• I quite like the new 9-5 commercial posted above. The music is good. Though, maybe not bright enough. Saab ad music tends to be a little melancholic, which maybe isn’t the right mood. Asha Ali’s song, “The time is […]

  • hans, the issue with the Swedish government and the above emails are a year old. They relate to efforts to provide financial solvency during the waning days of Spyker/SWAN ownership. Guy Lofalk was a bankruptcy […]

  • So I guess the idea must have been that Geely had done well with Volvo and probably could with Saab, too. I suppose I remember feeling that way when things started falling apart last year. It’s just funny that […]

  • What I don’t understand is what Lofalk’s motivation was in pushing the ownership change. There must have been one, which may point beyond him to the Swedish government. But we should remember that no one forced […]

  • I thought this was the car of your dreams, TimR. http://www.saabsunited.com/2011/11/unexpected-turnout.html

    What happened?

  • Thank you for this update, Jason. The reestablishment of Saab Parts’ operation in the US and Canada is the hopeful side of the recent news. And as you note, it’s the news that affects many of us most (excepting […]

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    I have no way of knowing if this new venture will work or not. Certainly I have no way to charge an electric car where I live. But my 2011 9-3 should last me quite a while and in 6,7,8 years the landscape might […]

  • Tim, it’s hard to argue with the need for a very well-funded and thought out business plan. All the news today seems to focus on negotiations with Saab AB and Scania over the use of the name and trademark. While […]

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    The implication in this post is that the NDRC in fact does have control over NEVS and its ability to procure and run Saab. This would be in contradiction with previous reports since the Chinese principal is also […]

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    I think there’s been lots of skepticism raised against some of the other parties. The comments about NEVS are not exactly glowing. If you go back several months there were loads of complaints regarding Victor […]

  • Here is a good interview with Simon Padian from 2009 during the Frankfurt Auto Show. He traces some of the recent history of Saab over his 20 years as well as his role within Saab. You can see why so many Saab […]

  • He’s English, I believe. But his wife is a Swede and he has lived in Sweden a long time. He could be ethnically Armenian though…

  • Well, we shouldn’t expect that he would just sit around forever waiting for a Saab solution. He has his own life to look after and is obviously exceptionally talented. I congratulate him on this new position. […]

  • Yes, perhaps they were more inspired by Victor Muller than we knew.

  • We can say this about Youngman, they are not giving up without one heck of a fight. I question whether there was ever much of a concern with the Chinese government approving them. But maybe. If the receivers […]

  • It seems unlikely to me. TimR has been saying that we shouldn’t expect it for some time, often to my personal frustration. I think if Mahindra & Mahindra or even Youngman were the buyers it might have been […]

  • This is interesting… I just looked at the NEVS website again after a couple days. I see that they have somewhat altered their English text to make it sound a bit more natural: the word that stood out to me as […]

  • In other words, the receivers got greedy (albeit not for themselves, presumably) and in the process may have really messed things up by unintentionally elbowing M & M out. Now they don’t have a buyer for Saab […]

  • To add a little clarity to the assets vs. liabilities situation, SCNA reported to the court that it had $48,194,481.50 in assets and $124,013,118.49 in debts. Of the debts, it looks like $33,000,000 or so were to […]

  • It appears that the sale of the parts inventory held by SCNA to the newly formed Saab Parts North America, a subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, received final approval by the bankruptcy court on Friday. According to […]

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