• Today the district court of Vänersborg made a positive decision regarding NEVS’ request for composition negotiations with their creditors. The meeting of the creditors is scheduled for March 23rd in Vänersborg. […]

  • As NEVS had their creditor meeting today SvD tried to investigate a bit and asked SAAB AB about the talks between them and Mahindra and/or NEVS since this was stated in the presentation that was shown to the […]

  • ThumbnailSnippets. It’s been a while since those were here on SU. I thought it might be worth reviving that to cover some things that are not big enough for a seperate post but worth mentioning and at times to look a bit […]

  • Yesterday NEVS went public with a plan to exit reconstruction. The core of the plan is that NEVS fully pays its debt to creditors with claims below SEK 500.000 while creditors with higher claims are paid half. […]

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    French RBM Performance have launched a dedicated webshop for Saab owners in the USA and Canada. Being the leading independent used and new Saab parts supplier in France Romain and his team have 11 years of […]

  • As P4 Väst reports today 60 of the 74 employees that were given notice of redundancy last November will be laid off. This is part of the restructuring program that ORIO started at the end of 2013.

    While this is […]

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    I did not want to make any connections to what happens to Spyker today since that is no longer relevant for Saab today. Generally I feel that Spyker was too blue eyed when they took over Saab and made a few mistakes that did not help later. One point is that they were always financed rather thin, even if the Antonov millions had been allowed…[Read more]

  • It is not easy to be a Saab blogger these days. There is not much happening, not many news to break. Ever since Mahindra was named as the potentioal new majority owner of NEVS last year things got even more quiet. […]

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    In the meantime he has changed a few things like the location of the item and the disclaimer that it is not Hirsch…
    Still, from what I got to know by now he seems to be not too trustworthy.

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    Today I was contacted by a fellow Saabist who ordered one of those steering wheels from a seller called saabtun-parts. Since on ebay it said the item was located in Germany but the parcel was sent from Poland […]

  • On behalf of the entire team of SaabsUnited I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you all can enjoy some time with your beloved ones and relax a bit. It’s definetely needed after a Saab year that […]

  • Orio acquires all the supplier-based tools for production of spare parts for Saab cars

    Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, has signed a contract with Nevs and has acquired all the tools located at […]

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    As some of you may already have noticed we at cardyourcar.eu run an Xmas special at the moment. An variety of articles from Saab, Hirsch ans Saab Expressions are reduced in price. If you are still looking for […]

  • Good news come from Vänersborg, after yesterday some creditors expressed their doubts about the plan to write down their demands towards NEVS. Obviously they still see a point in NEVS’ plans and this morning the […]

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    A while ago we asked you to send your saaby pics for our new calendar. First of all a big thank you to all who participated and made the choice for us as hard as it was. This time we ended up creating two […]

  • About two weeks ago we asked for your photos to create the 2015 SaabsUnited calendar. Just like in the past years we have gotten a big number of entries and we would like to thank you for that.

    We’ll wait a […]

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    For quite a while the 3-piece grille has been one of the most wanted items from the Hirsch portfolio. Driven through that demand we at cardyourcar.eu have been eager to encourage Hirsch to start a […]

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    My first Saab has been a 9000 from 1989 and I always had a special love for that model. So when I heared that our friends from German saabblog.net plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the […]

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    Oh well, I was just looking for a family car and since the dealer I bought my Saabs at for 15 years added Volvo it was pretty clear that I would take that route. Why change he workshop that treated you well over all that time? Better support them since they also take good care for my Saab.

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    It seems that from time to time some people need to be reminded that there are some rules for commenting here. The most basic one is respect. And in last weeks post when I mainly wanted to talk about what we have […]

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