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The most intelligent Swedish vehicles now and then

November 12, 2014 in Classics, Saabology, Sweden

Guess some of You rememember the 1980 is ad campaign from Saab talking about the “Most Intelligent Car Ever Built”. Stating that the swedish technology and production was special in some ways. Guess they where right to some extent. Still today a properly restored 99 or 900 OG is a true performance drive and with compared to todays safety standards still as an slightly below average car safety vise . The most intelligent thing to do today with just two Swedish manufacturers of vehicles left, Volvo Trucks and Koenigsegg (Scania Trucks is today a 100% German MAN/Volkswagen company, and ovloV cars is chinese). So this leaves You with three options really if You want to be intelligent. Get a Koenigsegg One:1, a Volvo FH Dual Clutch Tractor or build Yourself a 900/99 car. To make Your decision I have posted a small consumers film here for You.

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SU Calendar – Entries Close soon

November 12, 2014 in cyc, Fan Stuff

About two weeks ago we asked for your photos to create the 2015 SaabsUnited calendar. Just like in the past years we have gotten a big number of entries and we would like to thank you for that.

We’ll wait a bit until the 11th has ended all around the world and then we will face the tough but fun job to choose this year’s winners. So if you missed it yet, send your last minute entries to shop @

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SAAB “Expert” Tom Magliozzi / NPR CarTalk has passed away

November 11, 2014 in News, Uncategorized

My favorite US radio program CarTalk has lost one of the two Magliozzi brothers Tom and Ray. Tom just recently passed away in Alzheimers disease.
The two brothers has given me so many hours of great car talk. Any brand and owners are helped or roast by the two guys.
I remember most clearly a guy with a SAAB 99 calling in to the programme. The issue with the 99 was explained something like this. “In sweden it is dark most of the year and the workers in Trollhättan happened to mount the engine on top of the gearbox and to add more issues the put it in the wrong way with the clutch just behind the radiator” I had a great laugh. It seams like quite a few of callers where from the east coast and drove cars like Volvo, Saab or european cars.

Read more here:

Here is one on 900 with an exploding muffler:
Dear Tom and Ray:
What would cause a muffler to explode? We just had work done on our ’93 Saab 900S. It was running very sluggish up hills, and diagnostics showed several leaks in the exhaust pipes leading out of the catalytic converter. After having a new converter and pipes installed, the car was better, but still a little sluggish. Within a week, we were accelerating to get on a highway, and the muffler exploded. It literally burst open along the side. What kind of pressure would cause this, and should our mechanic have picked up on a muffler problem in the first place? — Angela

RAY: Well, here’s the key question, Angela: After the muffler exploded, did the car run better?

TOM: If so, the muffler might have been the source of the sluggishness. Often what happens is that when a catalytic converter fails, its innards disintegrate and get pushed farther down the exhaust system, where they can lodge in the muffler baffles and plug it up.

RAY: That would cause exactly the symptoms you describe — the car would be sluggish when climbing hills or accelerating. If the tailpipe is blocked and the engine’s exhaust can’t get out, the fresh fuel and air have no room to come in, so the engine bogs down.

TOM: So both your catalytic converter AND muffler might have been clogged. And when your mechanic replaced the converter, the acceleration improved a little bit, but the pressure on the muffler multiplied. At some point, the pressure got to be too much and the muffler burst at its weakest point — the seam.

RAY: While that makes you unwelcome in most bedroom communities after dark, it also allows the exhaust to escape. So the car should run better. And once you replace the muffler, you should be all set.

TOM: Mufflers sometimes explode due to backfires, caused by too much unburned fuel in the exhaust system. But given all the corroborating symptoms you have, I’m betting yours was just badly clogged. Next time, try Mufflermucil.

Or listen to the library of great old shows like the one with:
- How many rocks can you fit into a Saab?

