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Victor Muller wins tax-victory in court

June 18, 2015 in News

Victor Muller

Victor Muller

Since the bankruptcy of SAAB Automobile AB the Swedish Tax Authorities claimed that Victor Muller had wrongfully avoided tax-payments in Sweden since he, according to their estimation was in fact an employee in Sweden, Victor Muller on the other hand claims the payments that he received he got in the role of a consultant. Along with Victor others from the executive board were placed with suspicion of making tax-control more difficult.

In 2013 Mr Muller payed the amount required of about 2 Million SEK to the tax-autorities in Sweden but at the same time filed an appeal in the matter. An appeal that has reached a higher level in the judicial system, which has now come to the final conclusion that Victor Muller was right. Ylva Börjesson from the Swedish Court of Appeals states to P4 West that: ” it is only natural that the chairman of the board in a company receives more obligations in the time of crisis, such as the situation was that SAAB Automobile AB found it self in “.

Victor Muller officially had the position of chairman of the board but had to take the temporary role of CEO when Jan Åke Jonsson stepped down, a position which was supposed to be temporary until a new CEO could be introduced. According to Tv4 NEWS, todays decision will greatly impair the investigation of Jan Åke Jonsson, Kristina Geers and others in the Executive board on complicating tax-control. Jan Åke Jonsson along with Kristina Geers and another member of the board were arrested in May 2013 on tax-evation but released 24 hours later.

The Swedish Tax Authorities will now have to issue a repayment of the total amount to Victor Muller. In a text message to P4 West Victor Muller says that he is very happy to have won.

My pictures from Saabfestival 2015

June 13, 2015 in Fan Stuff, Saab Festival 2015

festival15_bannerIt is now almost a week ago the great festival weekend in Trollhättan, and what a weekend! Many great cars and people as usual, the only thing that could be better is if  the festival could be for a few more days…. 😉

As usual I had a plan to take many photos, and this time was no exception, but things have a tend to go wrong. This time was no exception, there was too many people to talk with or cars to look at so I simply forgot to take so many pictures that I have planed… 😉 This year the cars was sorted by model, the organizers had plans to place 800 exhibition cars inside the area, an I think they reached that number of cars, in the morning there was pretty full at the parking. There was also a lot of cars outside the exhibition area, so there was many Saab-fans at the museum-area this Sunday! At Friday the highlights was the parts outlet at Bildelslagret Trollhättan (former ANA Used Parts dept.) and the seminars at the museum. Nevs also have a open day on Friday, that was pretty interesting and well visited. At Saturday there was a day at the Kinnekulle race track, but the weather was rather bay that day, so many people that not had plans to take the car out on the track spent the day in Trollhättan at the museum-area, and some people (like me) took a trip to a smaller scrapyard a few miles outside Trollhättan before returning to the museum.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the weekend. I’m sorry that I not have posted them earlier this week, but I was not at home before 04.30 Monday morning, and straight on to 4 days travelling at work after a few hours sleep…
But here they are, hope you will enjoy them, and thanks you all for a great weekend – a special thank to the organizers that make this happening possible! =)

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NEVS Is Asking For Your Saab Story

June 11, 2015 in Fan Stuff, NEVS

NEVS posted a request on their Instagram account asking for your personal Saab story:

nevs saab story

I am sure there are many great stories to tell. Send yours to

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New iWatch to control the old SAAB.

June 10, 2015 in Technical

Well it finally came. I have more or less had every model of Mac Computers since I first worked on one in my Computers Class with Mr Dyar at Centennial HS in Gresham Oregon. I had the very first iPhone that never was sold in Sweden and I have been thinking of NOT going down the iWatch road. Reasons, well it feels like it is a pretty expensive watch and You still need the iPhone nearby.

Now a guy in the UK has made a nice application that can do things to his SAAB 9-3 AERO convertible. Would be nice to have this on my own CV. But the YouTube clip does not say what hardware he has in the car. Please fill us in on that if You read this. Some brands have similar apps like BMW where one can remotely do stuff.


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The first instalment has been paid

June 10, 2015 in News

According to the local newspaper as of today the first instalment has been paid in full to the creditors. Last week the first creditors have been paid, and today all the creditors that had to be paid in this first instalment have been paid.

This means that 469 out of 573 creditors, the ones with claims below 500000 SEK (60191 USD; 50249 EUR), have been fully paid. This has been done just 3 days before the deadline, that was set for June 13.

NEVS has paid in this first instalment just under 100 Million SEK (12.04 Million USD; 10.6 Million EUR).

The rest of the creditors, the ones that will only be paid in half, should get their money before mid-October.

Photos of the winners

June 10, 2015 in Events, Saab Festival 2015


Saab festival 2015 pictures (gallery fixed)

June 7, 2015 in Events, Saab Festival 2015

Till is sitting at the port in Gothenburg waiting for the ferry right now, and as he’s doing that, I got asked to post his pictures taken at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. Here’s his message and pictures!

While I am sitting at Gothenburg port waiting to bord the ferry back to Germany I’d like to share some pics I took over the weekend. More about the festival days will come later. Enjoy! – Till Drescher


Saabfestival 2015 – Official programe

June 3, 2015 in Saab Festival 2015

thnThe festival is only one day away, and I already start to see enthusiasts from abroad in the streets of Trollhättan. Just today I have seen Saabers from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and the Netherlands. The weather is also significant better then yesterday as you see in the picture from the Trollhättan channel, and I hope it minimum lasts until Sunday evening! I also hope I see many of you guys during the weekend!

I’m sure many of you have noticed that Saab Car Museum has updated their website with a detailed program (downloadable PDF), with instructions and addresses to the different locations. You will also find some practical info that is good to know in this flyer.
There is also some important info that you have to read and sign if you have plans to take your car out on the Kinnekulle racetrack.

The main page for the Saabfestival is here, with all info you need about the event: EN | SE
Direct link to the PDF with detailed program: EN | SE
Important info if you have plans to drive at Kinnekulle racetrack, please read and sign them before arrival and hand them over to the officials at arrival.