Get active and help to save Saab!

On the 17th January 2010, Saab owners in over 40 cities around the world gathered to show their support for Saab Automobile. In the following weeks, another 20 convoys brought the total number to around 60!!

The Saab Support Convoys on the 17th attracted almost 5,000 vehicles and probably double the number of people and spirit generated on that day carried forward to more convoys around the world.

These events were all intended as a show of support for Saab Automobile. I can't ever remember another brand enjoying such a huge show of public support around the world.

Both on the 17th January and on subsequent dates, events were held at the following locations. Click the link to see the page for that convoy.


Why this campaign and others happened.....

As part of their acceptance of bailout money from the US government, GM stated that they would reduce their brand portfolio. One of the brands selected to leave GM is Saab.

GM received expressions of interest for Saab early in 2009 and chose the Koenigsegg Group as their preferred bidder, however the sale to Koenigsegg collapsed in late November due to unacceptable delays in getting approvals from the European Union for a loan that was part of the sale agreement.

On December 1, 2009, GM announced that they would either sell or close Saab by December 31st 2009. They began negotiations with Spyker Cars, however these fell over on December 18, with GM announcing that they would wind Saab down, starting January 1, 2010.

GM has now signed a Share purchase agreement with Spyker cars for the sale of Saab Automobile.


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