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NEVS Contacts North American Dealers USA and Canada

February 26, 2013 in NEVS, News, SAAB Parts North America, USA

Recently we read about NEVS contacting select Saab dealers across Europe. What we hadn’t heard and were immediately being asked about was, what about North America?

Well, I can now tell you that as of Friday morning all US and Canadian dealers who have information on file with SPNA have received the same letter. This had been in the works for a while with European dealers first followed by all of North America and was discussed at NADA last week.

I’m sure this won’t ease everyones worries about wether or not NEVS/SAAB has plans for North America but I can tell you that I have seen the letter and believe that this is yet another good sign to things to come.

We are heading in the right direction and things just keep coming into place.

Canada, The Wait Is Over-Hirsch Is Here

November 5, 2011 in Hirsch, News

Well, Saab Cars North America rolled out the Hirsch Performance Upgrade to the US dealer body September 1, 2011. Now it’s our turn.

With this one line sent to Canadian dealers this week, I am pleased to say that Hirsch is on its way to Canada. All Canadian dealers have received pricing sheets that cover off all upgrades for performance and accessories. The performance upgrades will take a little longer to be available as dealers just now are starting to put together orders for the iPro tool needed to perform the upgrades. That being said, all accessories are available now to order from Hirsch. A bonus that I wasn’t aware of is that even if your Saab dealer is not an authorized Hirsch dealer for the performance side of things, you can still get all other accessories from your dealer that Hirsch is offering to the Canadian market. If your dealer is not a performance dealer yet, go and talk to them about doing a performance upgrade because as with anything, if you show interest they may just decide to sign up because they would now see the potential because you are asking for it. Hirsch offers a lot of accessories, from a complete carbon fiber body kit with grill and diffuser for a price of just over $6000 plus install to the simplest of things, a Hirsch Performance badge for only $21.54.

Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance

Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance


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Saab Canada incentive program

April 2, 2011 in News

Saab Canada has started a quite interesting incentive program, so if you want to buy something like this.

You should read this post and hurry up, before they are all gone.

(Yes those are the black panthers, and after seeing them IRL, I still prefer the black Edges)

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Friday Snippets – Red J edition

February 19, 2011 in Saabology

This is my first snippets edition, let’s see what I found.

For the Canadian Saab fans:

The first Saab to arrive in Edmonton is expected to arrive next week. It will be an Independence Day convertible. Other “normal” Saabs are expected to arrive in Edmonton mid-April.

Saab Canada is telling a different Story about the dealer in Edmonton.

One dealership in Edmonton is selling high-line certified used vehicles and doing a booming business in import service, as well as carrying the new Saab line-up.

Source: The Edmonton Journal, Autonet

For the US American Saab fans:

Saab is having really interesting incentives in February in the US for the 2010 Models, upp to $7,000 for a 2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible.

Source: Autoloaddaily

For the Rally fans:

Saab’s friend and rally enthusiast Vladimir Antonov said to have cleared North One Sport’s (a WRC team) outstanding debt and is providing significant investment for the future.

So people are starting to speculate if this means the return of Saab to Rally racing, maybe next year.

I think, not with the current cars and not next year.

Source: Rallybuzz

For the Swedish Saab fans:

BIL Sweden County and Municipal distributed statistics for January 2011 shows that diesel cars with carbon emissions of up to 120 g / km dominate green car market. In Stockholm County, every newly registered clean car in January, a diesel-powered “120-gram down”. While losing both ethanol cars and gas vehicles market.

Better translation thanks to Börjesson:

In Stockholm County, every second newly registered clean car in January was a diesel-powered “120-grammer”. At the same time, both ethanol cars and gas cars are losing market shares.

BIL Swedens läns- och kommunfördelade statistik för januari 2011 visar att dieselbilar med koldioxidutsläpp på max 120 g/km dominerar på miljöbilsmarknaden. I Stockholms län var varannan nyregistrerad miljöbil i januari en dieseldriven ”120-grammare”.Samtidigt tappar både etanolbilar och gasbilar marknadsandelar.

I think there is indeed a reason for a sub 120g Saab Wagon.

Source: Bil Sweden

For the BioPower fans:

There is a fascinating article at just-auto explaining why bio-ethanol days of glory are already history in Europe.

I think the last 2 paragraphs tell the hole story.

