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SOTW, Laser Red Texan

November 8, 2014 in News

Hi Robin,

I’d like to share my 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero in Laser Red for consideration of SOTW. Being a 2009, it has the 2.8T V6 with XWD and an eLSD. The car is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and a number of Hirsch upgrades including the front upper/lower grilles, rear diffuser, dual exhaust, lowering springs, and a Hirsch sport steering wheel on the inside.

On the performance front, it has plenty of power coming with a JZW Stage 3 tune, Genuine Saab downpipe/midpipe, and an ETS intercooler. Overall, it has more than enough power to put a smile on my face every time I drive it

Kindest regards,

Matt (USA)

Big thank you once again an as usual larger versions can be found here

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Have no illusions!

November 5, 2014 in News

Just like in 2011 as the situation became more and more grim the mood around here got worse and the comments became more and more offensive. The situation today is a copy of what happened back then.

People here can criticize NEVS for all kinds of reasons and many of that criticism is well founded but nobody cant predict the future and NEVS had a Chinese owner who wanted cars for China, that is pretty clear and in 2012 he brought the money to the table when nobody else did and thus Saab could live on for a bit longer. And I’m sure that the managers at NEVS do regret some of the decisions they’ve made…

To this date, NEVS has kept Saab alive for a longer time than Spyker did and NEVS has spent almost 4 times the amount of money keeping the company alive than what Spyker did and even though NEVS is caught in a situation they can not control they do deserve some credit for still keeping things going. One other point I want to make very clear, what spyker did was to bring 1,8 billion Euros of debt into the Saab without really spending much at all of their own money on the company, Spyker spent the roughly 150 million Euro that was available in Saabs accounts when Saab were handed over to Spyker by GM, so far NEVS has spent their own money and accumulated only about 20 million Euro of debt, think about that before you criticize them too much!

But I want to get to the point of the headline: people here need to stop being naive and having illusions that there is going to be some white knight coming to save the brand from NEVS. THAT is not going to happen! This is it, its this or nothing. If it dies now, it dies for good…

There is not going to be any kind of bankruptcy situation where the assets of the phoenix platform can once again save the factory and bring back the brand. There is no money for that. If NEVS closes down the assets will be sold off and everything will be gone forever.

I for one am still keeping my fingers x’ed harder than ever and hope to god that this is going to work out, and I have spent enough time with Mattias Bergman and the other guys at NEVS to have a lot of faith, in that they are probably the only ones, who can save whatever there is left to save in Trollhättan…

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Göran Fredriksson has left NEVS

November 4, 2014 in NEVS

göran fredrikssonGöran Fredriksson has left his position at NEVS after his contract expired with the company, he worked actively with information and marketing issues for NEVS and he is one of the persons at NEVS that I have had most contact with and it has been an absolute privilege to work with him!

Göran always answered the phone with a “smile” when I called and he always showed great joy and enthusiasm for what we wanted the fans to be able to see at NEVS. I also know he spent a great deal of time and resources making sure that people test driving NEVS cars were given a very memorable experience!

Göran also actively participated in every one of SU’s visits to NEVS which made them an absolute pleasure for all of us. Göran was one of the key people at NEVS who worked the most on NEVS participation in Maptun Meet 2014 where many of you fans got to talk with him and that participation turned out absolutely great. Much thanks to Göran so many of you fans got to test drive the 2014 9-3 Aero at the event and I know you all loved the experience!

NEVS has lost one of its greatest assets that the Saab world really needs to get back and even though I know that NEVS are currently not in a position to hire people at the moment, all of us at SU hope that NEVS will be able to bring Göran back as soon as possible to continue to bring the Saab brand back!. But until he ends up back at NEVS or with some other company I’m sure that he’ll enjoy his rides in his Saab or equally so on a motorcycle! =)

Lastly I want to say that all of us at SaabsUnited have greatly admired the work that Göran has performed at NEVS and we would like to thank him so much for all that he has done and wish him well on his future endeavors!

/ The whole SaabsUnited Team

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Photos Wanted: Saab 9000 -91

November 4, 2014 in Fan Stuff


My first Saab has been a 9000 from 1989 and I always had a special love for that model. So when I heared that our friends from German plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the 9000 with a dedicated 9000 calendar with a spcial focus on the early models, I was all into it.

While there are many press photos of models from 1992 on it is rather hard to get anything from the early years. If you can help out with (press) photos until model year 1991 please get in touch with Tom of via email:

And while you are at it feel free to send the pictures for the SaabsUnited Calendar, too. It would be nice to have more 9000s in there, too.

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SaabsUnited Calendar 2015

November 3, 2014 in Fan Stuff, SaabsUnited Related

2014 Planner

Here we go again with one of the most fun projects of the year. Just like we did in the last two years we ask you to send us your Saab photos. We will choose 12 of them to design a calendar for 2015. Last year we even got enough to make three different calendars so we look forward to see what you come up with this time.

If you feel that it’s the time for a special dedicated calendar for a certain model or series or have any suggestions regarding the calendar feel free to leave a comment. We will try to include those suggestions in the creation of the final product.

The only requirement for those pics is that they feature one or more Saabs and that the image size and resolution are as large as possible to get proper printing quality. The size of the calendar will be 42×30 cm (like last year) and at that size your image should have at least 200 dpi. But anyway, just send the largest version you have and we will check it for you.

Please send your entries to shop @ until November 11th.

The chosen ones will of course get a free calendar and as an extra bonus a gift card from valued Euro 25.

