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Saab 9-5 Estate For Sale in The Netherlands

February 17, 2013 in Fan Stuff, SAABs for SALE

Could this be the first of many or the one and only?
Venza Exclusive Cars have a N-G Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon for sale amongst it’s itinerary. Not a lot of words are on the site but there is a €69,999 price tag on the windscreen.

I can tell you its a 2.0T BioPower in Aero trim including top of the range interior.

Please head over to their web site to view the other pictures they have added and dream.

Venza Exclusive1Venza Exclusive2While we are looking at this great car, can I ask if you know if any of the right hand drive versions for sale at the auction made it to the United Kingdon. Please email me (robin.kerry (at) if you have any news.

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The Second Life of the Dame Edna

April 23, 2012 in News show some pics of the BAIC B70G, which is based on the old Saab 9-5. I am pretty happy that Pininfarina gave this car totally different looks than the Dame Edna but I have to admit the design (and even the name) reminds me a bit of another Swedish car company. Surely just a coincedence.
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Hirsch Performance Leather Interior For The 9-5 – Re-Posted

November 28, 2011 in Hirsch

When I posted this article two particular questions came up. So I went to clarify them and decided to re-post the article.

1. Why is the kit not available for RHD?
As sad as it is, this is related to the lack of production at Saab. Of course it can be made for RHD, too, but this will only happen if Trollhättan really starts to make cars again. At the current state the expected sales just can’t justify the tooling costs.

2. How durable is that heavy duty adhesive tape?
The parts in the white 9-5 Hirsch Performance prototype have been affixed with that tape over a year ago. One winter and one summer have caused absolutely no problems. The manufacturer states that it is good for 300+° F, which should be enough for a car interior. Additionally, the fact that other manufacturers use this tape to mount spoilers speaks for itself I think.

Some of you have already spotted it on the Hirsch Performance site – the leather interior upgrades for the 9-5 are now available. The kit contains a cover for the light switch panel, centre stack and and gear lever cover.

I am a huge fan of the leather interior parts Hirsch offers. I installed them on both 9-3s we have and they make such a huge difference. The parts for the 9-5 are no exception – I’ve followed the development process a bit and got to see the final parts on my last visit to St Gallen a few weeks ago. One of the most astonoshing things to me is that they manage to upholster the parts with carbon leather without distorting the structure. A really fine piece of craftsmanship.

While the leather interior parts for the 9-3 replace the standard parts, the covers for the 9-5 are affixed on the original panels using a special heavy duty adhesive tape. Other car manufacturers for example use that tape to mount spoiler parts. The reason for that approach lies in the fact that all switches in the centre console are screwed. So it would take a huge amount of working time to loose and tighten that screws when replacing, let alone getting all switches back to the right position.
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9-5 Wagon visits Humberside Saab

November 14, 2011 in News

We received a very nice email from Stephen Smith of Humberside Saab over the weekend.

We had the 9-5 estate at our dealerships and what a fantastic reaction we got from all who saw the car. I have enclosed the pics which show the car off well. Mark Kendall our top master tech is pictured in one picture who has been with us since he was 16!
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Fab Aero 9-5 Diamond Cut

September 25, 2011 in News

Stephen Smith, Sales Director of Humberside Saab sent us these fantasic images of a Superb looking 9-5 with Diamond Cut Alloys fitted.

I just had to send some pictures to you of a car we have
just delivered at Humberside saab it looks the part as you will see from the
images. It was an Aero and we upgraded the alloys with the diamond cut
black/silver alloys and they looked fab…!!!

After speaking to the lady after delivery she confirms it’s
the best car she has ever owner..!!

Please enjoy.


A few more, larger, pictures can be found at



Design and the Saab 9-5

July 29, 2011 in Editorial

While the situation is as it is and we all are worried to some degree, I do think it is time that we focus on what this site is about. I dare to say it is not only about the situation for Saab, but more about the products – the cars. And to bring focus on the cars I will give you my thoughts of design and the Saab 9-5. Yes, design and what you like is very personal, and while some people loves how some things look, some doesn’t. This entry is my statement and I know that everybody doesn’t agree with me.

