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Maptun Meet 2016

May 5, 2016 in

Welcome to the annual Maptun Meet!
This year’s big news is the swap meet.

For more information visit Maptuns Meet 2016 website (en) (se)
For Facebook-event;

Introducing the Maptuner X

April 29, 2016 in MapTun

maptunerx-performance-icons2A few weeks ago Maptun launched its new digital tool for tuning and diagnostics of vehicles, its called the Maptuner X.

It is a big project that has taken many years to complete and it is completely made in Sweden. So what does it do?

Basically it is a high-capacity touch screen device which features its very own operating system that has been developed at Maptun, it has the ability to expand with new features which is commonly known as “apps” and thus the unit in such stays the same while the functionality increases. The casing is made out of a high-quality plastic material that feels very good, the system is incredibly fast and responds instantly to each command, it starts up faster than any unit from any brand I’ve ever been in contact with.

The older Maptuner 1 could read out error codes and of course this once can as well, but Maptuner X also has some special tricks up it sleeve, behind the graphics lies a very powerful hidden feature, a powerful diagnostics function, so what is that?

Well, lets say that you’re driving down the road one day and you get that feeling that I bet many of you have had that the car feels a bit slow, something isn’t working properly. This is where the Maptuner X is truly brilliant, you plug in your device to your car, take it for a drive while it records all the parameters in a highly advanced way giving the staff at Maptun a comprehensive look at whats going on in your car. This way they can tell you whats wrong over just a simple phone call or e-mail rather than you having to drive to a dealer and spend hundreds of euros while the mechanics there try to figure out whats wrong. In the future Maptun is thinking about expanding this system where the read-out can happen in real-time and thus immediately find out whats wrong.

But thats not the only thing that the Maptuner X does. Most of us Saab drivers have some kind of tuning to our cars or we have several cars. Until now we’ve been limited to having one PPC unit per car holding the software for each car, not any more. The Maptuner X has an app for that now! =)

You’ll only need one Maptuner X and in the vehicle app you’ll create a profile for each car, that profile then contains the different software including the original one that you’ve purchased for that car. If you get another Saab, just create a new profile and start tuning, the Maptuner X will automatically know which car it is plugged into which makes the whole concept very easy. But lets say that your friend also wants to try a tuning software, well again Maptun has made things very easy, you just contact Maptun and buy the software for that car, create a profile of that car in your Maptuner X and install the software in his / her car. If your friend feels like this wasn’t the thing for him / her, no problem, Maptun has a Try & Buy system and if for some reason a customer is not happy, the car is restored to original and money is returned.

Lets dive into the technical stuff of the unit, it has:

  • Bluetooth 4 (2,4 GHz)
  • HDMI to OBD2
  • USB2 (Mini)
  • 20V Clear LED-backlit touch-screen
  • 2 Watt clear audio speaker
  • Smooth friction surface
  • High durable, high quality finish
  • Color adaptable

I’ve used the Maptuner X for a few weeks now and it is truly a whole new generation of tools for your car and I feel very happy that Maptun is still focusing on us Saab drivers bringing out new stuff for us to play with! =)

If you want to know more about the Maptuner X, check out their website:


Maptun Meet 2015

April 27, 2015 in Events, MapTun

MTmeet2015Now it’s time again for the annual MapTun meet, MapTun has kept on the tradition and like the past years the meeting is going to take place in Ascension Day. Ascension Day is a public holiday in Sweden so this is a great day to attend on a meeting like this. This year this will be Thursday 14th of May, and the meeting will take place at MapTun in Örebro as usual.

The fun start 10 o’clock in the morning, and will last until 15.00 in the afternoon. In addition to the car exhibition there will be offers, demonstrations and other happenings. Some special invited partners will also this year take place, like Orio and Meguiars in cooperation with Mekonomen. For those of you who schedule repairs and/or maintenance during the day MapTun will award you with generous discounts, so here are many good reasons to attend to this! So for those that get tempted to attend on this wonderful event, it’s time to sign up! There is a limited number of slots if you want to display your car at the exhibition, but registration is no necessary if you will attend as a guest.  As a extra bonus Bista Biltvätt offers all exhibitors at 2x wash tokens on presentation of voucher (sent via email after registration of the car). The car wash is located right next to Maptun. Link for signing up and the absolute latest info: (på svenska:

This year MapTun also have a contest in front of the meeting, if you are at social media Instagram you have chance to win  a gift card  worth SEK500 (about € 50). The only thing you need to do is repost a picture and hashtag it #MTmeet2015. The picture can be found by search up the user “maptunparts” in the Instagram app or visit For those of you that not had decided to yet, maybe a look at the pictures from last years meeting will convince you?

WHAT: MapTun Meet 2015
WHERE: Verkstadsgatan 2, 702 27 Örebro, Sweden
WHEN: 14th of May, 10.00 – 15.00

#stayoriginal – project complete

April 2, 2015 in Fan Stuff, MapTun, Projects

stay_original_epic_blocket_adFor a few weeks ago I mentioned that Orio started a project named #stayoriginal, and now Orio with help from several helpers, including  from Maptun and Högdalens Bil& Skadecenter completed the project and handed it over to the “new” owner.

At Högdalens Bil & Skadecenter they have removed all rust, they also took care of all the dents – and repainted the entire car. They had also replaced the right rear fender, the wheel arches, all mouldings outside the car and finally a new wind shield. Normally this is work for 3 weeks, but the guys made it in approximately half of the time.

