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Swedish Day UK 2015

March 18, 2015 in Events

In 2008; Swedish Day was started when a gathering of Volvos and Saabs arrived for a pleasant get-together at Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset.
2015 sees us inviting you to our 8th Swedish Day UK.
In 2014 we located to a new venue, Haslebury Mill, just outside Crewkerne. A fantastic old 19th Century Mill with lots of history everywhere you look and beautiful photographs to be taken.
The show is organised for those interested in Swedish vehicles including commercial vehicles as well as all other Swedish products.
The main Swedish Day will take place on the Sunday but as in all the other years we plan to have our Saturday evening meal cooked by the chefs at the Mill.
Limited camping will be available for free if wanted.
Also for the first time last year we introduced a vehicle fee of £5.00.
This was to help us with running costs and monies left over were donated to charity.
The chosen charity for 2015 is “Cancer Research UK”
Each vehicle owner will be given a raffle ticket, as a thank you, for a chance of a nice gift.
On Sunday, the chefs will once more cook up a breakfast for those arriving hungry as well as a Hog Roast at lunch time. The Mill’s bar will also be available during the day.
There will be an area available for a few trade stands and auto jumble alongside our sponsor’s displays.
As always the event will be a leisurely day out, come along, park up and meet friends old and new, chat, admire, eat, drink and chat a bit more.
There will be a few prizes given out, favourite Saab/Volvo, favourite truck, furthest travelled etc. Maybe a Koenigsegg may be seen.
Application forms can be found on the web site; however they will also be in the presentation pack on the day if required.
Thank you very much for supporting Swedish Day and helping it to grow.

We look forward to seeing you on the 10th May.

Many more pictures from the 2014 here on Flickr.


9-3 2.2 BioPower “Griffin” Aero by Emil

March 15, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Projects

Many of you who have been at any Saab meeting in Sweden during the last couple of years has maybe noticed a good looking carbon grey 9-3 “Griffin” sedan. This 9-3 is special in many ways, the first thing is that the car isn’t that you first thought when you saw it – in fact this is a 2009 9-3 Aero, but it’s completely converted to a 2012 9-3 Griffin optics and interior with something extra. The second thing, and for me the most impressive, is what you maybe don’t notice even through the bonnet is open – the engine. In this car the original 2.0 BioPower engine replaced with a 2.2 litre BioPower engine, and it is the story about the engine we are going to tell here. The way from the idea to the engine actually is mounted in the car has not been quite straight forward, so fasten seatbelts and we start from the beginning of this story!emil_9-3_DSC6098mioh2_1920x1200

The Griffin is owned by Emil that lives in the Trollhättan-area, and his interest for Saab has been there since he was a little kid. He basically grown up in a Saab, and the first car he remember was a white 99 combi coupe with brown interior and sport steering wheel. Many of his family-members has worked at Saab, his mother, father, grandmother, uncle and brother – and his uncle has started work at Saab again with the new owners NEVS. As you can image, Saab has always been the obvious choice even if Emil has tried other brands, but the love for the brand has been too strong – so he has always found back to Saab.

emil_red_9000And there this story start; in the autumn 2009 there was as we remember a lot of speculation about Saab, and Emil had at this point a BMW M3 E46, a ’89 900i-8v and a ’91 900 Turbo 16S Aero. Emil thought as a Saab enthusiast he should have a Saab instead of the M3, and the new Saab should be a “sleeper” – or a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.
The plan was a daily driver with a potent engine, but which Saab should he choose? He had owned different Saabs before; ’96 900 turbo, ’95 9000 V6, ’87 900 Turbo 8, ’92 900 T16S cab, ’02 9-3 Aero and a ’98 9000 Classic. All with their pro and cons, but none of them had the road holding like a 9-3 SS. But what engine should it be? Petrol, ethanol or diesel? 6 or 4 cylinders? Emil felt the 4 cyl turbo felt most Saab, but the problem was that 210hp was far too little power, his previous Saab was the 9000 classic – tuned to 420hp and 630Nm…. Read the rest of this entry →

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SOTW, Beautiful 9-5 from Germany

March 13, 2015 in Sotw

Hi Robin,

this is my 95 NG. It’s 4 years old a very reliable car with a beautiful shape.

Best regards




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Video: 1989 Saab 9000 Fivebow Concept

March 12, 2015 in Saabs History

Valmet Automotive was kind enough so share a video of their work on the Saab 9000 Fivebow convertible concept in their facebook account. Enjoy!

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Rumour Thursday: Mahindra No Longer Interested?

March 12, 2015 in News

Today SVD ran an article basically stating that Mahindra already backed out of the negotiations with Saab last November. Just a day after the reconstruction was prolonged this again looks like bad news but even though I regard Jonas Fröberg as one of the better informed authors when it comes to Saab some of the statements in the article make me wonder.