A spokesperson for Renault, which now sells more FFVs in Europe than any other carmaker, told just-auto that “what is clearly lacking is a stable EU policy environment that delivers a clear and consistent signal to industry.” Meanwhile, Jonathan Nash, Managing Director of Saab Great Britain is clear about what he thinks are some of the reasons behind such inconsistencies: “There has always been a high level of government policy sensitivity around biofuels. This scepticism has been caused in part by the powerful anti-biofuels lobby, while the lack of credible well-to-wheel certification for biofuels’ emissions also makes policy makers ambivalent towards them.”

Whatever the reasons, it is clear that biofuels continue to divide opinion on a major scale in Europe. The fact though, that Europe’s policy makers are as confused as the general public about them is helping no one.

Source: Just-Auto

If I’ve forgotten somebody please rise your hand!

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Canadian test: Saab 9-5

February 4, 2011 in Saabology

Every now and then it’s extremely refreshing to read a road test that isn’t cynical, doesn’t have too many attempts at whipcrack humour and doesn’t do much else other than share an impression of a car.

Once you get past the toaster story, that’s exactly what happens in this Canadian review of the Saab 9-5 2.0T.

I’ll let you read the whole thing for yourself, but I feel compelled to share this bit as it really made me smile.

And this is where I start to become puzzled. The 9-5 comes in two flavours: the regular 9-5 and the 9-5 Aero. Oddly enough, Saab actually decided to go with two different suspensions in the trim levels. The top of the line Aero gets “HiPer strut front end” which essentially increases longitudinal stiffness and reduces torque steer. The base 9-5 on the other hand, uses a conventional multi-link suspension which improves comfort noise and vibration. Saab’s thought process was clearly that the hotted up 300 horsepower and 295 pound foot of torque Aero (which uses a 3.6 litre V6) should clearly walk the walk as a sports sedan, while the base 9-5 will take a more luxury role for those who value it more over performance. But I found the base 9-5 to handle quite well despite its set up for comfort. In fact, considering how big the car is, I was downright surprised. It’s poised, sharp and yes comfortable all at the same time.

OK, let’s overlook the 3.6 litre engine thing.

What he’s experiencing there is the lighter weight of the 2.0T vs the V6 and the resulting agility it gives the 9-5.

As mentioned in my own tests of the car last year, I loved the power of the V6, but for me, the 2.0T was something I’d see as more fun as a daily drive for my typical commute. It combines the brilliant space and comfort of the 9-5 with the agility of a much smaller car. The thought of Hirsching that car for another 40hp is a delicious one, indeed.

Anyway – go read the test. It’ll cleanse your mind to read something decidedly good about what is undoubtedly a very good car.

Thanks to Vince for the tip!

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Victor Muller in Canada

February 4, 2011 in Saabology

There is an interview of Victor Muller on

I don’t know if this is a big site in Canada, but at least there is some news of Saab in Canadian media.

Most of the information given in this article is well known to most or all SaabsUnited readers but there are a couple of things that where new, at least to me.

John Anderson, executive director of sales in North America, hopes to grow the dealer network to about 25 stores and sell about 2,500 cars this year.

If you are missing a Dealer in your region, Saab is willing to expand from 13 (currently) to 25 dealers.

2500 cars is quite a lot, if we think that Saab has sold only 11 cars in January, but…

It’s working on establishing a leasing program — a key element for achieving sales success in the premium segment.

..such a leasing program will help a lot.

And at last a small detail about a possible Sonnett.

The other dream is to build a small two-seater sports car, a fresh iteration of the Sonnett, ….,would require the development of a new platform.

It seems like a Sonnett would be based on the same platform as a small Saab, and therefore without the 92(9-2) there will be no Sonnett.

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Update – Hirsch in the US and Canada

January 26, 2011 in Saabology

There are a couple of updates to be posted following yesterday’s publication of a Hirsch dealer list for the United States.


People should note that Hirsch won’t be available in the US until the second quarter of 2011. A more exact date is not known. The publication of a preliminary dealer listing doesn’t mean it’s available now.

The reason why it will take until Q2 is that certain equipment is needed to do the software updates and they’re trying to secure adequate supply and distribution before things get underway.


As mentioned, the list was a preliminary list and in fairness, it was too early to place it online. It had a good list of Saab dealers, but there are more who are very likely to jump on board (it’s a dealer’s choice as to whether they opt in).

Hopefully a complete list will become available in Q2.


Questions were asked in comments to that post about availability in Canada and whether or not Canadians can go south of the border, get tuned and still be covered by warranty. From what I’ve heard, the answer is “No” to that particular scenario….. BUT……

The good news is that SCNA are currently working with Transport Canada and plan to launch Hirsch products there (no timeframe given) and of course, they’ll be covered by warranty there just like everywhere else.

