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Hirsch Performance Day and Book Signing (UK) “update”

September 11, 2014 in Events, Fan Stuff, Hirsch

Our Hirsch Performance Day is almost here so I wanted to give you an update.
One of the nice treats for the Day is the opportunity to test drive a limited edition 9-3 Carlsson, 1 of only 96 made. Its for sale too but you can drive it with for a few miles with Jerry’s pleasure. Please bring along your licences.

Jerry will have quite a few other offers for all on the day including a thorough convertible roof clean. He will do a half and half before and after clean and you can book in an appointment for another day. A total exhaust system clean is another idea and mine will go through this during the morning.

There will be cakes and drinks too and time for chatting.

Lance will be bringing a few paintings along including a new Classic 900 five door. Don’t forget to bring your books for signing.

See you Saturday, from 9.00 onwards.

SouthWestSaab in conjunction with Astley Saab are holding a Hirsch performance day here in Yeovil, Somerset, on Saturday the 13th of September giving Saab owners a no obligation opportunity to a ‘try before you buy’ engine upgrade on their own car.

This not only improves the performance, but more importantly enhances the way the engine responds during all everyday driving situations, giving the driver increased torque and flexibility. This in turn creates a more relaxing and therefore enjoyable car to drive.

Alex has recently had the upgrade done to his 9-3 2.0t convertible and has had the opportunity to experience the results for himself during the Saabs on the Marches driving tour.

“I am very impressed with the extra torque available and am convinced it has made the car more relaxing to drive, with less throttle required, along with reduced gear changing on the hills.
My average fuel consumption over the whole event, including motorway driving at a steady seventy, was 35 Mpg…very impressive indeed!”

Also at the event will be Lance Cole, the author of the recent ‘Saab Cars the Complete Story’, to sign copies of his book and will be very pleased to personally sign your copy if you already have one on the day. He will also bring along a few prints of his Saab Paintings for you to look at.

So come down and see what a difference a Hirsch upgrade can do for your engine at ‘very special’ on the day prices, along with other special offers on Saturday the 13th September.

Although SWS are organising this, you don’t have to be a SOC member, just a big lovable Saab enthusiast.

Refreshments will be provided.

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The Twin Pipes are on…..

April 22, 2014 in Hirsch

I’ve been smiling quite a lot the last few days, why? because a very large box arrived from and in it was a Hirsch Twin Exhaust system.

Ever since Trond chatted about his Dual Exhaust System I’ve been looking forward to finally getting a set  for my 9-5 Anniversary Wagon.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the package to arrive and then it was off to chat to Jerry at Astley Saab to arrange the fitting.
I remember Tim fitting a set to his 9-5 a while ago and knew it could be done at home but I didn’t fancy lying on the floor.

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M04 9-5 Aero gets dual Hirsch exhaust!

April 5, 2014 in cyc, Hirsch


Photo: Hirsch

For a while ago I got the chance to buy a Hirsch exhaust system for my 9-5, the only problem was that the system was not fully compatible with my car. The system we talk about is the fancy dual exhaust for 9-5 M02-M05, but NOT for the M04-M05 Aero and car with the M04-M05 Aero-look (which is a very popular visual upgrade for M02-M05 here in Scandinavia). My 9-5 is just an M04 Aero sedan, and basically that not will fit is the rear bumper layout. The Hirsch webpage says “Please order the single pipe exhaust system instead”… But at this stage I already decided, I want this and would give it a shoot. I have always liked this exhaust system,  from the moment I saw it on a full Hirsched 9-5 Aero with the 305hp package at ANA Trollhättan back in 2003.  After I ordered the system from it became clear that the middle pipe from the cat to the Y-pipe wasn’t in stock, but luckily Cardyourcar managed to find some more middle pipes. Since it took a while from I ordered the system to I got it delivered I got plenty of time to thinking how to solve the fitting in a optimal way. In the end I decided that if the system absolutely didn’t fit, I would change to a compatible bumper from a standard 9-5, and use the Hirsch “diffuser”.

So, a few days ago I got four large parcels delivered, and the fun could begin! The system is built up by four parts, it starts with a 3″ middle pipe with a silencer and a flexi part. Then we have a 3″-2.5″ Y-pipe, and two tailpipes with a silencer on each pipe. Before I had Maptuns 2.5″ sports system mounted on the car about 2 years/40 000km’s so the disassembly was not a big issue, as it otherwise tends to be when replacing the exhaust system. If we look away from some mounting components that was pretty rusty the disassembly went quick. The biggest issue was the bolts that link the downpipe and the flexi-pipe, but with some special equipment (cutting disc) the assembly could begin. When I mounted the Maptun system I thought it had a very good fit and everything went pretty well, but the Hirsch system is perhaps slightly better! Obvious I began from the front with the mounting the middle pipe and the Y-pipe without completely tighten the screws so I have a opportunities for adjustment later, before I took a cardboard and marked out the opening for the tailpipe with a ink pen. Then I mounted the rear silencer on the left side, before the custom work on the right side started. Read the rest of this entry →

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Hirsch Performance 20″ Rims – Reloaded

April 2, 2014 in cyc, Hirsch


For those among you who own a NG 9-5 it may be of interest that and Autohaus Lafrentz in Kiel/Germany joined forces to collect orders for a new edition of the forged Hirsch Performance 20″ rims. Of course they will be genuine Hirsch Performance products.

