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500.000 viewers of my Saab films

June 13, 2014 in Archives, Classics, Saab Art, Saabology, Saabs History

Skärmavbild 2014-06-13 kl. 12.52.45

You might be one of that half-a-million viewers who has found me on YouTube as Trued1, could be a pleasant change after having seen Tim´s BMW posting.


YouTube is something of the best of internet. So easy to upload movies and clips and instant the whole world can see it. I have been uploading mostly Saab related movies for the last 5 years now. A few weeks ago I passed the half million viewer marker. For me it feels goofd to have pleased, so many Saab fans around the world. There has been movies of the struggle of building historic 99 Turbo Rally cars, one of then that Vladimir Antonov drove in The rally to the midnight sun. Other movies has been interviews with notable Saab personalities, guided tours of the Saab Car Museum as well as the Swedish AirForce Museum in Linköping. Tests of Saabs, various Saab meetings and conventions. Well just about anything involving Saab and the culture surrounding it.

The mostly viewed clip is when I pass a Saab 9-5 NG Police car (one of the test cars that Saab/ANA Trollhättan built for the National Police Board RPS). It is not one of the most technical advanced movies I have shot but it is unique. It was filmed from inside a Volvo C70 Convertible, yes You read it right, but I just drove it down to Kungälv south of Trollhättan to trade it in for the guy who bought my TurboX. I then traded in his Volvo for a 9-5NG AERO 2010 that used to be owned by Saab Automobile.

Other well viewed clips is various how-to-do stuff and products like the electrical harness providing MP3 connectivity to older Saab Stereo Systems. That boosted the sales for that company I can tell. Videos have great impact.

In the sequence above from SONY Corporation make sure to adjust the resolution to MAX to see what the future looks like in terms if resolution and definition

SaabUnited can now through me and the cameras I have take on virtually any advanced movie production. Not only professional SONY 24megapixel SLT cameras but also a handful of GoPro and the new Garmin Virb Elite HD with great GPS features. Next step is of course 4K and so far I can do 2160p with my Sony Z2. Hopefully there will be a full out 4K camera system in the near future if the economy allows. Everything for our international audience. 4K is possible to watch on YouTube of You have a computer screen that can show it. I was surprised that my iMac 27″ screens from 2009 can handle 4K. Anyone willing to support my 4K efforts at SaabsUnited are welcome. We have an obligation at SaabsUnited to document not only in writing and in news postings but just as well filming and interviewing significant events, people, cars etc. We at SU Crew has talked about a BIG project documenting Saabs history with modern technologies. We will most probably need support from our readers/viewers, but more on that later.


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This time, BMW got it right – Lightweight, powerful, fuel efficient i8

June 12, 2014 in Tech corner, Technical

Some very interesting talks yesterday in Jörgens post about lightweight materials and I thought that I’d continue the discussion about future materials with a small exception, its already in production! For some time now I’ve been following the tech coming out from BMW, especially about lightweight materials and high power and for you guys who have missed this, get ready for something very cool! This is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect Saab to make in the future if they are to be successful!

How about a car, plug-in hybrid with the following specs:

  • Electric drive motor in the front, twin-power turbo engine in the back
  • 35 km range on pure electric drive at speed up to 120 km/h
  • 2,5 liters / 100 km fuel consumption on gasoline drive
  • 231 Hp / 320 Nm on gasoline, combined with electric motor 352 hp
  • zero to 100 km/h in 4,4 seconds (0-60 mph)
  • Either rear wheel drive, or front wheel drive or four-wheel drive in the same car
  • Weight: 1490 kg
  • Recycling possibility: close to 100 %

Direct Youtube links: http://www.youtube.com/embed/HPIc-9-owyk http://www.youtube.com/embed/frgQ-WjZ2GI http://www.youtube.com/embed/GeZ094QImWs http://www.youtube.com/embed/-6UssR2-NcI http://www.youtube.com/embed/qIPBKNwARac

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Lightness and Aerodynamics – Saabs Future?

June 11, 2014 in News, Saab Art, Saabology, Saabs History, Technical

Skärmavbild 2014-06-05 kl. 18.48.28

With the last news coming to our ears in the recent days what I write below is something anyone making cars in Trollhättan in the future should consider not once but twice.

Weight-loss as a method to increase performance in the daily life is known to most of us with a few or more centimeters around the belly or thighs. The same goes for our cars. I was inspired to write this post after having seen the new FORD Lightweight Concept Car in american motor press. It is amazing what can be done today with new production techniques and new materials. Who would have thought about hollow springs or aluminium brake calipers, carbon fiber in seats and wheels. Carbon fiber wheels will finally make them lightweight. Unsprung weight is also good for the chassis performance.