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Memory lane revisited: Saab 9-5 NG

November 11, 2014 in Classics, Interview, SAAB 9-5

Was talking to Tim on the phone and we got started talking about 9-5 NG. Tim had seen a feature on Bloomberg TV where they mentioned the Saab 9-5 NG as one of the best cars for young people with new drivers licenses. Then I searched the web and found a Bloomberg feature posted on Youtube with just 703 hits. Bet that number will increase after this posting. For those of You wondering where my old 9-5 NG is today I can say it is in the hands of a pianist in Göteborg. Interesting enough the the fact that the car had the Harman Kardon sound system was of less interest since he did lot listen to much music in private.

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Back Soon: Hirsch 3-Piece Grille

November 10, 2014 in cyc, Hirsch

Hirsch Grille Detail

For quite a while the 3-piece grille has been one of the most wanted items from the Hirsch portfolio. Driven through that demand we at have been eager to encourage Hirsch to start a reproduction. We are pretty happy to announce that currently a (most likely last) lot of those grilles is manufactured.

As of today you are able to pre-order those grilles at our store. According to our current time schedule we expect to start shipping of those orders mid December so they should be at our customers in time for Christmas. What a nice present for your 9-3.

As a little bonus we will also add a small gift to every pre-order made before Dec 12th.

We also have a small number of the lower grilles available that make the look complete on the Aero models.

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SOTW, Laser Red Texan

November 8, 2014 in News

Hi Robin,

I’d like to share my 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero in Laser Red for consideration of SOTW. Being a 2009, it has the 2.8T V6 with XWD and an eLSD. The car is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and a number of Hirsch upgrades including the front upper/lower grilles, rear diffuser, dual exhaust, lowering springs, and a Hirsch sport steering wheel on the inside.

On the performance front, it has plenty of power coming with a JZW Stage 3 tune, Genuine Saab downpipe/midpipe, and an ETS intercooler. Overall, it has more than enough power to put a smile on my face every time I drive it

Kindest regards,

Matt (USA)

Big thank you once again an as usual larger versions can be found here

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Have no illusions!

November 5, 2014 in News

Just like in 2011 as the situation became more and more grim the mood around here got worse and the comments became more and more offensive. The situation today is a copy of what happened back then.

People here can criticize NEVS for all kinds of reasons and many of that criticism is well founded but nobody cant predict the future and NEVS had a Chinese owner who wanted cars for China, that is pretty clear and in 2012 he brought the money to the table when nobody else did and thus Saab could live on for a bit longer. And I’m sure that the managers at NEVS do regret some of the decisions they’ve made…

To this date, NEVS has kept Saab alive for a longer time than Spyker did and NEVS has spent almost 4 times the amount of money keeping the company alive than what Spyker did and even though NEVS is caught in a situation they can not control they do deserve some credit for still keeping things going. One other point I want to make very clear, what spyker did was to bring 1,8 billion Euros of debt into the Saab without really spending much at all of their own money on the company, Spyker spent the roughly 150 million Euro that was available in Saabs accounts when Saab were handed over to Spyker by GM, so far NEVS has spent their own money and accumulated only about 20 million Euro of debt, think about that before you criticize them too much!

But I want to get to the point of the headline: people here need to stop being naive and having illusions that there is going to be some white knight coming to save the brand from NEVS. THAT is not going to happen! This is it, its this or nothing. If it dies now, it dies for good…

There is not going to be any kind of bankruptcy situation where the assets of the phoenix platform can once again save the factory and bring back the brand. There is no money for that. If NEVS closes down the assets will be sold off and everything will be gone forever.

I for one am still keeping my fingers x’ed harder than ever and hope to god that this is going to work out, and I have spent enough time with Mattias Bergman and the other guys at NEVS to have a lot of faith, in that they are probably the only ones, who can save whatever there is left to save in Trollhättan…

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Göran Fredriksson has left NEVS

November 4, 2014 in NEVS

göran fredrikssonGöran Fredriksson has left his position at NEVS after his contract expired with the company, he worked actively with information and marketing issues for NEVS and he is one of the persons at NEVS that I have had most contact with and it has been an absolute privilege to work with him!

Göran always answered the phone with a “smile” when I called and he always showed great joy and enthusiasm for what we wanted the fans to be able to see at NEVS. I also know he spent a great deal of time and resources making sure that people test driving NEVS cars were given a very memorable experience!