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Saabs at the Montreal Auto Show

January 15, 2011 in Saabology

The Montreal International Auto Show is on from the 14th to the 23rd January (which means it’s on right now) and Saab ARE present at the show.

They have six cars at the show. 2 x 9-5, 1 x 9-3x, 1 x 9-3 SS, 1 x 9-3 Aero XWD, 1 x 9-3 SC. Unfortunately, there are no 9-4x’s on display (the black car is in Detroit and the silver on is in Brussels).

Simon M attended yesterday and sent through the following photos:

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Below is Jean-Philippe Garcia, one of the reps on hand, from Saab Laval.


The Saab display wasn’t too far from the GM show, but kept some slightly more highbrow company with Rolls Royce located next door. Vehicles were locked, but representatives were on hand to unlock them for people who asked.

Apparently a lot of the visitors were pleasantly surprised to see Saab at the show and the representatives on hand were getting to answer a lot of questions.

If you’re in Montreal but haven’t got a glimpse of the new 9-5 or 9-3x yet, then you’ve got until the 23rd to see them at the motor show.

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Sunday Saab Snippets

January 2, 2011 in Saabology

If you’re in reasonable proximity to Connecticut (I previously wrote NJ – my mistake) and want to restore a 1993 Saab 900, Steve’s your man. The price is right if you can give it a good home, too.


If you’re a Swedish company looking to re-establish yourself in Canada, now might be a good time to lay low…..

“We’re going to take out [our anger] on a Swedish company,” yelled one fan, waving an Ikea bag. “Volvo and Saab are next.”

One Toronto mother promised her children they would no longer eat the Swedish Meatballs at Ikea.

Ah, the passion of sports!

Sweden beat Canada in a 6-5 shootout at the World Junior Hockey Championships and given that hockey is more popular than oxygen in Canada, beating the national juniors may not be the best way to make friends there. I’m sure the big-hearted Canadians will get over it, though.

Maybe Saab Canada could have a “We’re Sorry Sale” to kickstart 2011 :-)


If you’ve got a Saab 9-3 or 9-5 equipped with Haldex XWD then you might want to get in touch with them and get a badge for your car.

As you might already know, Haldex’s traction systems arm has been sold to BorgWarner, so the company is looking to give away their last remaining badges. Click here to get one (have a photo of your car at the ready).

Haldex Performance Badge


Victor Muller is #47 on Motor Trend’s “Power List for 2011″

Very under-rated.

Thanks Lee!


Murilee Martin left Jalopnik a few months ago but has taken his work over to TTAC. Those who follow Jalopnik would know that Murilee had two major themes – Old cars from Alameda and the 24 Hours of LeMons series.

I don’t follow TTAC so I don’t know if the Alameda series is running there, but LeMons crossed my radar because a LeMons race was held in Florida on New Years Eve and the coveted Index of Effluence trophy was won by a Saab 96!

Whilst there’s always a car that crosses the line in first place, the IoE trophy is highly regarded as it’s awarded to the team that does the most in a car that’s significantly challenged or has the most character.


Ford is doing an engine tear-down at the Detroit Auto Show that will be similar in stature to Saab’s driving efforts at Talladega back in the mid-80s and 90s.

They’ve driven an Ecoboost F150 through a series of challenging events and tasks in the last year, amassing around 160,000 miles under extremely challenging circumstances (e.g. running at full throttle for 24 hours towing 11,300 lbs).

They aim to tear the engine down at the 2011 NAIAS to show how durable the engines are even after an equivalent 10-years of use in one 12 month period.

Great marketing. If only Saab could do a Talladega-style event again.

Thanks Ted!

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SCWC check out Saab 9-5, Springmans Saab

December 22, 2010 in Saabology

We’ve been following events related to Saab’s reintroduction into Canada for some time now and one of the dealerships that’s been in contact quite regularly through comments is Springmans Saab in Vancouver, BC.

Last weekend, Springmans hosted a group from the Saab Club of Western Canada. Around 10 cars and 20 people attended and many of them got to see and drive the new Saab 9-5 for the first time.

SaabKen is a both at Saab Central and here at SU and he emailed me the following report from the weekend.


At our December 18th club meet, we went to visit Greater Vancouver’s first (and so far only) post-GM Saab dealership, Springman’s SAAB.

Their staff greeted us with tremendous hospitality (you know who you are, gents …. ). Some of us luckier ones got to sit in, and test drive, the 9-5. They only have the turbo 4 (6-spd) at the moment, but will be getting the Aero Turbo6 XWD in the next month or so. New inventory for Canada is still trickling in.