At our friends at Maptun in Örebro three persons worked in total 55 hours to make it ship shape mechanically. The engine has been almost completely rebuilt with for example a new timing chain and the most of the components related to brakes is all new. Inside the car much of the interior is replaced, such as front and rear seats, door panels and more. The AC system has also been overhauled. Many of the parts that Maptun expected would break within a 12 mounts period (witch was a lot) has also had been replaced.

Almost all of the parts on this project come from Orio, they have up to 98% of the parts for our Saabs available at the stock in Nyköping or in production. The things that was a bit tricky to solve was the interior details , for example was the front- and rear seats and the door trims discontinued, but that part was solved with parts from a car recycling in almost  new condition.
In my opinion this is not a very big deal, how many of you have considered to buy brand new seats for your 15 year old 9-5? If you ask me it’s more important to supply (and produce) service- and spare-parts that people need and is necessary for our cars to run –  for example wind shields for the new 9-5 to make an example. I believe that Orio will produce new parts as long someone (we) buy them and Orio make money on that…

The YouTube-clip under is from the handover to the “new” owner, this time Orio has put English subs on the clip, for all of you that don’t understand Swedish! :)
If you want to see all the teasers, visit Orio’s #stayoriginal webpage – or their YouTube channel.

Maptun Parts Sweden: Big Outlet

October 31, 2014 in MapTun Parts

maptun_parts_outlet_nov14Our friends at Maptun have now a parts outlet with Saab Original-stuff!
Much of the stuff is bumpers and interior parts, that have to be collected at Maptun in Örebro so for this large items is it  maybe most relevant if you live in Sweden.
The site is only in Swedish language, but the pictures is pretty describing, and if you use Google Translate you will get a good idea of the descriptions.

Most of the stuff is new, but in some cases the original boxes may be missing or the stuff has been unpackaged for photo or demo purposes. Minor flaws can also occur,  but in that cases the flaws is described as far as possible in the description. Some of the articles is only available in a very limited numbers, so hurry if you want to do a bargain!

Click on the image to get to the Outlet – there is stuff for the classic 900 and 9000’s, but mainly it’s 9-3 and 9-5 stuff that’s available.

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by Rune

MapTun Stage 1 for the 9-3 1.9 TTiD — a quick review

February 3, 2013 in MapTun

Life starts with a turbo

Life starts with a turbo

Last October I was approached by Fredrik Åberg and asked to write a review of MapTun’s Stage 1 tuning kit for the diesel 9-3. Given the rumors last year of future NEVS 9-3s fitted with the diesel engine I thought it was an excellent idea to explore further.

There are three versions of the 1.9 TTiD engine: 130, 160 and 180 bhp. MapTun takes all of them all the way to 210 bhp.

The upgrade was easy enough. I hit a rough spot at first, but after Fredrik pointed me to an updated 64-bit device driver for MapTun’s USB device I was able to upload their engine map to Anna’s 9-3. We were finally all set.

My first impression was that it drove more like a Saab should. The difference between 130 bhp and MapTun’s 210 bhp is of course noticeable. The tendency to eat tyres in roundabouts and faster overtaking is most welcome. Sadly I only got one test run in before it became necessary to mount the studded winter tyres, so more detailed testing of acceleration will just have to wait. There is also the question of the engine’s running-in phase that might skew the results at this point. Read the rest of this entry →

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400+hp 9-3 trackdays

March 12, 2011 in Saabology

In mid February Swade posted about a 9-3 tuned by Maptun performance to 415hp.

Last weekend the car was tested at the trackdays at the Snetterton circuit(GB).

The test went quite well, as the biggest incident took place in Holland, where the driver behind the Maptun 9-3 was too interested in the car and rear ended the car.

The guys from Maptun(white car) where invited by NeoBrothers(yellow-black livery).

You can get more details of the whole story at the new Maptun blog.


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Maptun crack 400hp for T8 tuning

February 15, 2011 in Saabology

Here’s one for the hi-po buffs.

Maptun have broken the 400hp barrier on a T8 tuned Saab 9-3 2.0T. The car is actually a 2005 Saab 9-3 but it’s been updated with 2010 panels and lights for the front and rear.

I love the carbonfibre detail work on the front there, too.

Enough about how it looks, though.

From the Maptun website…..

MapTun Performance is proud to claim the performance crown in T8 tuning – The magical 400 hp limit has now been broken.

The test car, a 2005 9-3 Aero equipped with our Quaife gearbox, reached an impressive 415 bhp and 450 nm of torque in our Rototest facility. A lot of time and effort has been spent fine tuning the software to limit the torque to a level that is suitable for the setup.

The car will be driven to England to participate in a trackday on the redesigned Snetterton Cirquit the first weekend of March. There it will face strong competition from Porsches, Ferraris and other supercars. In other words, a great opportunity to put much more expensive cars to shame. You will be able to follow the whole endeavour on the upcoming Maptun Blog.

It’s good to see Maptun planning for a blog to keep people up to date on the their latest products and achievements. But that aside…..

Performance like this doesn’t come easy. The list of engine changes is considerable….

  • Maptun Individual software
  • GT2871R
  • Tubular exhaust manifold
  • 630cc injectors
  • Maptun IC
  • Maptun inlet pipe
  • Ferrita downpipe
  • JT 3″ catback twinpipe
  • Wössner pistons
  • Maptun 450 Nm clutch
  • Quiafe 6-speed gearkit

And that’s before you get to the cosmetic/aero changes. There are still more changes to come, with upgraded brakes and interior being added to the car soon.

Keep an eye out for that track day video. I think it’s going to be a cracker!