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    Absolutely. I’m very fond of Sonett’s, although none came to Australia originally. Good luck getting her back on the road, and may this old article give you some inspiration :) saabsunited.com/2009/07/saab-sonett-heaven-on-flickr.html

    I’ve got 2 Saab’s now and I think it’s the way to go – collect them and care for them. I’m looking to add a…[Read more]

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    What an absolutely beautiful car, I wish it were mine and that I could drive those roads you mention! Congratulations on your obviously successful stewardship of this spectacular 900.

    All I will say otherwise is that this deserves much more love on this site!

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    Fair enough – amazed you have the energy for it, but good luck! Presumably there’ll be no more “Das Boring” talk around here! Do you guys have any concerns about RWD in winter, or is the electronic diff smart enough to solve that? Considering my options for a wagon and knowing I’ll want to drive to the snow puts me off the 3 Touring.

    PS: Just a…[Read more]

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    Well despite the negativity, and without ignoring the fact they’re doing this a bit late and at an unusual event… I’m interested and excited to see what rolls out of Trollhattan. I hope NEVS will be able to show something that does generate a bit of interest from the POV of tech, and gives the (potential) investors something to think about. I…[Read more]

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    This one’s not bad either!


    … if only it existed!

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    Agreed! If you’re going to talk upgrades you have to list them out for us!

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    Don’t confuse the reaction with the simple fact that most people don’t actually care at all about Saab, either. All I hear is “they’re crap”, “they’ have terrible reliability”, etc. So why would these same dopes care when I tell them the next Saab will be electric?

    I’m excited by the performance potential of electric cars. I’m concerned about…[Read more]

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    Great ownership story. My first Saab memory is of my Grandad’s brand new white c900 sedan, quite possibly the same model year. It was a revelation in modern stylish elegance for me at that time, but then I was only 7 or 8. I have a strong memory of having my fingers suddenly trapped on a holiday road trip, when Grandad raised the rear electric…[Read more]

  • haha, boo hiss!

    There will be an electric rally in due course, i’m sure. Nothing wrong with being at the top of that game when there is!

    I’d be more than happy with an Aero-X Hybrid-Electric at Le Mans, too. Obviously!

  • I agree, this is fantastic – more please! A bit of heritage racing would be great to see too, but the pinnacle would be a future AWD Saab in WRC – maybe a future 9-2!

    Also be great to see an electric Saab take […]

  • Well, the matching date and the usage of the keyword “Powerful” gives it away a bit. Unless SU secretly knows that Saab are showing up with a 9-3E or some other product news, this is a huge disappointment for […]

  • I Imagine a large part of why they didn’t just keep on sending cars they couldn’t sell to the US was – oh.. perhaps that was it?

    When they have a product they can sell in the US and elsewhere, I do hope they […]

  • Might go a bit further here – I’d also like to ask you to stop driving other fans away from SU with this relentless negativity.

    Some of us want to talk about the exciting possibilities of the next 9-3, the […]

  • I think the website shows the kind of taste, restraint, simplicity, and understanding of function over form that defines the Saab brand.

    It’s a base to build on, just like these fledgling beginnings of the […]

  • While I agree with some of what you say, Apple doesn’t allow bluetooth connectivity with things like OBD-II or, say, Android phones/music devices, which is a bit limiting.

  • Yeah I run torque in my Stage 3 99 9-3. Hopefully they will extend the licence to allow Torque on the 93N. Here’s a link to my 900/9-3/9-5 dash styled theme for anyone interested! Haven’t put much time into it but […]

  • Johnson control? I didn’t know you could get seat bolsters for that. Great news, I’ll be able to wear my loose shorts in summer without fear!

  • I imagine there would be a bit of work to do at Maptun before these cars are ready to be tuned, but depends on how close it is to the 9-5 II engine and whether the ECU etc is the same.

  • I’m sure your local Saab specialist can plug their Tech II into one of these and it’ll transform into a HUD windshield before your very eyes!

  • That’s one hot looking 9-5 wagon in the foreground. Oh mamma!

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