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Review: 9-5 Turbo4 Premium by Left Lane News

July 21, 2011 in News

While we know the situation with the factory being closed I want to post this regarding Left Lane News that has tested a MY11 9-5 Turbo4, as this is pure joy to read. It’s not so much news for us Saab-nuts, but still it is a nice read.

With quotes regarding equipment like

Our no-option tester lacked a few optional goodies like self-guided parallel parking, laser cruise control, a 10 GB hard drive audio/navigation system, ventilated seats and a three-way adjustable sports suspension.

But it still impressed us with a high level of equipment that is optional on most rivals – things like Bluetooth, leather upholstery, active head restraints, rear side airbags, rain sensing wipers and passive entry with push-button start. It seems like the Swedes have had a lesson in adding value.

And if the 18.2 cubic foot trunk isn’t big enough, Saab will sell you a 9-5 SportCombi (that’s Swenglish for station wagon) next spring.

or the design like (more after the jump…)

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Latest 9-5 Reviews: It’s What They Don’t Know That Matters

July 16, 2011 in Editorial, News

As I read through the latest round of 9-5 reviews published this week in the US media, I’ve been struck by the lack of depth that they bring to their reviews. Sure, they cover what details are on the surface, and they do a pretty decent job of bringing their own opinions to bear. But the surface is where it stops, and for anyone who knows anything about the car, it’s frustrating.

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SUHRT in good company!

July 13, 2011 in Rally Team

SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team is now busy as ever and today they have arrived at the starting point and are in very good company! =)

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Testing the Pressure in a 9-5 TTiD

July 4, 2011 in Editorial

As some of you may know, friend and fellow Saab enthusiast, Graeme Lambert, took delivery of a Saab 9-5 TTiD Aero as a long term test back in April of this year. Graeme is a journalist for the British Car Weekly Auto Express. He has just sent us his latest artical about life with the stunning 9-5 Aero which can also be seen in full online. (Now with added pictures)

Big saloon is under pressure to deliver with better efficiency after we switched to Eco tyre readings
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The Independent Reviews the UK Bound 9-5 SportWagon

June 26, 2011 in News

Chalk up more evidence that Saab UK is making all the right moves. The 9-5 SportWagon has been updated from the original 9-5 that was featured in the original press drive. That car had the fashion conscious large wheels and stiffer suspension that left journalists feeling that that the new 9-5 had a very harsh ride over the bumpy roads of England. For the SportWagon, Saab engineers revised the suspension to better handle the potholes and cracks in the road to give the car a much more comfortable driving experience.

John Simister, who reviewed the new 9-5 SportWagon for The Independent, came away impressed by the 9-5′s new skills. Unfortunately, he must have forwarded the review on to his editor before production came to a stop again. Hopefully soon the real estate deal will be finished or Victor Muller will come back to Trollhättan having secured near-term financing so the line can get started again. Either way, it’s not ideal that this restart has been so herky jerky, but relative to all that Saab has gone through, the current situation is a drop in the bucket. If John’s willing to believe in the company’s future based on the prospective Chinese deals, then the picture is essentially the same looking forward.

His is the first review I’ve read where the reviewer focuses more on the car than the company or their short term problems, which is incredibly refreshing. Of the different models he tested, the 2.0T Petrol version was his favorite.

That final car had the HiPer strut suspension in Sport specification, a smooth and lusty 220bhp petrol turbo engine, and standard, non-adaptive dampers. This was the one; its steering was crisp, progressive and natural, its ride was supple but controlled. This is how a 9-5 should be, even on 18in wheels, and it shows how good a 9-5 can be. Saab’s own engineers like it best, and so do I.

His conclusion is probably the most rewarding part of the article. It’s a reminder that Saab is the alternative for luxury buyers wanting to stand apart from the crowd.

Would it make me buy a 9-5 SportWagon over an obvious German rival? I do believe it would, not least because it’s a refreshing and worthwhile break from the default choices. Own a Saab, and it’s clear you’ve thought about it. And that, in today’s brand-obsessed world, has to be a good thing.