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SaabsUnited as a base for all Saab enthusiasts worldwide

May 24, 2016 in Classics, Clubs, News, Saab Clubs, Saab Museum, Saabology, We are many, We are SAAB




Two of Swedens newest and happiest 9-3 CV owners who just drive off in their premier drive after the purchase at the MapTun Meet some weeks ago


It is no surprise for anyone in the SAAB Automotive world that after the window of the production in Trollhättan and the end of sale of new SAABs the whole SAAB world has taken quite a hard blow. But it is at hard times like this the need for all good forces to join and build something that is better compared to the present situation. I have through history (yes it sounds like I am a dinosaur with my age of 50) argued for a unification of first the various Swedish SAAB Clubs to make one good and strong that was by the way second by Jan-Åke Jonsson ex. CEO at SAAB Automobile. Then came TrollhättanSAAB that evolved into SAABSUNITED (SU). SU had some glamorous years when we where at the forefront with the latest news from the at that time alive production. The economic game with Victor Muller, Vladimir Antonov and the Swedish Government. And a successful Historic Rally Team to keep us both in the present but also in the glorious past of SAAB engineering and traditions. For Tim and me and some of the other contributors to SU this was a good platform to promote the cars and the brand we all so dearly loved.

So what is the future like? Well the cars that has been made are out there and are cherished by their owners.

But what can we collectively on a global level do to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their cars from the olive-green 92 with 2 cylinders to the B I G NG 9-5?

Why not form a REAL International SAAB organization with SU as the base. The name is good and then just add something like  “Where all the Worlds SAAB entusiasts gather”

Besides the great social activities around the globe and the happiness surrounding the brand there is one area that desperately needs to be worked upon.

The parts, spare-parts and re-manufacturing. Another area that need to dealt with its the emission of the old engines and its technology. SAAB organisations like SU and others desperately needs to be proactive and get started on finding retrofit catalytic converters and means to collect the oily fumes form the cute 2 strokers. Politicians and governments around the globe are coming down on old dirty cars and we have some of the dirtiest most inefficient combustion engines around in some models.

So hoar do we go about safeguarding the past challenge? My idea is to set up a BIG server with every nut & bolt imaginable on SAAB cars. All the listings of parts for every model should be found here. Making the system easy for people who has spare parts laying around the garage to label them and possible have them sold to a fellow SAABer who is out in the system looking for that part number. I know there is so much stuff with SAAB owners around the globe that the need for spare parts for daily drivers  and restorers can be supported for a long time. So let us make good use of the Internet and the great possibilities it gives us. For example I have a set of brand new 18″ 9-3 TurboX wheels. But where can I find the part number easily and where can I post it in a easy task way so that that potential buyer somewhere on the globe can see that they are for sale.

I propose that a parts platform as described had a 10% kickback on all transactions to SU and the potential NEW International SAAB Club. That money could ultimately be used to procure and produce sought after parts that are really gone and near impossible to find. Just like the silver plastic that sits under the rubber belt on the 99 76-78 models. Agreements can be negotiated with DHL or UPS for a collective best deal for the shipment. Who knows we just might have a CEO for a carrier here on SU who could help out. Same goes with someone with the expertise in setting up a program for the searchable parts function described above.

It is time for SAAB people to really Unite again.




1973 96 in amazing and original condition

May 17, 2016 in Classics

Saab 96I thought this would be interesting for the Saab faithful to have a gander at.  The post says that this car is original in every way except for a recent tune-up.  A true blast from the past.  Enjoy!



SAAB spirit @ series 2016 – contestant #1

May 13, 2016 in Sweden

Nordic Performance

I, like many other of us, have witnessed the true Saab spirit fade away amongst the enthusiasts, – one by one.

However, during these years, I have also witnessed pioneers in the field blossom and fight on through the storms.
And regardless of the speculations that may revolve amongst the community, there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys possess extreme knowledge and a forever burning passion for Saab. 


What I’m talking about and what caught my attention is the Saab nuts at Nordic Performance in Norrköping, Sweden, and their custom built 9-3SS Aero. I’ve seen this build emerge from a mind so detailed, accurate and refined, that you’re still able see the typical lines and shapes we all know so well, despite the fact that this is an extremely modified car. The custom-built front and the cocky appearance overall gives you a good idea of what lies beneath the surface. So, hereby I would like to introduce this stunning and impressive build to the rest of the Saab world

“The Eliminator” Nordic Extreme 

Saab 9-3SS Aero ’05

With it’s top speed on 240km/h @ 7000rpm, 500HP/550Nm (2,0bar boost pressure, ethanol) and 480hp/500Nm (petrol), and a total wight at 1120kg/2470lb(without driver), – this beast is high-speed tooled from a solid billet of pure power and adrenaline.

And here’s some of the specs..


  • Full rollcage by Chromoly / lightweight steel built by Bröderna Båge
  • Öhlins 3-way shock absorbers w. Öhlins coilovers front & back
  • 357mm front brake discs w. six piston brake calipers, rear ventilated Aero brake discs,Yellowstuff brake pads
  • 9×18″ ET 20 OZ Titanium racing alloys
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 235/35-18 tires


  • T8 racing engine management system by Nordic
  • Fully forged B207R 1998CC engine
  • Darton engine sleeves
  • Verdi forged rods
  • JE custom made forged pistons
  • Balance shaft deleted
  • 1200CC Bosch Impedance fuel injectors
  • Chain-driven water pump
  • Garret GTBB 30/76 turbo
  • DO88 intercooler
  • Nordic custom made extractor manifold
  • 5-speed Quaife gearbox kit with OBX slip differential

Rolf Uhr, the driver of this racecar is no stranger to Saab. Ever since he got his driver’s license back in 1971, with a Saab V4 as his first car, – he has since then been faithful towards the car brand (with the only exception of two Opel vectra’s performed in Stcs). He’s pretty much done it all, rally, rallycross, and ice rally and racing, a constant involvement in the brand in many different ways. Rolf actually stopped active competing in 2002, but since he received an invitation to join timeattack in 2015, he’s been hooked. They acquired a 9-3SS that Saab themselves had built to run as a long-lap car, and it was equipped with a 1, 9TDI diesel engine. At the end of last season they decided to replace the engine with a custom built B207R engine, and they decided to go all the way up to Pro Class at series (meaning free modifications with only requirement of street legal tires). The first race this year is held at Kinnekulle racetrack, Sweden 3rd-5th of June. 