Here is my bold idea for Saab Cars. Hold on to the chairs now boys and girls. Saab´s heritage IS aerospace it is just a fact and right after the second world war soon 70 years ago Saab embarked on a path of making cars with aerospace technology, and brave new concepts like front wheel drive, aerodynamic design by Sixten Sason and others, even if Gunnar Ljungström Chief engineer told me he was not satisfied with the front wheel houses as he called massive air brakes. Various safety concept Saab also pioneered like standard issue seat belts and dual circuit brake systems. Just like in airplanes redundant systems.

The Saab of the future should be constructed with lightweight constructions in focus, just like airplanes, that would bring back the “core” to the brand. Add to that class leading aerodynamics and a for the pilot/driver optimized workplace/cockpit. That environment must be free from “modern” styling cues that seams to be ordered from most of the automotive worlds marketing departments instead of the human factors man machine interaction engineers/psychologists. My professional recipe for this is to look back to the 9000 model some 30 years ago now. Time flies folks but good design does not. Get rid of everything that is shiny and blinds. As an owner of a 9-5 NG Aero I curse the silver chrome ring around the Color Central Instrument and the piece of shiny metal over the colvebox/compartment. I just realize I start to spin in my own area of expertise. This posting is primarily on weight and new materials.

So to conclude this and how Saab Cars could attract the small minority of prospective Saab buyers is to stand out and be truly unique. The majority of car buyers would not even consider a SAAB but that is fine because there are enough buyers with an acquired taste for the unique and special.

- Build the next SAAB from bottom up in lightweight material aluminum and carbon fiber. Lower displacement engine and BHP but with the same driving experience

Skärmavbild 2014-06-11 kl. 10.04.15

- Make the car beat the current class leading car in terms of aerodynamic drag, the Opel Calibra with a Drag Coefficient (Cd) 0,26 number, if Opel could do it 25 years ago what could not be achieved today with better computers for design and fluid dynamics calculations.

- Ride (fly) on the aircraft heritage and set Saab apart from other manufacturers as an engineering driven company. name some of the top-of-the-line cars with distinctive names of famous SAAB planes just like the halo-Model VIGGEN some 15 years ago. A name is so much better for understanding and memorization for most people compared to a silly 9-5 or 9-3..

- Saab is not and will never be for the faint-hearted, put the brand in the same “category” as Alfa Romeo and Citroen. Swedish avant-garde. In this work do not hesitate to look back at old designs that never made it into production from Saabs DesignCenter. Make the Swedish touch from people who lives and breath the clean air here on the top of Europe. Talk to Eduard Gray, Björn Envall, Ola Granlund, Einar Hareide…..(Old Saab designers)  Build competent focus groups. SaabsUnited with our extensive international network must be valuable in this work. Our network of dealers, buyers, drivers, enthusiast, and collectors is G R E A T!


Above is a drawing by Björn Envall, it is close t 20 years ago he did this but it encapsulate so much that is SAAB, new thinking, bright colors, extreme aerodynamics, low slung, and above all convertible.

DSC_0480 kopia

And here is something family oriented. With this post I just want to energize the whole Saab  community do not let the recent negativism let You down there will be a summer with bright light and blinding colors.

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Companies claiming their debts against NEVS

June 9, 2014 in News

As reported in other media today a number of companies have filed their debts with the National enforcement agency in Sweden (Kronofogdemyndigheten) after having had their invoices expire as unpaid by NEVS. The total debt so far is fairly low, only around 6,8 million SEK (750’000 Euro) in total. 

A number of debts have already been solved by NEVS as you can see in the bottom part (-avskriven av KFM). We should remember that this step is more or less just a warning so far, the authority will contact NEVS regarding the claims filed and NEVS will need to take it from there, either pay or challenge the claim. Any major company has a number of these claims against them and its almost considered normal rather than alarming, however we should also remember that NEVS so far lacks any form of income and relies upon funding from its owner Kai Johan Jiang in order to manage its current situation.

I talked to Mattias Bergman this evening regarding this turn of events and he stated that out of the 900 suppliers, some have chosen to file a claim. He also pointed out that NEVS is lagging behind with their payments which is not a good thing but has so far managed their finances and had good discussions with the suppliers except for some cases, however he does not feel alarmed by this turn of events.

Mattias feels safe with the talks concerning the two potentially future investors. So far Mattias also feels that NEVS can manage the situation and by stopping production and reducing cost has given them more room for negotiation.

Mattias also points out that of course this is not a good thing, but it was an expected development and NEVS will deal with these issues as soon as they can.

NEVS debt

Thanx to “Beakon” for highlighting this!

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SOCGB National Weekend 2014

June 6, 2014 in Fan Stuff, Saab Clubs

When: 18th-20th July 2014

Where: Haw Wood Caravan Park & High Lodge Leisure, Hinton, Near Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3QT

‘Something for everyone to enjoy’ is the theme of this year’s National located in the beautiful countryside close to the Suffolk Heritage Coast.  You will all have the opportunity to take part in the various leisure and sporting activities on offer at High Lodge and to choose and enjoy the meal options available.