Göran also actively participated in every one of SU’s visits to NEVS which made them an absolute pleasure for all of us. Göran was one of the key people at NEVS who worked the most on NEVS participation in Maptun Meet 2014 where many of you fans got to talk with him and that participation turned out absolutely great. Much thanks to Göran so many of you fans got to test drive the 2014 9-3 Aero at the event and I know you all loved the experience!

NEVS has lost one of its greatest assets that the Saab world really needs to get back and even though I know that NEVS are currently not in a position to hire people at the moment, all of us at SU hope that NEVS will be able to bring Göran back as soon as possible to continue to bring the Saab brand back!. But until he ends up back at NEVS or with some other company I’m sure that he’ll enjoy his rides in his Saab or equally so on a motorcycle! =)

Lastly I want to say that all of us at SaabsUnited have greatly admired the work that Göran has performed at NEVS and we would like to thank him so much for all that he has done and wish him well on his future endeavors!

/ The whole SaabsUnited Team

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Photos Wanted: Saab 9000 -91

November 4, 2014 in Fan Stuff


My first Saab has been a 9000 from 1989 and I always had a special love for that model. So when I heared that our friends from German plan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the 9000 with a dedicated 9000 calendar with a spcial focus on the early models, I was all into it.

While there are many press photos of models from 1992 on it is rather hard to get anything from the early years. If you can help out with (press) photos until model year 1991 please get in touch with Tom of via email:

And while you are at it feel free to send the pictures for the SaabsUnited Calendar, too. It would be nice to have more 9000s in there, too.

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SaabsUnited Calendar 2015

November 3, 2014 in Fan Stuff, SaabsUnited Related

2014 Planner

Here we go again with one of the most fun projects of the year. Just like we did in the last two years we ask you to send us your Saab photos. We will choose 12 of them to design a calendar for 2015. Last year we even got enough to make three different calendars so we look forward to see what you come up with this time.

If you feel that it’s the time for a special dedicated calendar for a certain model or series or have any suggestions regarding the calendar feel free to leave a comment. We will try to include those suggestions in the creation of the final product.

The only requirement for those pics is that they feature one or more Saabs and that the image size and resolution are as large as possible to get proper printing quality. The size of the calendar will be 42×30 cm (like last year) and at that size your image should have at least 200 dpi. But anyway, just send the largest version you have and we will check it for you.

Please send your entries to shop @ until November 11th.

The chosen ones will of course get a free calendar and as an extra bonus a gift card from valued Euro 25.

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November 3, 2014 in SaabsUnited Related

It seems that from time to time some people need to be reminded that there are some rules for commenting here. The most basic one is respect. And in last weeks post when I mainly wanted to talk about what we have in mind for the future of SaabsUnited some people hooked up to the mere fact that two of our writers got a car from another brand and spoke about it here. I don’t want to start talking about that thing anymore now, it’s been too much an issue anyway, I just want to say that I was not happy about some comments. Not at all.

Tim has done a great job on this blog and spent a lot of time and effort into getting the latest news and stories here. Jörgen has done a lot of work for the community and still owns more Saabs than most of us. Both still have Saab in their hearts, no matter what car they drive right now. There are many around here who had to look into another brand due to their personal situation. That itself has been bad enough but for me it is no reason to make them a persona non grata from one moment to another.

Ever since I joined SaabsUnited and through all the ups and downs we had it was always clear that we should treat each other with a minimum of respect. And in that last post of mine some people definetely crossed a line. I was actually close to deleting one or two, but since I believe that most people here still have their common sense I left them for everybody to see how much the commenter just disqualified himself.

If you want to express your opinion here please remember that we are all human beings and deserve a minimum of respect. I don’t want to see members of the team treated sh*t just because of their car. We are all frustrated because of the state of Saab. And because we have to face realities like getting no new Saabs on lease. I had to add a vehicle from another car brand to my car park, too. But does that change anything in my relationship to Saab?. Not at all.

I am always open for a good debate, even if it is controversial. But I strongly believe that those basic values like respect and politeness are a must, especially in the anonymity of the Internet. Those cannot be discussed and therefore the comments on this post are closed.