Below is some very limited footage of my drive (only out of the dealer lot, since all the parts where I was cruising supersonic we’re not allowed to post cuz a certain important somebody from Springman’s is sitting shotgun ).

Oh, the DI 2.0T (220hp) turbo 4 was sweeeeet and if anyone thinks it’s inadequate for the 4,400lb 9-5, you HAVE to drive it first to see how sweet it is, or else shut the heck up. I think in the clip I shifted up to 2nd at 4000rpm but it likes to rev. The shifter was still a bit too Saabish (read: notchy) for my taste, but at least the throws were short and the shift knob shaped perfectly. Torque steer ….. nada. Turbo lag ….. nada.

Here goes…. (two other SCWC-ers heard speaking from the backseat)


I’ve not driven the Aero obviously, but I can easily imagine years of me happily driving with the turbo 4 without any urge to step up in horsepower nor the fancy driver-adjustable suspension setup. But I’m quite curious how different the FWD and XWD feel in spirited driving.

I’ve posted some pics here (and note how tiny the 96 looks compared to the new 9-5! – SW).

And also one other highlight is meeting a new member to SCWC, Jason, who brought his ’73 96. He also has a Sonett (in rebuild mode, I believe).

Again, my big thanks to Jason Powell and Rob Adolph for their time and hospitality. We look forward to being part of another event with Springman’s Saab in the near future.



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Saab of Edmonton added to Canadian Saab dealers

December 17, 2010 in News, Saabology

When I posted the listing of Saab Dealers in Canada back in August, there was at least one big Canadian city that had been left off the list – Edmonton. I’m pleased to let you know that that situation seems to have been remedied.

Saab of Edmonton are in the process of preparing their facilities as they await the shipment of some significant stock.

Richard P, a regular here at SU, called in there to say hello. My thanks to him for sending this through.


Hi Steven,

Earlier this morning I was able to drop by the new Saab of Edmonton dealer and have a chat with one of the guys there . We had a pretty good chat and I came away with the feeling that the guys behind this new Saab venture are working hard to get Saab on the map for northern Alberta.

The new site is actually the old Daewoo building and it looks like they moved in very recently. The Daewoo signage is still up on the side of the building as well as streetside, but they do have one of those trailer-mounted signage setups at roadside as a temporary sign (see attached photo) so it’s fairly easy to spot that it’s a Saab dealer.

The group ownership behind the dealer is the Daytona Automotive Group who have been around since 1974. To give you an idea of how strong the backing is with this group, they have about $3 million dollars worth of stock in their back lot at the moment that includes Ferraris, Lambo’s and a number of other exotics. They also do not have the “floor plan” inventory system that ties sales and stock to a banker’s schedule. The stock purchases come out of their own pockets. Those are deep pockets.

They had initially placed an order for about 20 Saabs for the first shipment, but they have now more than doubled that with a total of 47 Saabs (yeah… 47!) coming in mid-January. A handful of those already have deposits on them and are considered sold. That is GREAT news. I was told there will be 9-3s, 9-3x’s and 9-5s in that shipment with a good selection of options and transmissions amongst them. All will be 2011 models. By March, they said they will be able to place orders for the 9-4x with delivery of those happening sometime around June 2011.

The showroom is pretty basic at the moment and appears to simply be what Daewoo left behind. There were 3 cars on the floor, one of which is visible through the window in my attached photo. There are at least 5 or 6 used Saabs on the lot looking in excellent shape and priced very attractively. One is a 2008 9-3 Aero for only $24K. VERY tempting for me, but I love my hatch or would want a SportCombi.

I also noticed that there is an extension under construction behind the showroom which I assume will be the new servicing bays. I love my indie mechanic, but once their service center is up and running I will get my Saab in there for an oil change or something similar just to show my appreciation.

We discussed the fact that I had heard of the new dealership from my indie Saab mechanic. From that I gathered that Saab was considering using this indie shop as the authorized service center until there was a dealer here. This was mostly due to the fact that the local GM dealer where Saab customers were sent had no Saab training or half a clue on how to service Saabs. However, that deal didn’t materialize, but I’m guessing it’s because they had Daytona Automotive Group signed up.

Apparently it was always Saab’s intention to get a dealer for northern Alberta, and they had several interested parties, but Saab declined those offers as they were looking for a solid, long term, deep-pocketed investor. This gives me great hope that Saab was that diligent in signing up the best candidate for our local dealer. I can’t wait to see both the 9-3x and the 9-5 in the metal in January!

Cheers from snowy Edmonton!

Richard P