• I really don’t have a clue what this means but it seams it to be their new claim, according to this video (3:03). It is a nice alliteration, but what do they want to say?

    A new brand, a new logo and a new […]

  • I know we have said that the brand name question is over. Well it wasn’t me, and I still repeat my sentence.

    Show me a picture of the factory without the SAAB wording and I will stop talking about it. […]

  • Red J wrote a new post, Tomorrow 5 months ago

    Maybe any of you has noticed it, but NEVS has changed the homepage of their site. The pictures of the MY14 9-3 are gone, which is good from my point of view, but on the other side the homepage is as vague as it […]

  • Nevs has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Panda New Energy Ltd., about 150,000 9-3 Sedan EV

    National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) and the Chinese company Panda New Energy Co., Ltd. have signed […]

  • ThumbnailThe amount of articles in the Swedish Press originating on the presentation of Mathias Bergman at the Store Bildagen conference hosted by Dagens Industri in Stockholm show that it is still a big interest in Sweden […]

  • Since June/July (can’t remember exactly) NEVS has started to advertise job positions on their site. As they are beginning to search for engineers, I like to see what kind of engineers are they looking for, as you […]

  • Nevs has made the second and last payment of the composition to the 106 creditors today with a total amount of 231 MSEK. This means that Nevs has no longer any debts to creditors.

    Nevs exited the […]

  • According to the local newspaper ttela.se as of today the first instalment has been paid in full to the creditors. Last week the first creditors have been paid, and today all the creditors that had to be paid in […]

  • ThumbnailAccording to wikipedia a connected car is ..

    … a car that is equipped with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share internet access to other […]

  • As no one had submitted objections to the plans from NEVS to pay their creditors the district court in Vänersborg has approved the application from NEVS to leave reorganization. From now on NEVS has 60 days to pay […]

  • According to the local newspaper ttela.se and to SwerigeradioP4 NEVS has applied to the court to terminate the reorganization period on the 14th of April.

    They have chosen the 14th of April as the composition […]

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    Tomorrow Monday March 23 is the next important day in the process of NEVS togged afloat. Tomorrow the creditors will decide if they agree with the plan from NEVS where debts under 500.000 SEK will be payed in […]

  • ThumbnailTwo weeks ago the Geneva international motor Show started. Not being there felt a little bit disappointing, on the one side, because it means another year without New SAAB branded cars, and on the other side […]

  • As I wrote in my Post one week ago the english version of the reorganisation plan was not published. So all of I wrote was mostly based on the Appendices 2 and 3. In the meanwhile I was able to read the reorganisation plan in English as posted by Tim and this are my thoughts about it. This is only my view, an engineer that has worked for the automotive industry for the last 16 years and loves Dilbert, the comic stripe, so you can imagine what I think about management.

    The form
    This is the document sent too the creditors so they can judge if the reorganisation will take NEVS to a position where they can get their money.

    I think the administrator is putting the reorganisation as the only way for the creditors to be full refunded.

    The unsecured creditors are mot expected to receive full dividend from the distribution in the event of bankruptcy despite the high book value of the assets

    I could believe that some of those creditors already know what a bankruptcy means for them as they already went through one in 2012.

    There have been many talks lately about SAAB AB not granting NEVS the right to use the SAAB brand for their products anymore. This came completely unexpected, and we still have no idea if this decision is irrevocable or not, but if this is the case, why are the SAAB word symbols in Trollhättan? Yes, it is coupled with costs to remove them, but no car from that factory will be allowed to be branded as a SAAB car not now and not in the future, so why postpone that. And coming back to the plan, why would an attorney write this sentence in the plan

    As stated in the letter, [RedJ:Is to think that this is the letter that has been attached to this document when it was sent to the creditors] one of the manufacturers is specially interested in incorporating the Saab car as a premium brand in its existing vehicle group, …..

    knowing that NEVS will not be allowed to use the SAAB brand?

    The content
    I want to focus on the point 5, reorganisation of the business. Thera are mainly two plans, stay as an OEM an build their own cars, maybe with the SAAB brand or give up the OEM status and develop and build cars for other manufacturers. Yes they also talk about the combination of both, but I think the feasibility of the combination of both will be further inspected when some kind of binding agreement exists on the OEM plan.