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November 3, 2014 in SaabsUnited Related

It seems that from time to time some people need to be reminded that there are some rules for commenting here. The most basic one is respect. And in last weeks post when I mainly wanted to talk about what we have in mind for the future of SaabsUnited some people hooked up to the mere fact that two of our writers got a car from another brand and spoke about it here. I don’t want to start talking about that thing anymore now, it’s been too much an issue anyway, I just want to say that I was not happy about some comments. Not at all.

Tim has done a great job on this blog and spent a lot of time and effort into getting the latest news and stories here. Jörgen has done a lot of work for the community and still owns more Saabs than most of us. Both still have Saab in their hearts, no matter what car they drive right now. There are many around here who had to look into another brand due to their personal situation. That itself has been bad enough but for me it is no reason to make them a persona non grata from one moment to another.

Ever since I joined SaabsUnited and through all the ups and downs we had it was always clear that we should treat each other with a minimum of respect. And in that last post of mine some people definetely crossed a line. I was actually close to deleting one or two, but since I believe that most people here still have their common sense I left them for everybody to see how much the commenter just disqualified himself.

If you want to express your opinion here please remember that we are all human beings and deserve a minimum of respect. I don’t want to see members of the team treated sh*t just because of their car. We are all frustrated because of the state of Saab. And because we have to face realities like getting no new Saabs on lease. I had to add a vehicle from another car brand to my car park, too. But does that change anything in my relationship to Saab?. Not at all.

I am always open for a good debate, even if it is controversial. But I strongly believe that those basic values like respect and politeness are a must, especially in the anonymity of the Internet. Those cannot be discussed and therefore the comments on this post are closed.

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SOTW, a bit of Bordeaux in The Netherlands

November 2, 2014 in Sotw

This weeks sotw week is from Peter in the Netherlands, I’m loving the red top on his black 900, very striking.

Dear Robin,

Hereby I like to attend the popular talent show SOTW with my “little red riding hood” (in dutch: roodkapje).

I bought the Saab 900 2.5 V6 1996 two years ago, totally original. I like to finetune my Saabs with delicate changes, as I also did with this one. For example, I changed the hood for a bordeaux red coloured one, changed the end of the exhaust and bought some timeless Saab rims. I am very satisfied with the total result!

I really hope to see it back on your great website. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Peter Machiel
The Netherlands

As always I have placed larger and more pictures on my Flickr page

Maptun Parts Sweden: Big Outlet

October 31, 2014 in MapTun Parts

maptun_parts_outlet_nov14Our friends at Maptun have now a parts outlet with Saab Original-stuff!
Much of the stuff is bumpers and interior parts, that have to be collected at Maptun in Örebro so for this large items is it  maybe most relevant if you live in Sweden.
The site is only in Swedish language, but the pictures is pretty describing, and if you use Google Translate you will get a good idea of the descriptions.

Most of the stuff is new, but in some cases the original boxes may be missing or the stuff has been unpackaged for photo or demo purposes. Minor flaws can also occur,  but in that cases the flaws is described as far as possible in the description. Some of the articles is only available in a very limited numbers, so hurry if you want to do a bargain!

Click on the image to get to the Outlet - there is stuff for the classic 900 and 9000′s, but mainly it’s 9-3 and 9-5 stuff that’s available.

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Saabs of Houston 2014

October 31, 2014 in Fan Stuff

I had a great email from Jonathan of Viking Motor Cars in Texas about a Saab get together last weekend

Just thought I would send in some pictures of a meet we had here at our shop last Saturday, October 25th.
We had over 50 Saabs show up, from a 1988 Saab 9000 to a 2011 Saab 9-4x.
We are in Texas, a place not know in the world to be Saab country :)
The event was sponsored in part by Saab Club Of North America as well as Saab Parts NA.


Big thanks to Jonathan for letting us see his event.
I have placed larger pictures on Flickr and you will see quite a few more pictures from Jonathan there too.

If you want me to add any events you are organising onto our diary, please email me with as much detail as you can.
Best address is robin.kerry at btinternet dot com.

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October 27, 2014 in SaabsUnited Related

It’s been a few days that I’ve been carrying around some thoughts I wanted to put into words here. For the past year I have been pretty absent here as a writer due to the saab related webshop that I had started back then and that has been growing permanently. Nevertheless I’ve been watching closely what happens and what is posted here and around other places in the Saab universe.

Our main job over the years, the covering of the latest news has become rather unsatisfying recently. Not only because real news are hard to get but also because those latest news were rather bad. So for some time I have been looking into ways to get more community topics back on the blog. The stuff that us current owners are interested in while enjoying and maintaining our Saabs. Pretty soon we’ll be introducing a new writer to feature the technical side of our cars. I still believe getting a pre-owned Saab is a good idea and maybe this is a way to encourage more people to join in.

While I still feel that there may be cars made in Trollhättan again in the future for now I think we have to deal with the reality and put our love on the cars we have. I know there are many out there who put a lot of effort into their cars, making them something very special and personal. If you are one of those, please share those stories with us. We will be happy to post it.

We have more things in our mind for the future of SaabsUnited but since it’s you who we are running that blog for we are also open to your suggestions. Comments are open. SaabsUnited has always been a valuable part of the community over the years and can surely be that in the future with a few tweaks here and there.

And finally just a few words on an issue we got a lot of critcism for (and rightly so). I did not like the extensive featuring of Munich based cars either.

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SOTW, Arnies grand pair

October 25, 2014 in News

Hi from France !

I’m very happy to introduce you Mary (as in Bloody Mary) and my everyday SAAB 9-5…

Two different generations, two different shapes, but the same pleasure !
My cars are a 1991 900i convertible and a 2010 9-5 Tid 160 hp
They will be thrilled to be elected S(s)OTW !


Please check here to see a few more pictures from Arnie