• And Victor Muller bringing a lawsuit for 3 billion dollars for damages at this late date is kind of like closing the barn door after the horses have already run out.The lawsuit should have come the day after GM […]

  • Politics aside I can’t understand how the Swedish Govt. can sell the SAAB company to Geely or Pangda when it has already been sold to NEVS.
    I don’t understand any of it except that GM is the real villain here […]

  • How can the Swedish government sell Saab to the Chinese when it is owned by NEVS? GM has no say in what a new owner may do with the SAAB name.If they want to build golf carts ,what difference would it make to […]

  • Well, It just occurred to me yesterday that Newark,New Jersey has had a catastrophic
    event on their shore in the form of hurricane Sandy.I looked at the warehouse address where all the last new SAAB cars were being stored is about one block from the dock and sea shore where Sandy came ashore.Aside of all the human cost I think it’s fair to assume…[Read more]

  • Kate and I have already made plans to move into the rear of my 9-5 wagon.I’ll bet you wish you had the room in your Saab for her to set up house .Then there are the kids.
    Oh well…

  • Yeah, That too…It’s sad that like in all other aspects of artistic expression,automotive design is mostly a copy-cat medium in which the guys with the most money buy off the designers and
    lay claim to the […]

  • The Volt is already Obsolete and they know it.The batteries and charging system broke down almost immediately and the crash zone was vulnerable to battery leakage and fire.WTF?
    Is this the best they can […]

  • This is GM at its worst.The reason they failed in the first place was not knowing who their consumer base was and expanding too quickly in directions like Hummer and bankrupting the company trying to impress the […]

  • My first Saab,9-5 wagon,hoping that the company will survive in a global economy with companies like GM selling out their own employees to make cars in China only to deny Saab the same opportunity.They clearly […]

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