• ThumbnailNeo Brothers are planning an open day on the 4th October and you are all welcome.

    The doors open at 10am until about 3pm.
    During the day there will be Guided Tours of their extensive […]

  • ThumbnailZoltan and Elena from Michigan send us a few pictures of their “Saabs United”

    Hi Robin!

    These are our “Saabs united”. The blue one was bought during SAAB’s bankruptcy and I thought that this is going to be […]

  • In bad times the rumors about a brand are more frequent than during good times. One such reason is that people like to talk… For us here at SU, sorting out the somewhat true rumors from those who are complete garbage has always been a tough job that has take a lot of our time. These days the rumors are not as frequent as when Victor ran the…[Read more]

  • Our guest writer Paul of “SAAB vs Scepticism” asks the question…. Is this the sexiest Saab ever?

    “Others may have seen this before but I haven’t, and I’ve fallen in love. This has got to be the sexiest Saab I’ve ever seen. Just spotted it over on the excellent Saablog-in in a post dating back to May.

    What’s more, it has my all time…

    [Read more]

  • ThumbnailJan has added a beautiful 9-3X to his Saab collection.

    Hi Robin,

    I bought my wife Chris a new family car.

    It is a 2011 Saab 9.3X 2.0t with AWD.
    Please can you make this picture “Saab of the week”? […]

  • We all know that Mahindra was a bidder for the bankruptcy estate of Saab Automobile AB back in 2012 and that they left the negotiating table due to the high price of what was then more or less a mandatory part of the sale: Saab Automobile Parts AB. After Mahindra left it became clear to the lawyers managing the bankruptcy that the parts…[Read more]

  • Today we visited the Saab museum to say hallo to a good friend, she is being very well taken care of by the staff.



  • ThumbnailThis weeks SOTW is from Jerry in Ireland.

    Hello SU,
    Please find attached photos of my 9-5.
    We were the first car on the, just launched, “Wild Atlantic Way”.
    I’ve also included some local shots in Cork and […]

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    SouthWestSaab in conjunction with Astley Saab are holding a Hirsch performance day here in Yeovil, Somerset, on Saturday the 13th of September giving Saab owners a no obligation opportunity to a ‘try before […]

  • ThumbnailThis weeks Saab of the Week comes to us from South Africa.

    Hi, please find attached a few photos of my 1996 SAAB 900se AUTO with 295000km and still pulling like a rocket; I have owned the BEAST for 4years now […]

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    This is for the SOTW–my ’78 99 purchased new that year and still doing fine over 400,000 miles later.  After my dog remodeled the interior I was lucky to find a 99 Turbo as an organ donor, and […]

  • _L5F1561For the past two weeks Anna and I have been trekking around Germany in my 9-5. Stops along the way: Berlin, Kiel, Wolfsburg and Düsseldorf.

    Berlin & Düsseldorf because I happen to be a 178 cm tall Stones fan (i.e. a medium to large fan) and they just happened to be playing those towns (if any of you have two spare tickets for Stockholm, let me…[Read more]

  • Please find attached photos of my 1999 Viggen. I am the original owner and bought the car from the Saab Dealership 7th October 1999.

    The Viggen has just turned 150k miles. It has extensive upgrades, except for a LSD. My opinion of the vehicle is probably one of the best that Saab ever produced. If it had included the present upgrades from the…

    [Read more]

  • The spectacular Gothenburg City Race marked round two of the 2014 STCC campaign – with Team Tidö enjoying its strongest showing so far between the Armco barriers. This is the story of how Richard Göransson claimed a second consecutive podium behind the wheel of his SAAB 9-3

    Well done and thank you for sharing

  • ThumbnailThis weeks SOTW has been chosen by me and is a Saab on display at the Bristol Classic Show here in Somerset this weekend.

    The owner, Andy Deans, came down from Fife in Scotland to take part. He has only […]

  • Some very interesting talks yesterday in Jörgens post about lightweight materials and I thought that I’d continue the discussion about future materials with a small exception, its already in production! For some time now I’ve been following the tech coming out from BMW, especially about lightweight materials and high power and for you guys who…[Read more]

  • As reported in other media today a number of companies have filed their debts with the National enforcement agency in Sweden (Kronofogdemyndigheten) after having had their invoices expire as unpaid by NEVS. The total debt so far is fairly low, only around 6,8 million SEK (750’000 Euro) in total. 

    A number of debts have already been solved by…[Read more]

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    When: 18th-20th July 2014

    Where: Haw Wood Caravan Park & High Lodge Leisure, Hinton, Near Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3QT

    ‘Something for everyone to enjoy’ is the theme of this year’s National located in the […]

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    I am an owner of a custom specialty car shop in Ontario. Long time Saab enthusiasm. I cant describe what it is about Saab that gets to me but when this car came into the shop I had to add it to my personal […]

  • mattias_bergman_maptun_meet_2014During the Maptun Meet 2014 Mattias Bergman attended the show, having landed in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport late in the evening before he showed up on time in Örebro to be greeted by applause. He presented a somewhat complex but honest talk with me on stage, unfortunately we were not able to capture it on tape, but here are the general points he…[Read more]

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