The location is East Anglia, near the Suffolk Heritage Coast within easy reach of Aldeburgh, Snape Maltings, Walberswick and Dunwich. It is surrounded by beautiful fields packed with wildlife and trees, offering plenty of walks and other outdoor activities. Suffolk is also home to the fashionable resort of Southwold with its pier, lighthouse and the Adnams brewery.

Read the rest of this entry →

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SOTW, 06.06.14, Custom 9-3 from Alex

June 6, 2014 in Sotw


I am an owner of a custom specialty car shop in Ontario. Long time Saab enthusiasm. I cant describe what it is about Saab that gets to me but when this car came into the shop I had to add it to my personal collection. I think my story is worth sharing

Attached is a link to the car how it started and how it sits today.


Emailed are the more current pictures of the car.

Everything is handmade and custom work. There is no jeopardy in quality. From the lights to the custom emblem J

Cheers Alex

All the pictures from the email can be found here

Photos from Trionic Summer Meet 2014

June 4, 2014 in Events, Fan Stuff

Last Sunday it was time for Trionic Summer Meet 2014 in Trollhättan. The Trionic Group is a bunch of local enthusiasts from Göteborg-area and they usually meet in that area.  But for their summer meet they took the trip up to Trollhättan, and arranged a meeting at the parking lot at Saab Car Museum. I don’t know exactly how many cars we where in total at the show-parking and the public-parking because there were many that come and went during the day (no sign-up was required), but it was a lot of cars! Regardless, it was a hot and sunny beautiful day in Trollhättan with very nice people, and as a bonus the Saab Car Museum were open so those who want could see the collection in the museum, and if you wanted to cool down a bit you were able to buy the very special good tasting local produced ice cream they sell at the museum =)

Winner of the “Best in show” was Adam Wennerholm from Trollhättan with his good looking 9-3 “Smokey” Vector SC TTiD modified with Aero optics and Hirsch details.

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Report on NEVS situation from Maptun Meet 2014

June 4, 2014 in Maptun Meet 2014, NEVS, News

mattias_bergman_maptun_meet_2014During the Maptun Meet 2014 Mattias Bergman attended the show, having landed in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport late in the evening before he showed up on time in Örebro to be greeted by applause. He presented a somewhat complex but honest talk with me on stage, unfortunately we were not able to capture it on tape, but here are the general points he made.

  • NEVS is in a serious situation but rather than keeping on going accumulating debt, NEVS has scaled down operations maintaing the company debt free while sorting out its issues.
  • The current lack-of-cash situation has intensified talks with the two companies wanting to become partners with NEVS, one such wanting to invest in NEVS the other wanting to cooperate on development.
  • NEVS feels confident in its talks with the two future partners, “talks are going well”. The current work focuses on how to adapt a new business plan for future needs in which the two partners resources and base of competence can be integrated into the work.
  • Investments are in the region of two-figures in billions of Swedish crowns (1 SEK = €0,11 / $0,15)
  • Investors have moved past the question of if and are now in the situation of how they should invest.
  • The development plan being negotiated will involve more models than Saab has had previously, all based on the phoenix platform.
  • The final deal is drawing closer and closer for each day that passes, every day new important steps are taken forward and discussions should be finalized within weeks.
  • NEVS feels safe with the talks, what mostly remains are the shapes of the partnership.
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27 minutes of buff-n-shine Saabs at Meeting in Örebro

June 3, 2014 in Maptun Meet 2014

Here is something to get You excited about Saab cars. Words are not enough. Relax and enjoy!

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttOdKNor92Q

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New types of LED headlights with new type of high-beam

June 1, 2014 in Tech corner, Technical

This video has really nothing to do with SAAB but it is a feature that I’d like very much to see in future Saabs. During the winter season in Scandinavia we’re lucky to get a couple of hours of good sunlight per day so the new LED High-Beam feature that BMW has developed is something that should be high on the priority list for any new type of car that the Saab engineers hopefully get to work on soon! Check out the video and enjoy, because this is when technology is at its best! =)

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SOTW Classic Convertible from New Zealand

May 30, 2014 in Sotw

This weeks SOTW comes from a very sunny New Zealand.

Hi Robin

The garage is now full of Saabs but I couldn’t resist buying this 1989 900 T Cabriolet.   It had been stored for the last few years and was in a museum before then.   25 years old and only 43,000 miles.  When we cleaned up the car the paintwork came up like new.    Hans my mechanic sorted out the transmission and a few other things.   It’s the full pressure turbo.  Amazing that a car this old handles so well.   We plan look after this car carefully for many years to come.


Larger pictures can be found on my flickr page.