgeous set of Saabs, particularly love the December SportCombi, the April 9-5 and the amazing June De Luxe.

    Really proud my 9-3 is featured for August too

    Great idea and beautifully […]

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