If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz directly via eMail through m.lafrentz(at) for details.

He also has a few Hirsch Performance bodykits for the NG 9-5 available. You can see them on his beautiful combi on the pictures in his post.

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Hirsch Front Spoiler and Side Sills for the 9-5 II

April 23, 2013 in Hirsch

9-5 Hirsch Performance

For quite some time the Hirsch Performance front spoiler and side sills for the second generation 9-5 were not available anymore. Now, encouraged by demand, Hirsch Performance again made a small amount of those parts. No surprise that they were sold out within hours.

Right now they are looking into the possibility of setting up another production round if there is demand. If you are interested please contact Markus Lafrentz of Saab Service Kiel, who initiated this and coordinates the orders. Of course this is not limited to customers from Germany, I am sure he can arrange deliverey to wherever you are.

Quite a while ago I could experience the Hirsch Performance 9-5 in the wilderness and I also drove it up to the SaabsUnited Octoberfest in 2011. Those aerodynamic additions are part of an impressive package. I just spoke to Hirsch and there are also some other parts available like springs for the 2.8T and rear spoilers.

Surely worth a look and a unique chance to make a special car even more individual.

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Performance upgrades on offer from Hirsch.

December 28, 2012 in Hirsch

Today Hirsch sent out an offer of performance upgrades for your Saabs.

Starting January 1st, Hirsch Performance offers a 50% special discount on all software performance upgrades for vehicles from model year 2007 and older and a 30% discount on all performance upgrades for vehicles from model year 2008 and 2009.
This special offer makes it possible for owners of older Saab models to upgrade their vehicles at a very attractive price and enjoy the Hirsch Performance driving experience.

The discount price is on the consumer price (excluding VAT) and is valid from January 1, 2013.
Please contact your “Saab Dealer” for a price quote including installation costs.


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Hirsched at Astleys

July 30, 2012 in Dealer Profiles, Hirsch

Last week I decided to treat my self and take advantage of the offer that Hirsch are advertising in the right hand side of this web site.

After doing the chat with Manfred and Jerry my car was booked into my local Saab Garage, Astleys of Yeovil for the engine upgrade treat.


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SAAB of the week – Moscow Edition

November 27, 2011 in Hirsch

It is quite a long time since a SAAB of the week of presented here on SU.  Please welcome Sergei and his 9-5 Aero fully loaded by Hirsch – 280+HPs, 19”rims, exterior/interior, everything!

Now Sergei is casting different spells on the engine – new custom made intercooler, blow-off already installed and more to come!

Enjoy the pictures!

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A Special Poster Framed

November 21, 2011 in Hirsch, News

We received a nice email from Brad this morning that I wanted to share with you all.

I received my SU/Hirsch posters about a week ago, very pleased with those as well. Just got one of them back from the local frame shop and it looks fantastic! Attached is the finised product on display in my living room. Thanks for everything you guys do. Brad.

Hirsch, The Dealer and Saab

November 10, 2011 in Editorial, Hirsch, News, USA

I will do my best to have a flow to this post as there is a lot going through my head. I will start with Hirsch and what this means to the dealer body and what some dealers have already started doing. Hirsch offers dealers something very attractive that not all major car manufacturers offer or at least not to this extent. With Hirsch, we have the opportunity to sell something other than just the car. We can sell dash kits, performance exhaust systems, body kits, wheels and performance upgrades that increase horsepower by 30 hp. This can all be done in house without having to send a customer elsewhere and provides the dealer with a great opportunity to make a little money but more importantly, satisfy that customer want or need for something different. When I posted about Hirsch finally being available for the Canadian market, people again voiced there concerns about price differences between USA and Canada and I do believe from the performance side of things that our pricing is the same or very close. When you take a new or pre-owned Saab and add even $2000 worth of Hirsch product, you really don’t affect a finance payment by much. It may be a total of $40 per month on a 60 month term. Watch out, here comes the salesman side of me. You can break that down and it’s a little more than $1 per day to have some style and horsepower.
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Canada, The Wait Is Over-Hirsch Is Here

November 5, 2011 in Hirsch, News

Well, Saab Cars North America rolled out the Hirsch Performance Upgrade to the US dealer body September 1, 2011. Now it’s our turn.

With this one line sent to Canadian dealers this week, I am pleased to say that Hirsch is on its way to Canada. All Canadian dealers have received pricing sheets that cover off all upgrades for performance and accessories. The performance upgrades will take a little longer to be available as dealers just now are starting to put together orders for the iPro tool needed to perform the upgrades. That being said, all accessories are available now to order from Hirsch. A bonus that I wasn’t aware of is that even if your Saab dealer is not an authorized Hirsch dealer for the performance side of things, you can still get all other accessories from your dealer that Hirsch is offering to the Canadian market. If your dealer is not a performance dealer yet, go and talk to them about doing a performance upgrade because as with anything, if you show interest they may just decide to sign up because they would now see the potential because you are asking for it. Hirsch offers a lot of accessories, from a complete carbon fiber body kit with grill and diffuser for a price of just over $6000 plus install to the simplest of things, a Hirsch Performance badge for only $21.54.

Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance

Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance


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