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January 24, 2016 in News

NEVS new homepage
Maybe any of you has noticed it, but NEVS has changed the homepage of their site. The pictures of the MY14 9-3 are gone, which is good from my point of view, but on the other side the homepage is as vague as it could be. We know what they mean, but who else does? Ok, maybe all the people that visit that site knows about it.

But has this anything to do with Tomorrow(Monday)? No, I don’t think so, and as NEVS is not appearing in the exhibitors list of the Geneva Motor show, I expect, that we will be seeing those northern lights for the next weeks.

But tomorrow something will happen at NEVS facilities, something that I consider quite strange, but something that has a clear message.

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Did Honda just kill the future of electric cars?

January 22, 2016 in Competing Brands Familiarization, Editorial

From Motortrend: The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will cost around $60,000, or a monthly lease price under $500, the automaker announced today. The Clarity rides on a platform that will also underpin an upcoming plug-in hybrid from Honda.

Honda will start leasing the model in limited quantities at dealerships in Los Angeles County, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento by the end of the year. As the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling grows, Honda will focus on retail sales and expand the Clarity to other markets.

Prices for the Clarity are about on par with the 2016 Toyota Mirai, which went on sale late last year. That model goes for $57,500, or $499 a month. Incidentally, the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is also priced at $499 a month. Both of these competing vehicles help ease the transition to hydrogen by offering drivers free hydrogen fuel, so we’ll have to wait to see if Honda offers the same deal.

Honda previously announced it would offer a new plug-in hybrid by 2018 to replace the “very low volume” Accord Plug-In. That model is still on track to launch by 2018, although we still don’t know exactly what the model will be. In the more immediate future, Honda will launch a new Accord Hybrid this spring.

Honda Clarity

SU Comment: Ever since they put fuel cells on the Apollo mission service modules people have seen fuel cells as the way to go, its pretty clear that some auto companies are picking sides, either going fully electric which has proven to be a difficult road considering range and cost of the batteries. Some manufacturers are focusing on a more unproven path which are fuel cells. The fact remains that fuel cell technology has been around for a long time and its become more manageable and easier to package into a smaller high output size and at the same time become cheaper so Honda might be on the right track here, one thing is certain Audi is also investing a huge amount of money into this type of technology, and so are Nissan and Hyundai but also Toyota has made steps away from hybrid and electric cars with a higher focus on fuel cells. Could the quick development of fuel cell cars be the thing that kills the future for electric cars? Everyone is waiting for the range revolution to occur for electric cars, what if it never comes and fuel cells overtake the industry meanwhile everyone is waiting…

Our car is being well cared for…

January 22, 2016 in DJA880, Saab Museum

Tim sent me two photos the other day from his visit to the Saab Museum a week ago, the visit was to check up on our beautiful 9-3 which is still parked in a prime position and one of the first cars you’ll see when you enter the museum. The car is being very well taken care of by the museum staff.



NEVS working on new brand

January 10, 2016 in DJA880, NEVS, News

saablogo2245pxAs our sources have confirmed for well over a year now NEVS will not be allowed to use the SAAB brand again, this is also confirmed in a Swedish Radio interview where Kai Johan Jiang for the first time confirms that NEVS is working on a new brand name for the cars. Our sources at SAAB AB have for a long time made it very clear to us that SAAB is a defense and technology brand, not a car brand.

For me personally, the end of the Saab era came with the completion of DJA880, the last “YS3” Saab that was ever built which is kept nice and warm for us by our good friends at the SAAB Cars Museum.

That this sort of marks the end of any hopes that a new car with a SAAB logo will roll of the production line in Trollhättan again, it doesn’t mean that the spirit of Saab doesn’t live on in the work that the engineers and all other people are currently doing at NEVS. But in the end I too have to admit that it is the product that reflects the feeling of the brand, if NEVS can deliver that some time in the future remains to be seen. I wouldn’t mind driving a car that looks and feels like a Saab, even though the name doesn’t say Saab, as long as it delivers upon the fun to drive sensation and core values of the log lost brand.

What remains now is to take down the SAAB logos situated in three places on the factory in Trollhättan, for anyone who wants to take a few photos to remember the great history of SAAB should perhaps hurry up and do so.

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Jiang Dalong On The Panda Deal

January 7, 2016 in NEVS, News

Photo by Reuters

Electric 9-3 in NEVS’ Beijing Headquaters – Photo by Reuters

NEVS’ chairman Jiang Dalong spoke to Reuters about the deal with Panda and the future of electric vehicles. While I want to take out a few interesting excerpts you can read the full article here.

“China is going to be the world’s biggest market for electric cars,” Jiang said in an interview in his office in Beijing. “China has no choice. They have to wean themselves from conventional gasoline combustion cars,” he added, describing the recent sharp uptick in air pollution levels in China’s capital as “terrible” and “crazy”.
“Big existing automakers are too big. They cannot stop producing conventional gasoline combustion cars. But we can … switch to new energy cars.”

In general I have to agree with him here. For China it’s of course the issue of air pollution but also, according to some calculations that I read a while ago, if China would reach a car per people ratio that is close to for example Europe, they would need the entire world production of gasoline and diesel to run those cars. So currently the way the Chinese government wants to take is electromobility and it can’t be a fault to be part of it.

The biggest question mark is Chinese economy which seems to be in some difficult times the moment. But given the long term of this investment I would not judge it just from today. China may not grow at a rate like they did in the last decade but they will get back to a path that is solid.

Then it’s about the Panda deal and its financing:
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Freevalve Technology

January 7, 2016 in Editorial

I am not completely sure if this story is a look outside the box or another story of what could have been. It’s about a technology that is developed by Koenigsegg’s sister company Freevalve. They replace the camshafts in an engine with individually controlled air-operated valve actuators which leads to more power, greater flexibility, better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

The video is from 2013 but since Koenigsegg mentioned on their facebook page today that it “will come to the mainstream automotive sector soon” I thought it might be worth sharing it. To me this is one of the most fascinating technologies that Koenigsegg is working on, not only because the development car is a 9-5. It also shows us that while the electric car is promoted as the solution for future mobility we have not even optimized the internal combustion engine to the maximum.

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A comedians SAAB and laugh about (with) phoenix story

January 6, 2016 in We are SAAB


Billy Braver ex Saab salesman and also ex. comedian tells his life story in a very personal way. I look forward to see his future stand-up shows. I am curious to here more about that lewis motorcycle gang in New York. I bet that story is more true than the one a Dutch Saab Automobile CEO told the world that he could see SAAB 99´s from his boyhood window and that he owned a SAAB 99 EMS that none of his friends can recall having seen.

Good luck Billy. I bet many of Your SAAB customer came out of the showroom with or without a car but always with a great comic story to tell!


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Video: Saab Arctic Adventure 2011

December 27, 2015 in Saabs History

I just re-found that video from the Arctic Adventure 2011. Nice to watch and brings a bit of the winter that we in Europe did not get yet this year.