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    @timr Dear moderator!

    I thought I might give this another try. The first time was in mr. Wade’s time, prior to the launch of GT5. And, I might add, there was a very good response from the readers of Saabsunited.com 

    Beeing a Saab fan, and a fan of sim-racing, I am naturally very disappointed that there are so few Saabs to take for a virtual…[Read more]

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    @timr Dear Tim, since there were copyright issues with German users I uploaded additional version of the Dream Trip video on paid account on Vimeo. Hope they won’t have any restrictions. The video is almost processed but now it is still only in SD version. It should be in HD soon. The link is here – http://vimeo.com/88142697. Users should turn on…[Read more]

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    @timr hi Tim. Would you mind sending me your email. Mine is Phillip.paton@live.com. Thanks.

  • @timr With a total investment of 1 billion RMB, Qingdao Phoenix New Energy Vehicle Co. was founded in Aug. 2013 to assemble NEVS saab 9-3 electric vehicles in Qingdao. Currently the company was under construction and will began assembling Saab EVs in April 2014 to supply Qingdao government for new energy vehicles demonstration operations.

  • @timr I just read that Saab is hosting a WebEx for all former Saab dealers in the United States to discuss options. This is to be held on Wednesday, have you heard about this? Article here http://www.kansas.com/2013/12/03/3155929/saab-dealers-await-information.html

  • @timr

    I just read that the first NG SC has been approved and is now street legal in Sweden! More info can be found here https://www.facebook.com/Saab952012Sportcombi

    Really amazing how good looking the car is in white and the owner must be REALLY lucky! If this is a true story I think you should mention it here on SU!

  • @timr

    I have enjoyed keeping up to date on Saab news over the past year or so. I bought my first Saab in March of 2011 (2010 9-3X). I love the car. I live in Framingham, MA and bought the car in Acton. Anyways two issues. When Saab went out of business someone stole a 19.99 Saab Emblem (part 4830071). This has been on back order since…[Read more]

  • @timr I accidentally hit the “report” button in the “No more press conferences thread” on a post I was trying to reply to. Sorry for the error.

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    Tim can you please send me a private message? Need to ask you for a favor. Thanks

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    Hi TimR,

    Is it possible to purchase a 2012 9-3 griffin rear spoiler from SAAB? part number 12822669. Let me know if you have any info on this since the Griffin never made it to the US and parts production has been iffy. Thank you!


  • @timr Photos of hundreds of new Saabs, held hostage in New Jersey because of the SCNA bankruptcy case –http://www.foundourownroad.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=562

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    Hi TimR,
    I was wondering if Youngman owns the Phoenix platform. I thought I read on here that they didn’t yet I see a few stories online that say that they have. If there’s been an article on here that explains it could you please send me a link? Thanks.