    The OEM plan is long known, although no one has yet officially confirmed the names of those two Asian car manufacturers. One Automotive OEM kill buy up to 80% of NEVS and make a business plan where SAAB comes back to live as a premium brand, we have the examples of Jaguar and Volvo, and both have proven to be a feasible option, although SAAB in ist current position will need much more money and time to create new products, whiteout being able to create revenue with older products. So it will be very interesting to see the final business plan from that Asian manufacturer.

    The other part of the plan is to create a JV with another Automotive OEM to share costs in the development of cars based on the Phoenix platform. This is also no new business approach and SAAB has some experience in that with the SAAB 9000 and its italian cousins. And to be honest I don’t think that Chinese OEMs will manage to build a global platform without help from an European or American OEM, at least for the next 10 years, bets accepted. So this is their possibility to make a product for the global market and by doing this being treated as a serious contender. The question is, does this Asian manufacturer see this opportunity this way?

    But there is a small passage in the text, that I think I do not understand fully.

    The Company has also entered into negotiations with other parties that have expressed interest in the production and facility resources in Trollhättan. These negotiations, which were initiated after the initiation of reorganisation, might result in sales of all shares in the Company or in an agreement on contract manufacturing and development projects.

    From my point of view, one of the options seems to be, that somebody might buy the whole of NEVS from the current shareholders and use the production facilities to produce its own cars. I may understand it wrong, but it feels like they are also thinking of stepping off, which means the end of Saab cars, I hope not.

    Plan B
    Restructuring to contract manufacturing.
    This is the plan that destroys any last possibility to see a Saab branded car in the future. But maybe it is a not so bad option for Trollhättan and its car building knowledge.

    During the SWAN era, a company with the name SAAB Engineering Services was founded. SES was meant to leverage the use of the engineering capacity in SAAB Automobile with external projects. PORSCHE has also the PORSCHE Engineering company, but the history of PORSCHE is quite different.

    During those last SWAN months and during the bankruptcy period some external customers were interested in the engineering capacity in Trollhättan and most of all in their testing capabilities. It is not a secret that during the bankruptcy period some products from JLR (Jaguar LandRover) where tested in Trollhättan.

    So using this experience and contacts NEVS have been thinking about expanding the engineering services to NEVS Industrial Services, adding all their experience in production and production planning as well as production capacity in a very flexible production plant.

    Who would be the competitors to NIS? To all the companies that I know only one offers the full package, namely MAGNA. But as far as I know it has already to much to do in both engineering and production. Nedcars and Valmet, as an example, offer only production capacity, and Semcon or PEG, to name others, only offer Engineering services. If you add to the equation the fact that Asian OEMs may want to try production in Europe for Europe before building an own production facility, you could say that NIS has a future. Time will tell.

    I’m still hoping that NEVS is able to ink contracts with those two Asian car manufacturers, so plan B ends up as an added income. If this was the case, the production line would be able to run at a higher capacity which is good for Trollhättan and at the same time create some extra income needed of develop those cars that we all love with some out of the box ideas.

    If Plan B is the only income for NEVS, it will still be good news for Trollhättan, as cars will be produced in Trollhättan, but it will be bad news for a Saab fan base, as this will be the end to cars with a Saab brand.

    I started this post one week ago, in the mean time the reorganisation plan has been accepted by the creditors and reorganisation has ben prolonged till the November 29th.

    I don’t know the reason, but since October 8 many positive voices have been heard from NEVS, and the most important to me, Mattias Bergman has announced that he expects the contracts with the two Asian car companies will be inked before November 29, while his normal answer previous to that date was nobody could say when, but negotiations move forward.

  • I have been long thinking about starting a series of posts about news in the automotive industry that have no direkt link to Saab or NEVS but could have an effect on the way we look at future products from Trollhättan [sorry guys I don’t want to start a discussion about the brand, so till next notice I will call the cars this way]. So if you like it I will try to deliver a “Not SAAB related” post each week.

    My first post is about a,quite funny in my opinion, article about the BMW i3 in the USA. The original article is from consumer report although I’ve found it somewhere else.

    [caption id="attachment_57254" align="aligncenter" width="584"]bmw i3 rear engine bay BMW i3 rear engine bay[/caption]

    The guys at consumer report summarise the problem with this sentence

    Relying on that gas engine when the main battery is depleted works well in most cases, including high-speed steady cruising, but not, we’ve discovered, if you demand more of it.