The theory that the article builds up is based on a source that seems to be from among the consultants that work(ed) in the reconstruction process. One key statement is that while Saab AB wanted to get fees for the right to use their brand name Mahindra had expected to get it for free. This is said to have ended the discussions because Mahindra (and their business plan) was not prepared for that. It is hard to believe that and I doubt that Mahindra would be that blue eyed. Nothing in the business world is for free and the right to use a brand name ususally costs serious money.

The other rather strange statement is that Mahindra only signed the non-binding agreement with NEVS to help them enter reconstruction and avoid instant bankrupcy. Again, I find it very hard, if not even harder, to believe that. What should drive Mahindra to sign a paper like that when not intending to act accordingly. It might even put them in danger of legal actions since this was one main reason the reconstruction was granted.

When SvD contacted Mikael Östlund he declined to comment on rumors but stated clearly that “negotiations with two automotive manufacturers are ongoing”. Saab AB did not want to comment on the article either.

I’m afraid we will have to wait and see (again) until more info sheds more light on this. But still, with this being the second article from SvD that attacks the credibility of NEVS and others in the process I feel like using a loose quote: something smells in the state of Sweden…

The reorganization of Nevs is prolonged

March 11, 2015 in NEVS, News

Today, 11 March, the District Court of Vänersborg, decided that the Reorganization of Nevs shall continue for an additional time period of three months, until 29 of May 2015.



March 10, 2015 in Fan Stuff, MapTun, Projects

I guess this situation is something that all of us had been in at least one time. You are searching for a “new” car, and you search the classifieds after the perfect car. Some of the classifieds sounds too good to be true, as they for example promise you, let us say, a 10 year old car that is “better then new” and so on. In respect for you guys who are selling your 10 year old car, I’m not saying it is a piece of scrap, but to be honest – how may 10 years is mint condition? But in the opposite end of the scale there is the ones that are totally honest, and this time there is a guy that are very honest in a epic ad titled “Saab 9-5 Estate, you will regret it”…


In this classified on the Swedish site “Blocket” a guy try to sell a MY00 9-5 Estate that he had bought for his daughter, but the car has caused trouble since he bought it. On the pictures the car looks quite all-right, but the ad says it has a lot of scratches and dents – but that is maybe not the worst thing. The mileage is about 195 000km, and some of the things that are broken is the turbo, AC, brakes, drive shaft joint, SID and other electrical problems, wheel bearings and so on. To a potential buyer of this car the seller requires that you have good economy, a good mental health and at least a Bachelor degree in wrenches… :p The price he is asking is SEK 9000 (about US$1000), but if you have a fantastic fun statement of reasons, you will get it for free, because he need help to get in better mood! :p After the inspection of the car (in Sweden this has to be done every year), there is obviously things to fix, for after this he updated the ad with the words “now I know what to do the next month”…

But at this point the rescue is near – Orio, the supplier of Saab original parts, has fallen in love with the humor in this ad, and now they had chosen this car as a “project car”. They want to restore this car to as close to original condition as possible – with original parts.
So for the next month this car will be at two workshops, MapTun in Örebro and at a paint- and body-workshop (Högdalens Bil & Skadecenter) and Orio will post updates and videos from the project on their website –
Unfortunately the video is only in Swedish, but I guess many of you will understand what’s going on – and maybe Orio add English subs to the next ones?

Restoration of a Sonett by Saab nuts

March 8, 2015 in Classics

Those of you who know the Facebook group Saab Nuts! definitely know that Phil Cymru is one of the biggest Saab nuts around. And that’s a compliment. Phil informed me about a recent Saab project of his, being an amazing restoration of a great looking Saab Sonett. A nice story showing that there is still plenty for us Saab enthusiast to enjoy about Saab while awating a hopefully positive future for the brand.

Enjoy the story and pictures of Phil, his son and the Sonett:

I’ve been having a Sonnet restored in the states, I literally just got a call saying it’s finished! I’ll be flying out to Florida in two weeks to drive it for the first time!

I met Shawn Liegl after I set up Saab Nuts! We became friends, he invited me to visit him in Orlando in September 2013, I met a lot of his friends in the Saab community there, and was introduced to a Sonett for the first time, I decided I had to have one (there are only a handful in the UK). Eventually I found two cars that were destined for the scrap yard, they really were in bad shape, I commissioned Nick Mazzochi (also of Saab Nuts!) to start a nut & bolt restoration. It has taken until now to complete the work, I’m flying my family out to see it in the 18th of March and we will take it to Cape Canaveral to be shipped to Southampton, England.




Enjoy your new Saab, Phil and family!