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    Hi Robin,

    I’d like to submit my 2009 9-3 Turbo4, nicknamed “Tally” for SOTW. I have owned several SAABs over the years, starting with my first car, a 9000 Aero at age 16. Fast forward six more SAABs and […]

  • Last week a story was circulated in the media in Sweden that NEVS wanted to cut its debts by 50%, the story originated out of P4 West and the source was no other than the lawyer responsible for managing NEVS […]

  • ThumbnailGood whisky. Proper music. An interesting car. And solving crimes. We all know what ingredients are required for a proper detective novel of this century.

    Enter Ian Rankin’s character Inspector John Rebus. […]

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    There is no doubt that the Saab management made a number of bad decisions in the past decade and that the chain of errors started many years ago, most likely around the launch of the car that was supposed to […]

  • ThumbnailPhil’s passion for Saabs follows him across the Atlantic.

    Hi Robin,
    Please find attached a picture of my current SAAB collection, comprising a 2003 9-5 Aero Combi, a 2011 9-5 NG BioPower and a 2002 9-3 SE […]

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    Hi Robin,

    I’d like to share my 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero in Laser Red for consideration of SOTW. Being a 2009, it has the 2.8T V6 with XWD and an eLSD. The car is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and a […]

  • Just like in 2011 as the situation became more and more grim the mood around here got worse and the comments became more and more offensive. The situation today is a copy of what happened back then.

    People here […]

  • ThumbnailGöran Fredriksson has left his position at NEVS after his contract expired with the company, he worked actively with information and marketing issues for NEVS and he is one of the persons at NEVS that I have had […]

  • ThumbnailThis weeks sotw week is from Peter in the Netherlands, I’m loving the red top on his black 900, very striking.

    Dear Robin,

    Hereby I like to attend the popular talent show SOTW with my “little red riding […]

  • ThumbnailI had a great email from Jonathan of Viking Motor Cars in Texas about a Saab get together last weekend

    Just thought I would send in some pictures of a meet we had here at our shop last Saturday, October […]

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    Hi from France !

    I’m very happy to introduce you Mary (as in Bloody Mary) and my everyday SAAB 9-5…

    Two different generations, two different shapes, but the same pleasure !
    My cars are a 1991 900i […]

  • After having talked with a couple sources in the past weeks I’ve learned what might become of the Trollhättan factory area if the reconstruction of NEVS was to fail.

    First of all regarding the new business plan of NEVS, focusing on the point of letting other manufacturers build their cars at the Saab factory. This is a scenario that nobody I’ve…[Read more]

  • Last year I visited Intsaab in England and Mr. Saab, EriK Carlsson, took the time to admire my 9-5ng.
    When I offered to take a seat in the car he said he didn’t dare because he was afraid he wouldn’t get out anymore, funny.
    I love this car and went on holiday in it several times, twice to the south of France, to Intsaab 2013 and recently to…

    [Read more]

  • A good friend of mine sadly has to sell his low mileage 900 Ruby Edition. It had previously been listed and sold on Ebay but the buyer then declined the purchase due to not having the money to buy it!!  It is now relisted but with only 20 hours left to go!

    (00 Ruby

    I am mentioning it here because it is a fantastic opportunity to own what is fast…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailToday rbmperformance.com is proud to announce our new partnership with FEDEX, this partnership is part of our unceasing  international expansion focus. International customers may be delivered by FEDEX priority […]

  • ThumbnailAt 10:15 today I officially sold my last Saab. It was my 2010 Saab 9-5 Griffin that I bought brand new in february of 2010. For 13 years its been an absolute privilege to support one of the best brands in the […]

  • As I wrote in my Post one week ago the english version of the reorganisation plan was not published. So all of I wrote was mostly based on the Appendices 2 and 3. In the meanwhile I was able to read the reorganisation plan in English as posted by Tim and this are my thoughts about it. This is only my view, an engineer that has worked for the…[Read more]

  • Here is an offer from The Saab Service Club in the UK
    Free Winter Battery Check
    Winter’s a tough time for any vehicle, even one designed to survive harsher seasonal conditions than ours. And a flat battery is the last thing you want to catch you out on a freezing cold morning. Yet it’s the most common cause of breakdown calls throughout winter.…[Read more]

  • I have been long thinking about starting a series of posts about news in the automotive industry that have no direkt link to Saab or NEVS but could have an effect on the way we look at future products from Trollhättan [sorry guys I don't want to start a discussion about the brand, so till next notice I will call the cars this way]. So if you like…[Read more]

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    In April this year, a number of car dealers in Sweden got the first new Saab cars for their showrooms and for test driving. But the situation changed at Nevs, and I think some dealers are tired of […]

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