“We’re sticking our necks out this year, and we are determined to place SAAB back on the map as a race car. And we’re planning to do that with our custom built and reinforced original Saab. “

Rolf Uhr, Nordic Performance


For more info, pictures and updates, follow Nordic’s journey here on Facebook Facebook page

Photos by APEX-FOTO


InterSaab 2016

May 5, 2016 in News

Hi Everybody!

Some of us are coming from United Kingdom. We are looking forward to meeting other Saab enthusiasts and to yet another visit to Sweden. We may arrive in a Japanese hire car, because costs are high, but we are coming to meet others with an interest in SAAB cars. Please don’t spoil it for us with petty arguements. I will let you know how we enjoyed it hopefully in August, but that is what we hope to do, meet other Saab nuts, have a few drinks, lot’s of smiles and see the lovely side of Sweden.

Bad enough that our favoured marque of car is no longer made, but we still appreciate them and love the many Sedish people who we met in past occasions like Saab Museum, (where staff are always great) Like when we came in 2011 days after the factory closed and we were welcomed by ANA (Alf) and Peter and Natalie. Last year we were at the Festival, it was great!  Peter and Gunner talking as we ate a memories of Erik hot dog. and all those Saabs in Trollhattan. We were in a hire car Toyota then but the atmosphere was good!      Here in England we love our Saab cars and the fact that they were built for people like us, and we plan to enjoy them for as long as we can.. Come on Saabers, let’s see some smiling faces, not whats going on in this discussion.

SAABSTRUK of England.


The State of Saab in Australia

May 3, 2016 in News

The last new Saabs arrived in Australia in 2011, a mix of 9-3, 9-3x and new 9-5’s. Since then we know the story worldwide has been Saab’s demise, the saga involving NEVS and the rise of ORIO AB. But here in Australia things haven’t been so up and down I suppose. Saab Australia closed in 2013 with the loss of 6 jobs, we were fortunate enough to have a small population of NG9-5’s but no 9-3 Griffin’s.

So where do we get parts? Well, we have one official importer of genuine parts Alec Mildren a former Dealer and most of the ex-dealerships still service cars in the capital cities but nothing exists regionally. Which leaves us with the dilemma of ordering parts from dealers, shopping online or going to one of the few Saab dedicated wreckers located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In my opinion I’d like to see ORIO AB properly launch service programs and a proper website with web shop, but seeing as we are a small market I find this unlikely to happen.

My 2004 Saab 9-3 Aero at Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia

My 2004 Saab 9-3 Aero at Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia

What about the car supply? There is a steady stream of classic 900’s and 9000’s all the way up to modern 9-3’s and 9-5’s. Prices are low which makes the market a great for potential buyers.

To Be Continued…

A Saab Short Film and a Long Story

May 2, 2016 in Off-Topic, Projects, Saab Art

Sabotage, french sounding for “Saab otage” or Saab hostage is a short film that has been travelling to festivals for almost two years now. The idea for this film came to me while I was swapping pieces from a scrap 900 I bought to the one I was driving. Looking at the two cars, I realized they where so similar that I began reflecting on the duality of the material world. Little I knew that the duality would catch me for real sometime later.

As of living in Montréal, it is a common practice to store away your convertible for winter, as I did after shooting my film. The main reason is to keep rust away. Only this time, I would never had the chance to take the beauty out again. In the spring of 2014, my Saab got vandalized by strangers, ruining all the work I had done in the fall just before shooting my film. The car was a wreck and had to go for pieces. In essence, it was a Sabotage. Since this date, I haven’t owned another Saab and don’t know if I will ever have the chance to, but at least, I will always have these images of my 900 to look at. Just a glance at this car gives me the shivers, as if feeling the sensation of driving one.

Today, my little film Sabotage becomes public, where it really belongs because sharing what we love helps to relieve our pain. I wish you all the best and for those of you who still drive 900’s I say thank you because seeing one makes me grin like no other car. Meanwhile, I have the thinking on the idea of making a Saab documentary.


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A Black 9-3 TURBO and its owner in – COPS

April 29, 2016 in News

Saw this on COPS the other day. A runaway SAAB 9-3 TURBO. A must see for anyone who like to get the deep Saab knowledge from the owner nicely portrayed in the video clip! So be aware of this the next time around in a SAAB TURBO!


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MapTun Car Meeting 2016, 5th of May in Örebro Sweden

April 16, 2016 in Clubs, MapTun, MapTun Parts, News

Film from the 2014 Event

Let us hope this will be the best SAAB event this year in Sweden. The the event focuses on SAAB´s but any other great car is welcome. See other Saabs meet with people for MapTun, SaabsUnited and various vendors. So mark the day as a car day in Your calendars. Örebro is easily accessible for most people in sweden. Right in-between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

CEO Fredrik Bengtsson of MapTun welcomes You all to an exciting car day with some great surprises!

So put som polish in Your car and join for a fine day with great people

Skärmavbild 2016-04-16 kl. 10.33.52