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    Yep, in fact I bought another one today, so now we have three of them to enjoy over the weekend. :-)

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    I doubt you’ll have any serious problems getting parts for your ’04. There were a lot of 9-5s built over a long period of time, certainly enough to interest the aftermarket and as you observe used parts are plentiful. Saab Parts/Orio is still in business, though some of their prices are very high. 10 years down the road things may be different,…[Read more]

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    I can certainly understand that some people need a new car for one reason or another. For those of us who buy used, though, I think Saab is still a viable choice. I haven’t thus far had any problem with parts. I do most of my own service work, of course, but there are two former dealers (now Saab Parts & Service centers) as well as an excellent…[Read more]

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    AMC was the master at spinning out multiple models using the same platform and parts bin — under the skin a Javelin was little different than a Rambler American. The Pierre Cardin interior available on the Javelin was really wild!

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    Most of the feedback I’ve seen on the 9-5 is very positive, aside from it possibly being not quite as distinctive as a 9000, let alone a C900. I like that the engine is basically the same Triumph-derived unit that I’m used to, albeit with some “value engineering” that may make it somewhat less robust that the older Saab mills. (It’s no big deal…[Read more]

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    No one can predict the future, obviously, but I expect parts are not going to be a problem for quite some time. My own Saabs are old enough that there really was little factory support for them even before the bankruptcy and I have not had any problems getting parts. I do most of my own work, but there is a decent network of independent and…[Read more]

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    Yes, new car buyers have no choice but to look elsewhere. Those of us who buy used will be able to continue driving Saabs for some time to come. (I’m old enough that I expect to continue doing so until I can’t drive any more, one way or another.)

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    I still see some old 240s on the road even here in the rust belt. Those things were built like tanks, but in general I’ve always thought Volvos lacked that indefinable “something” that made a Saab a Saab.

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    There’s still a pretty brisk trade in used Saabs, I’m not sure at this point how much the bankruptcy is still depressing prices. My 9000, purchased in 2011, was quite cheap but that was mainly because of age, high mileage, and rust issues rather than Saab/Spyker’s troubles. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a 9-5 wagon, so if you do decide to sell…[Read more]

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    None of what is happening here with NEVS is unexpected, unfortunately.
    But doesn’t the Aero name (as used for a car model rather than a trim level) belong to Willys?

  • I believe parts will be available for a long time to come, especially since the 9-5 was built for so long there are a lot of used parts available.

    My current Saabs are very high-mileage and getting rustier, […]

  • Yeah, I really don’t get it. From what I can see the only function an engine cover serves is to hinder service. If I had to work on a car with one I’d most likely leave it off the first time it had to be removed […]

  • There is plenty of blame to go around. But yes, part of the problem is that labor priced itself out of the market.

  • I don’t have a mechanical radio of that type in either of the Saabs. The C900 has an aftermarket Clarion 8-track AM/FM stereo, but no presets for the radio, you need to manually tune in stations. The 9000 has its […]

  • “Infotainment” as far as I can tell is not even a real word. It is certainly not in my Funk & Wagnalls.

    I’m on the road a lot and find that an AM/FM radio with tape player and/or CD player suits me just fine. […]

  • The idea of “human controlled global warming/climate change” is a government’s wet dream, as it gives an excuse to ramp up taxation and control nearly every aspect of life. I respect Tim’s position, but believe if […]

  • I would call it a factual rant, but this is not really the place to get hot and heavy into those kind of arguments. :-) Suffice it to say that people in Europe have permitted the Greens to take over their […]

  • Another interesting area on costs that recently came to my attention on hybrids, the regenerative braking systems are very complex and have expensive parts. I caught an article in passing about a brake job on a […]

  • A lot of us just don’t see the burning need for a wholesale conversion to electric vehicles. (Also we recognize that electrics are really not anything new, but a recycled and updated idea from the earliest days of […]

  • The idea of human-caused global warming is a scam, as with anything else to understand this follow the money and political power! “Climate change” is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for millions if […]

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