• As a long-time U.S. SU reader and commenter, I have coached Angelo on his repetition and a few other observations made by Avelik. However, Angelo can continue communicating on SU as he does until such time those […]

  • No matter how it sounds, always assume a post is someone’s opinion regardless of any claims or perceptions of fact. And, expressions can be confusing across cultures and languages.

    For example, the […]

  • Angelo, having read your posts since you probably started on SU, I will say you were very reasonable in expressing your opinion.

    I’ve followed the hydrogen subject over the years but I suspect my memory can’t […]

  • I find 50 mpg (US) very hard to believe even with this engine. The car itself isn’t substantially lighter to help improve the fuel mileage.

  • Thanks Red J. After seeing your reply I did a search on SU and found the post on the Independence Editon that referenced how it was available in both a 6-speed manual and automatic. I did remember the NG 9-5 […]

  • It is nice that new Saabs are being produced and a familiar one at that. This is much better December news than the December of 2009 and 2011!

    To the pricing discussion, I see it was covered that you can’t […]

  • Government does drive safety standards (and not always in the right way) but the auto insurers are also involved in the process since they have a large financial stake in minimizing pay outs for injuries and […]

  • Once I saw that close-up photo of the front-seat headrest, I was asking myself the same question about how it compared to the prior design. Thanks for picking up on this and providing an explanation.

  • I’d highly recommend the Nokian Hakka R’s. They perform without being knobby and, as a result, are almost as quiet as a summer tire. Good ride and handling performance for a “snow” tire as well.

  • I was going to ask about that since the plan was for each club to have a “static” page per the prior posts.

    I was also going to comment earlier today after the Signapore club introduction page appeared that […]

  • Steve C. commented on the post, SOC 2013 Followup 8 months ago

    Angelo, you opened the comments for this post with a reaction to something new to you and I wasn’t referring to that as repetitive. That’s why I thought of you when Tim provided the NEVS quotes.

    The […]

  • Steve C. commented on the post, SOC 2013 Followup 8 months ago

    We were there from beginning to end and then some. We stayed Sunday night since we had plans nearby on Monday. Through Sunday evening, our 9-5 and the classic 900 V-8 dragster (see engine picture above) were […]

  • I was just going through documentation on my office shelf covering quality, process, improvement, reengneering from the 1990′s that I worked with at that time. Even one of my copies of “The Machine That Changed […]

  • Advertising is one thing and having a safe car (both active and passive safety) is another. Volvo stuck with safe as the key attriubute and after a while had to deliver and adveriste there was more going on than […]

  • Steve C. commented on the post, GM free 9-3? 9 months ago

    I believe NEVS has made broad statements about wanting to go global but I’m concluding they don’t yet know where and when beyond China at this point.

  • Steve C. commented on the post, GM free 9-3? 9 months ago

    For the sake of fleshing out what might be happening with NEVS’ product communication strategy, I’ll offer several alternatives…

    One view is that the target market is China and it will be a while before they […]

  • Steve C. commented on the post, GM free 9-3? 9 months ago

    I really would like to see more info to the “What is a GM part” question.

  • Steve C. commented on the post, Royal Baby News 9 months ago

    When the royal couple were ready to go home to Kensington Palace, the new Prince was placed in his infant car seat, walked out to William’s vehicle and the new Mom and baby were secured in the back seat of a black […]

  • Daryle, this is a great summary that I haven’t seen presented before that brings the major elements of the convention together. Thanks for the reminder for bringing stuff for the Sunday morning auction. […]

  • Angelo, I filed a claim because of my warranty issue since I received an official notification from the “bankruptcy process” that I was an unsecured creditor (by virtue of being an owner of an applicable Saab […]

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