    They’ve discovered? C’mon even some BMW manager talked about the drawbacks of such a range extender configuration at its presentation in Munich.

    So let us talk about range extender and its problems.

    A EREV, or REX-EV according to BMW, is a normal Battery EV with a small IC-Engine and a small tank that acts as a generator in case the Battery levels are too low. There is no mechanical connection between the generator and the wheels, so the wheels will always get the power from the e-motor. The VOLT was also an EREV, but the managers at GM decided to add a fallback solution in case the driver fully depletes the battery before letting the generator do its job, more on that later.

    So on the i3 you have a generator that produces 34 kW of power that is delivered to an e-motor that can produce up to 125 kW of peak power. If you are cruising at steady speed, the car may not demand the full energy coming from the generator, so most of the electric power produced by the generator is used to keep the car moving and the rest to charge the batteries. If you press the pedal to the metal running on the generator, and the battery is still not ready to deliver the extra power needed, the car will handle as an 39-44 hp car [this is 34kW with an effectivity of 85% – 95%], no more and no less.

    How will BMW approach this problem?

    It [the i3] will include a battery state-of-charge indicator, an early alert prior to potentially experiencing a temporary loss of power, and a proactive boosting of the battery level based on the car’s navigation prior to encountering hilly terrain. This enhancement will also be available as a retrofit for existing i3 owners.

    As you see the BMW guys have no magic. The only thing they can do is to put a lamp on your instrument panel, so you know if you will have the full power to overtake the cars in front of you and rely to your GPS to start the range extending generator sooner than expected to have enough battery charge in the mountains, so you always have to tell your car where you want to go, so it can decide what is the best range extending strategy for your drive.

    Taking the drama from my words, the i3 is an urban car, and in the cities you are constantly using the brakes and the demanded speed and acceleration are lower, so I think most of the people would do well with the i3 REX, but if you decide to take a short trip outside town, remember that you have a less powerful car when the small generator starts making noise.

    At the end of the day a EREV will help you reach that charging station that is couple of kilometres away from your max range, but it has its drawbacks and the car will handle quite differently running on batteries than running on the generator.

    Back to the VOLT. The VOLT has a direct connection between the IC-Engine and the wheels, but although many talk about the VOLT as an PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid) it is a real EREV. Why? The car will 99.9% of the time rely on electrical power, when the battery charge is too low the generator will start and the batteries will recharge, still running only on the e-motor. Only in the case the batteries are completely depleted then the IC-engine would drive the wheels till the batteries have once again a minimum of charge that allows the e-motor to drive the wheels.

    I hope you liked it, and that I can write “Not SAAB related” technical articles till I can write “SAAB related” technical posts.

  • ThumbnailThe news Yesterday of NEVS approaching third parties although they are still in Talks with the two Assian car manufacturers.

    Well later yesterday they sent a preliminary reorganisation plan to their […]

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    In February we found first pictures of what could be a new and modern navigation system for the 2014 9-3.

    It was not until April that we found an official reference to a new infotainment system in the […]

  • NEVS is one of the Mainsponsors of the Alliansloppet, one of the biggest roller skis race in Scandinavia.
    There will be race events from tomorrow till saturday.

    According to ttela.se and Sverigesradio P4 […]

  • It is a long time since the last post in the category ssd (Saab Sales Data), but at last I’m once again able to report about new registered Saab cars.

    You may say, that I could have started in January, as NEVS […]

  • NEVS, according to their press release, has today opened their customer car delivery centre, and later the first NEVS Saab cars will be delivered to customers.

    Nevs opens its new delivery center in Trollhättan,where customers get their new Saab delivered.

    On 29 April, the first customers to pick up their Saab cars.

    They will be greeted by Nevs management, a presentation of the company Nevs, see the factory and have the opportunity to visit the Saab Car Museum.

    – For us it is important to have close and personal with customers. We want to create a long term relationship with our customers that begins when they get the keys to her new car. said Jonas Hernqvist, Nevs sales and marketing manager.

    During the guided tour of the factory in Trollhattan, customers will see the manufacturing of the cars and meet the employees who built the cars.

    At Saab Car Museum’s entire history behind the car brand Saab is preserved, from the first Ur-Saab and all world firsts throughout the years until today.

    Sorry, for the rough Google-translation.

    SaabsUnited will be there to get the impressions of those first customers.

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