Saab Support Convoy - Belgrade - DONE!

Here's one that I wasn't emailed about earlier.....

There was a Saab Support Convoy in Belgrade, Serbia, on January 17th.

10 vehicles and 15-20 people were present, including the Swedish Ambassador to Serbia!



Saab Support Convoy - Guangzhou, China - DONE!

SAAB fans in Guangzhou, China were so excited and impressed by the deal done during the week by Spyker to purchase Saab from General Motors that they decided to come out and celebrate on Thursday, 28th January.

Around 30 vehicles and more people turned up to show their appreciation for Saab and for the deal done to keep the company alive.

A forum post with plenty of photos is here. Click through on that one, because there's some well cared for Saabs there with some serious mods being done.

A selection photos is included below. Griffin Up, Ghangzhou!




With thanks to Kenny for the details!

I've already provided a few photos from the Saab Support Convoy in Nagoya, Japan. There were two more convoys held in Japan this month, however, so it's time to recognise those events here.



There were 22 Saabs and 26 people present at the Tokyo SSC, which was held on February 7th.

Click to enlarge.





Around half a dozen vehicles and 11 hardy souls joined in the Kanazawa gathering, meeting in much harsher conditions than their counterparts in Tokyo, it seems.

Congratulations to all for joining in the celebrations!!





My thanks to Hiroki M for the images and information.

Saab Support Convoy - Sydney Australia

Another of the weekend's gatherings was right here in Australia, in the city of strange football, fashionistas and ridiculously high house prices - Sydney.

A note from my mate Hawkeye, who organised the day:


We had a great day considering we had a lot of rain the last 24 hours. A total of 15 people and 9 Saabs (there's one missing from the photo).

The photo of the Saabs in one line was taken inside the Royal National Park, which is the world's second oldest national park - after Yellowstone in the USA. It's located just on the outskirts of southern Sydney.

What a sight it was to see us weaving our way through the lush green areas through the mist up to Stanwell tops. It was a special day, but then again it's suppose to be given that it is summer in Sydney.

A magnificent cake from one of our members Sue. Too bad we had to cut it up!

A great day had by all.

SSC Sydney People.jpg

SSC Sydney Lineup.jpg

SSC Sydney Loftus Oval.jpg

SSC Sydney Parking.jpg

The Saab Support Convoy in Bucharest was held last weekend, on the 31st.

There were a fantastic 30 vehicles present at the celebration and it's my pleasure to show the happy faces and brilliant cars below.



Saab Saved Celebration - Nagoya Japan - DONE!

There were actually THREE Saab Support Convoys in Japan today!

Here's a few images from the first one, in Nagoya, where 26 Saabs and 36 people joined in the fun.

Again, it's always an amazing thing to see pictures of older Saabs in faraway places that you don't normally associate with Saab.





Saab Support Convoy - Memphis TN, USA

Another weekend saw a few final Saab Support Convoys take place (I don't think there's any more scheduled, but I could be wrong).

One of those was the convoy in Memphis, Tennessee, where 15 cars and around 24 people gathered to celebrate Saab's sale to Spyker and show their support for the company.

A note from Barry L:


In spite of the fact that "Super Bowl Sunday" is the most celebrated "holiday" in America (other than New Year's Day), Memphis/Mid-South area SAAB owners and enthusiasts came together to show their support and celebration of SAAB's INDEPENDENCE, and its saviour, Spyker.

Fifteen vehicles strong, we gathered in far east Memphis and discussed all matters related to SAAB, then drove 20 miles to the Pyramid Arena, on the banks of the Mississippi River. Check out the 1990 Saab 900...IMMACULATE!

There, we celebrated "SAAB Independence Day"....our first annual celebration of that event. January 26th of each year will be a day of celebration here in Memphis.

We had a great time. Thanks to all who participated and sacrificed a portion of this hallowed holiday in the USA.

BTW: On unanimous approval of our group, we will be forming a SAAB Club for the Memphis/Mid-South area. More details will be provided once finalised.

Note: Big thanks to Gary McConnell for the artwork.







Saab Support Convoy - Thailand - DONE!

Once again, the dedication of Saab owners in places where I didn't really know there was a passionate Saab following is quite amazing.

The Saab Club of Thailand is one of those clubs that I'd heard of before, but not had much interaction with. So you can imagine the smile on my fact when I opened my email tonight and saw this:


There were around 50 cars attending the Thai convoy today, which is just outstanding.

They set up a website specifically for the event, and there'll be more photos available there and on the SCOT website later.

I like the logo:


Thanks to Prakarn for the info!

Well, only a small, hardy group made the meet today on a raw, cold day here in Nashville, but we did it!

Our plan: Rendezvous at at the Nashville location of our local independent service group, Eurofix, and drive to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville for a photo at one of our most recognizable local landmarks, the full-scale replica of the Parthenon of ancient Greece.

Robert, Mark, Kathleen, Daniel, Ramona, Walter and I got to know each other a bit while the sky spit little bits of snow mixed with rain. Robert and Mark were driving Robert's C900 and 9-5, respectively; Mark left his 9-3 convertible at home due to the conditions. Kathleen, Ramona and Walter the Golden Retriever were looking smart in Kathleen's 9-5. Daniel, one of the Saab techs at Eurofix, signed on as the ringer with his modded 900 SPG, and we were off.

I was planning to drive the "new" 1991 900 turbo convertible, but a freak failure of my garage door mechanism precluded me from getting the car out today, and it was just as well. With the day being as nasty as it was, the 9-5 was the right call.

Here's the group at the Parthenon. I'm looking forward to a more leisurely meeting in warmer times. Click through for more photos.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Group small.jpg

Vive la Saab!!

The starting point. Thanks again to Eurofix for hosting.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Start all small.jpg

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Starts small.jpg

The drive.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Mirror small.jpg

Interaction. That's Robert on the left and Daniel on the right.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Daniels under hood Robert too small.jpg

Check out the sweet mods on Daniel's SPG. He figures that he's got 250HP on tap here. He's got bigger air intake plumbing, exhaust mods for lower back pressure, higher capacity injectors, a 9000 fuel rail and an uprated intercooler. Noice!!! It sounds low and Saaby. Well done, sir!!

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Daniels under hood 1 small.jpg

This is what's inside the Parthenon. The faithful replica of the Athena Parthenos is said to be the largest indoor statue in the Western world.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Athena 2 small.jpg

Saab Support Convoy - Luxembourg - DONE!

The Saab Support Convoy in Luxembourg took place over the weekend and they had their Saab Saved signs printed up quickly to replace the Save Saab signs they'd probably already prepared.

Poor conditions kept a few away, but they still had a good showing with 15 cars and more people in attendance through the day. The poor weather also kept the older cars under wraps, with the oldest in attendance being a 1986 Saab 900 2-door.

Attendees got a good look over the new Saab 9-5, too, as the event coincided with an open weekend for most dealers in Luxembourg.

Thanks to Marc for the photos and information, and congratulations to all you Luxembourgers!

Click to enlarge:







Both the Nashville and Memphis convoys scheduled for last weekend have been postponed due to poor conditions with snow and ice.

I assume the San Francisco event went ahead last Friday, but haven't tracked down any information about that one yet.

Will get on to it in the morning.

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